Ah, Eenan!

So Eenan gets home from school and he’s crying. I ask him what’s wrong and Mario supresses a smile and says, “Tell your Mom why you’re grounded for a day Eenan.” I raise an eyebrow at Mario and I tell Eenan to calm down and explain. Between sobs, he says, “I kissed Christina in class”. I try not to smile and say, “WHAT?! You kissed a little girl in class?” He says yes. I ask him where did he kiss her. He says at one of their groups. I ask where. He points to the corner of his mouth and he says, “Here”. Aww LOL. We tell him there will be no more kissing. He was so freaked out that Miss Ortiz got after him and even more freaked out that we grounded him for getting in trouble so I don’t think there will be any more kissing LOL. It was so hard not to laugh. John was sitting on the couch behind me and I hear him squeal “Awww!” I glare at him…because as cute as I think it is, if Eenan hears us laughing or thinking it’s funny, then he’ll keep doing it.

They had the Kindergarten meeting tonight. Just to go over how important it was to help the kids out with homework, attendance and all that stuff. They even have a new policy on nutrition…which I think is way overdue. They have only nutritional snacks for them and when we bring them goodies during holidays and the like, there can only be 3 ounces of cake, 2 cookies and stuff like that. I need to get a list from the lady in charge of all that. Eenan loves for me to make cupcakes and goodies for his classmates, so I need to know what not to do LOL. He was so cute saying hi to all his classmates, and even kids that aren’t in his class that he knows. I was surprised when I heard him say, “Oh I don’t like that boy,” very loudly. We told him how that’s not nice and if there, for some reason, is someone he’s not too fond of then he needs to keep it to himself and not be mean.

I had a talk with the teacher about the whole kiss incident and she said she didn’t get to see, but just heard a bunch of kids screaming “They kissed!”. She said she had a talk with him and didn’t write him up or anything but she doesn’t think he’ll be doing it again. She said he’s a good kid and that he does really well with his work. I’m glad :). I’m glad he’s not getting into trouble all the time like last year. They have these end of the six weeks parties called Good Life Celebrations and we stressed how it’s really important for him to behave if he wants to participate. They have snacks and moon jumps and rides…heck, I even want to go!

I’ve been driving around all day. Just here around the neighborhood, but I’m feeling much more comfortable. Mom went with me once to the store and said, “You’re doing so good! You’ll be zooming around in a month.” Oh, I hope so *crosses fingers*. It’s about time I started driving! I drove Mario to the store later and even he said I did good :). He was all sarcastic saying, “Whatever, just ’cause you can drive now,” everytime I told him something LOL.

Tomorrow’s yet another day we have to drive Mom somewhere. We have to take her to that incredibly crowded doctor’s office. We have no idea how we’re gonna do it with picking up the kids. I hope we get to see Gramma too. *sigh*

Gonna watch 13 Going on 30. G’nite!

on Thursday, September 23rd, Steph said:

Oopss. I meant a great story!

on Thursday, September 23rd, Steph said:

Awww! πŸ˜€ That’s so adorable! I don’t know how you kept a straight face. That’ll be a get strory to tell him when he’s older; his first kiss!
Good luck with driving! Once you get the hang of it, it’s a snap. I think I remember reading a while ago that you were afraid to drive? If that’s true, I’m really glad you overcame your fear! If not.. I’m still proud! *lol* When do you go for your licence?

on Thursday, September 23rd, Rachel said:

Awwwwww. πŸ˜€