A Saturday Worthy of Repeating

Yesterday, I had one of those types of Saturdays that, as a child, I envisioned having with my best friend as an adult. Like when you’re playing Barbies with your BFF and your Barbies are having brunch and then go shopping? Like that. And the best part is: it’s the same BFF!

I had a hard time sleeping after Jorge left to work (he later told me he was telepathically trying to wake me ’cause he was jealous buahaha). I may or may not have had a headache/hangover due to going out the night before >_<.


Stolen from Kary hehe

Darn air and smoke in there makes my eyes squinty!! >_<

But I took an Aleve and began scrubbing the kitchen down since I was making lunch for Sally after she got out of work :).

A corner of my kitchen counter becomes bombarded with mail and Alaethia’s work she brings home from school. I feel such guilt throwing some of it out, but OMG. I can’t keep all of it. It’s overwhelming. So I have the cutest things she makes saved in a small box. I later asked Sally what in the world she did with all of Quentin’s stuff and she, too, has his work piled in a box.

What do other Mom’s do with your kids’ work??

I scrapbooked some of Eenan’s and Jaylen’s. When I was a “new mom”, I literally kept EVERY. SINGLE. THING. Eenan ever made in school (a huge Rubbermaid tote full) and eventually weeded out the cutest things (and almost shriveled up and died of sadness and guilt LOL) and scrapbooked them.

Anyway, eventually I made myself some breakfast: egg whites with mushrooms, fresh spinach, chives and bacon pieces.

The beginnings of breakfast :)

I did my hair, stuck in my contacts and got ready to go drop Mom off with Gramma, withdraw my rent (*tear*) and head to HEB to get some ingredients I needed to make Sally some Pesto Bacon Caprese Paninis (recipe following photo below!).

I also found some cute Celosia flowers on sale for .99¢!! Yes. I’m going to try the garden thing again. Let’s hope we don’t get another hail storm!

I got home and unloaded the groceries and stuck new Plug-ins into the walls, heh. Sally arrived not long after. We caught up for about an hour and she rested on the sofa while I made our lunch. This is seriously one of my most favorite sandwiches EVER.

lunch for my bff!!



For 2 sandwiches, you will need:

♥ 6 bacon slices
♥ Pesto sauce. I use 1 whole Knorr Pesto packet (in the gravy section;) or half a jar of HEB Basil Pesto (I prefer this one)
♥ 2-3 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
♥ 4 slices Oroweat Premium Italian Bread (you can always use your favorite whole wheat)
♥ 4 fresh Mozzarella medallions (I used: 7oz Galbani Mozzarella Fresca Medallions)
♥ 2 large tomato slices
♥ Black Pepper
♥ A handful of fresh spinach

In a large skillet, fry your bacon at medium-high heat. In another, smaller pan, set your burner to low-medium heat and heat up your Pesto. Drain your bacon and toss into the Pesto pan. Make sure all of your bacon is covered. Simmer.

Now, since I hate using so many pans, I washed my bacon pan and set it to medium heat. Drizzle your olive oil and place two bread slices on it. Quickly spread some of the hot pesto sauce the bacon has been simmering in on the bread slices. Add two Mozzarella medallions to one of your bread slices. On top of that, add 1 tomato slice, sprinkle with pepper, add half of your spinach and on top of your spinach add 3 of the pesto bacon slices. Using a spatula or tongs, check that your bread slice is golden brown. Cover the full bread slice with the single one. Repeat for your next sandwich. Enjoy with your favorite hot or cold tea :).


In this case we had some hot Lipton Island Mango & Peach tea sweetened with honey. I think I found a new favorite tea!

(I just told Jorge I was putting up the recipe for the Caprese sandwich and he said, “What you need to do is put it on the stove!” Buahahahaha. He’s only half-joking.)

We ate, sat back and reflected on how darn good that food was, and got ready to head out to Goodwill. Back in the day, like around 2007, I’d go religiously, every Saturday that they had their 50% off sale. Target takes all their clearance stuff there, brand-new. You could buy anything at 50% off. So we thought we’d give it a try.

We spent about 2 hours there and found tons of new stuff, including new running shorts and cute matching beach hats. I was a little sad I didn’t find any scrapbooking stuff like I used to, but we did arrive a little late.

Since I gave myself a budget I put a few things back, but now I’m having the opposite of Buyer’s Remorse! Although they changed the rules and not everything is 50% off during those sales (brand-new items with barcode tags are the price on the tag) you still can’t beat those prices!

Our next stop was Iguana Rana’s, which is a snack shop. We were still full from lunch, but we had some natural agua de sandia (watermelon water). It was SO GOOD.

We got home and talked some more about an event she has coming up. I hope to be of some help since I can’t totally throw this bash on my own =\. I need to get on Pinterest and research some things :).

Sally left and I tidied up a bit and then relaxed till Jorge got home. I asked him if he wanted me to make dinner, but he said we’d go to Walmart to get a few things and find something quick to make.

Our humungous cats are so horribly messy we decided it was time to get them a new, covered litterbox. Then we found a Lazy Groomer cat bed, which will be great for Kika because she loves sleeping on our mats and covers them in her fur (I know, gross!).

We walked around some more and wandered into the garden section. They didn’t have the plants I wanted, but we did find a topiary. I’ve been wanting one of those darn things since we moved into the house almost 2 years ago (2 years we’ve lived here! Damn!).

We found a cute pot, got a few more things and finally left. It was quite a feat shoving that tiny tree into the BMW >_<. I spoke to Eenan for a good hour while I was making dinner and watching Jorge fix the topiary. We ate, and watched a tiny bit of "The Hobbit". Great Saturday, indeed!!

I finally own a topiary!

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