8 Months Post-Op Breast Reduction Surgery

It’s been 8 months since I decided to go under the knife. I didn’t update last month (month 7 post-op) because I was feeling pretty good and didn’t want to jinx anything. 

I’ve had little to no shocks of pain lately. I used to get them a lot around the areolas. Sometimes I’ll still get a sudden sting in the same area I was drained on month 6, but it’s nothing major.

I’ve even been sleeping on my sides again, but I have to be very careful to not squish my boobs. On the actual day of my 8 month post-op anniversary (the 10th), I had some pants to return at JC Penney so I went bra shopping after my epic fail a few months ago (nothing fit comfortably then and I couldn’t figure out my size!). 

And this time, I still couldn’t figure it out! 


It’s either a C or B (down from DD) but I felt like everything was pressing on my incisions (even though I only tried on wireless bras) and it was giving me anxiety! I could also see lines of chub on my back (a direct result of not being able to run or exercise!!), so I said screw it, I’m keeping my cotton sports bras! I’m more comfortable anyway!
I went running on the 11th and felt pretty damn awesome! My heavy-duty running sports bra wasn’t too constricting and I didn’t feel stretching on my boobs when I ran fast. I had just been thinking about how I hadn’t gotten those weird, red, itchy, mosquito-bite looking welts in a long time! But lo-and-behold, when I got home and took my bra off, there was one on the side of my left boob above my incision! I still don’t know what the heck causes that! Sweat? My blood pressure being elevated from running? The bra itself? Who knows?

But all-in-all, I can’t complain. I feel comfortable and am braless as soon as I get home from work. I just hope it doesn’t backfire and I make my bewbs all wobbly!! Can that happen??

Sorry, thinking out loud. Anyway. If I could just get myself to work out daily again and not have some kind of mammary-incident, that would be great!! I was doing P90X, Yoga and running (occasionally) before that infection on my incision happened, so I’m hoping to start again soon, and hopefully with no problems this time! I have a Halloween Costume and 1920’s themed event I have to dress up for!

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