4-Months Post-Op

It was my follow-up appointment today, 1 month after my first steroid injection, 4 months after my surgery.

I was nervous about what the doctor would say. Of course, the most dramatic thoughts: permanent nerve damage, we’ll have to have a follow-up surgery. Or the more logical one: I may need another steroid shot 😳 .

I told Michelle that I was going to pretend it didn’t hurt when assessed me and pressed on the nerves, but as soon as he did…I screamed and flinched. There was no way to hide it πŸ™ .

So he walked out to get a syringe, then came back and prepped me. Since I knew what to expect I was even more nervous than the first time. He pressed into my skin near my under arm with his fingertips to find the “most painful” spot, but I was so jumpy and nervous that every spot seemed to hurt. I frantically grabbed around me until I reached the pillow to clutch. He pressed the needle in and I instantly wanted to scream. I was clutching onto the pillow so hard my hand was hurting when it was over. He massaged the area after 3 pricks (straight into the nerve, then the rib, then above the nerve). I still felt pain when he was assessing the area. So…he said I would need another shot, and I swear it took my breath away when the needle reached my rib. I almost thought he pierced my lung!

I’m shaking like a leaf due to the anesthesia and everything hurts. I feel terrible pain in my rib and just driving or turning when I’m driving gives me a shock of pain. He said this would hopefully be the last time it hurts this way. But we’ll see. It still feels numb on the right side of my right boob. Yet, I still feel the same pain in my nipple although when I was at the office it didn’t feel that way. I’m waiting to see if the pain subsides within 3 days, as he said it would the first time I ever got the shot.

[Edit June 12, 2016] – Well, I developed a large lump at the injection site on Friday. It’s painful to the touch and of course I bruised up. The seam of my very thin sports bras I’m still wearing were irritating the bruise and I felt soreness on my rib and my back! But, my nipple isn’t sore anymore and the pain on the right side of my boob has diminished a LOT, thank God! Now I just have to wait for the lump to flatten out. I hope it does πŸ™ . I had *just* started running again, but decided to just go on a walk the evening of the steroid shot. Haven’t run or walked since, meh!

[edit Monday, June 20th @ 11:41pm]
Got home after work and picking up Jaylen and changed clothes. I took my sports bra off (still wearing them, the light ones with spaghetti straps) and realized I had lots of bites/red bumps right along my scar, closer to the cleavage. I figured it was a mosquito that got stuck in my shirt. Fast forward to 11pm, when I was getting ready for bed, and found that the original bites flattened and weren’t itchy and red, but now the other side of the vertical scar was! It itches like hell. Had to bust out the good old hydrocortisone and allergy pills!

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