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I unwillingly got up this morning to iron Mario's clothes and then took a semi-broken nap with Alaethia after serving the boys breakfast. The boys were both awake super early and were being supervised by Mom. Aly and I got up and had breakfast and later on John came by with a proposition: take him to Circuit City and I'd get paid for it. Awesome. I chose the same payment as last week: lunch at Kumori! Mom offered to watch the kids (thank God! I'm still recovering from yesterday's embarrassment.

. . ). I would have taken Alaethia but I wasn't sure if Kumori was baby-friendly. We went to Circuit City first, where he spent almost a hundred bucks on games for his PSP. He loves that thing a little too much. And then we went to have lunch. I love that place. The ambiance is just fantastic and the service is awesome. I wanted the same thing I've had the last two times I've been there -- Fiesta rolls -- but this time I was smart and ordered them without the fried salmon skin. I had to poke it out the last time we went and that caused the rolls to fall apart. The salmon skin was too crunchy and it was grossing me out. I actually got to take pictures! John didn't let me take any last time because we were out in the open but this time we were in a booth! We had Miso Soup first:
Then Spicy Fried Calamari:
And finally, the best part, [
] my Fiesta Rolls:
God I love those things! That's my favorite restaurant at the moment. I could totally eat sushi all day. I never in my life thought I'd say that LOL. I have Pete and Sally to thank for introducing me to that place. I'm so glad I've got John to accompany me there. Mario's not too fond of sushi (although he did love the spicy calamari) and Sally's
pregnant so I can't take her with me! We had a few more errands to run, like making John's car payment and then stopping with Mario to talk about the return I needed to make at Home Depot. A drill he'd recently bought went on sale so we needed a price adjustment. We get there and they do the return/price adjustment with no problem. The time comes for me to give them the credit card to do the re-sale and lo and behold, Mario forgot to give it to me. So there we go again, back to Mario's work, to get the darn card. We make the return with no problem this time and make our way to the trim and moulding department to buy the trim we need for the kitchen/living room walkway (that we're finally working on). Turns out the trim was way too long for my little SUV so we left. I'm fumbling for my keys as we're nearing the truck when I hear the familiar ringing that my phone makes when someone's calling from "private". I debate not answering it at all, because it's usually some annoying prank-caller, but answer it on time. It was the call I've been waiting for all summer: a phone call from the place I most desire employment. I got the details about my interview and fumble around for a pen to write everything down. I've been thinking about it all day. So much in fact, that I'm now wondering if I heard everything she said correctly. I'm starting to doubt whether I heard right about where we'll be meeting. I'm so excited. If I get this. . . it'll be the best thing that ever happened this summer. I still have huge reservations about leaving Alaethia while she's so young
, but if I get the job at this place I'll have a set schedule and I'll still be able to spend plenty of time with the kids. I'd been applying to jobs all summer and finally gave up when the only call I got was from a photo place and I just wasn't interested after all. I actually turned down the interview the day before Alaethia got sick with the Roseola virus. I hope that was a sign; a sign that there was something better in store for me. Thursday is the day I find out if life will become a bit more perfect.

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