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I think I have a stalker.

I've been getting calls from a certain number and some from "PRIVATE" for the past few days at odd hours of the night (early morning, actually). At first I thought it was Ricci calling from her sister-in-law's and that we were playing phone tag, but when I called back they told me nobody'd called me.

I got a call at 2:26a. m. and a guy left a message! He said:

Hey, que onda. You call me back okay , I really want to talk to you. I'll be waiting for your call. Okay. Bye. Cuidate.

At first I thought it was Ricci's cousin playing a joke on me, but I don't think it's him. I need to block private calls, I just don't know how to go about it.

Maybe it's some random caller. That happened to me once already, where a group of high school boys kept calling me because "they liked how I sounded".

I'm thinking maybe it's someone from school. There's this group of guys who're always saying things when my friends and I pass by them. For instance, there was a time Mayra, Ricci and I were walking to class and they were all standing against the walls next to our room. One [
] of them busts out singing, "Every step she takes, every move she makes". Mayra and I stared at each other wide-eyed when we got into the class and burst out laughing. Ricci, who was a few steps behind, walks in and said, "They said something about 'I'll be watching her'". There's also two guys who Rolando told me liked me, but they don't hang out with that group of guys and hello, Rolando told them I'm married!

Maybe I'm being too paranoid, but this is just weird. How would any of them have my number, though? Not even my guy friends have my cell number. I need to tell Mario about this. They won't stop calling and they only call after I'm sleeping.

[edit 7:55a. m. ] I just got to school. I told Kim about it and she called the number they didn't block and said she was returning the call. The exact same guy answered. I took the phone and asked who was calling and he said it must have been his cousin, David. The one I was talking to was supposedly Alan. Grr. I told him, "Well, I don't know you guys so please quit calling me. Tell David too. "

I really need to block private calls![/edit] on Thursday, January 5th, said:
Wow, that's really scary. I'd pretend to sleep and as soon as the phone rang picked it up and then screamed at them.

If they're just trying to be silly you could leave a nasty little messege on your phone recorder. xD That usually turns people off.

on Thursday, January 5th, said:
Guys can be so annoying, even college-level guys. Some don't even mind if you are married. It it bad because of the times that they call you. i would be pissed if i would be rudely awakened at such an hour.

on Thursday, January 5th, said:
yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes! i'd be wiggin' out too if random people called me like that! :( eeep! block them asap! :angry:

on Thursday, January 5th, said:
:gasp:goodness! that's scaryyyyy!!! tell mario so he can answer it sometime tos care the heck out of 'em! I hate creeps like that eekk anyways sis I'm sure your old navy there has it, it's kinda velvety very comfy and spacious he hee

on Thursday, January 5th, said:
Aaarg. That's scary, having random people calling you and wanting to meet up with you. :angry:

Take care and arg. BLOCK THEM. lol :confused:

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