Can’t I Get a Break??

I feel like bawling right now. And John’s behind me, mocking me . I shall kick his ass after I finish this entry.

Anyway, I’ve been getting info about what school I should go to and all that jazz and was a bit disappointed that I’d have to end up going to STC for 2 years. All I’m going for is Administrative Assistant, that’s it, and I think 2 years is a bit long for that (plus I don’t want to have to take the darn THEA!). I just want to go to a trade school, or the like, where I can go for a specific program and find a damn job.

I originally wanted to go for Medical Assistant, or Medical Office Specialist, but would much rather go for something where I have more options. Then I remembered San Antonio College of Medical and Dental Assistants (whew!) and found this program. I got really excited about it, started looking at the Admission Requirements and got info about Financial Aide. Then I see (Offered at San Antonio campus). DO I LIVE IN SAN ANTONIO??? NO, I DON’T!! This pisses me off. Everytime I think something good’s gonna happen, it blows up in my face.

Don’t get me wrong. I *love* being a stay-at-home-mom. I love being able to take care of my sons and I’m grateful that Mario has a great job that allows me to stay home and not work, but I don’t want to be a stay-at-home-mom forever! It’s fine now, and I love that, but not when both the boys are in school full time. What would be the point of me staying home? And sure, I could just go out and TRY to find the kind of job I want, but that doesn’t guarantee that I’ll get a GOOD job. I want to be able to be home after the kids get out of school and take them to any extraciricular (sp?) activities they may have and the only way that will most likely happen is if I have college experience. I got pissed of course and yelled to no one in particular, “I’m just going to go and find a damn job!”. Mario replied, “No. If you don’t go to school then you’re not working at all.” Easy for him to say. I can work if I want to dammit. But I want to go to school!!! *whines*

Anyway, took the kids to the library again and the Chief of Police was there taking fingerprints and pictures for a little “Just-in-case-they-get-kidnapped-but-God-forbid-it-happens” type kit. This grouchy old librarian kept screaming at him to charge $5 for each one, so fine, I paid $10. Later, I hear the Chief telling another cop in the kitchen (and the kitchen’s RIGHT THERE since the library’s so tiny), “She’s charging $5 for them man, that’s too much. I usually do them for free.” Free. I was pissed. I don’t have money to spare and yes, I really wanted the kits since they’re a great thing to have, but Jesus, don’t cheat people just so you can buy construction paper and crayons for the darn library! (I know that’s what she wanted the money for because I over-heard her talking with another librarian.)

I got over it (not entirely obviously) and watched the boys play games and then Eenan played checkers and chess with the cops. He was having a blast since he was spending time with the police and that’s what he wants to be when he grows up .

Came home, kids chilled out and then we went to their swimming lessons. They went into the 13 foot pool again and at one point both boys needed to pee. At the same time. Jorge and Michael strethced their arms in front of them (just in case!) and carried the kids all the way over to the bathroom. It was hilarious LOL. They had fun. Tomorrow they’re taking a test to see what level they’re on, just in case they go to Session 2, which we plan on doing.

Went to Yadira’s for Vito’s 45th birthday. It was nice. Mario actually got out early. Mary made a great salad and lasagna. After cake and ice cream all the girls sat around the table and talked (mostly about babies and sex, buahaha).

And now we’re here. And I’m sad.

Oh yes, and Eenan sleepwalks. We recently put two-and-two together and decided we need to start dead-bolting the door.

on Friday, June 10th, becca said:

Oh my gosh– nail on head. I know exactly what you mean… I’m going to love all the time the two kids are home with me, but when they both start going to school during the day, I’m going to go crazy without something to do with myself. I really hope the work-school situation has a good answer.

$10 is outrageous… I would have been furious too. And I laughed a little at the sleepwalking. I know I did it as a kid and I’m sure karma is going to come get me in another year or two…

on Thursday, June 9th, Ana said:

Hey girl, I am so sorry that you cant find a school near you, i wouldnt recommend you going to school to be an MA because thats what I went to school with and the pay out here sucks, I work for my county as a clerk in a hospital, you should take office type classes, and try looking for a job with your county. i wish you luck, hope you find something you can use.

on Thursday, June 9th, Vic said:

LOL a sleepwalker! Troy was a “Night Terrors” which is the brother of sleepwalking – it’s throwing a fit in your sleep and nothing can console you because you’re in almost the deepest form of sleep there is and it would take getting hit by a car to wake you up. His dad was a sleepwalker. *sigh* fun stuff, Yaya, fun! LOL

on Thursday, June 9th, laurie said:

2 years is a bit long just for an administrative asst. certificate. I went to Austin Business College for the same thing and I completed my program in about 9 months! yikes. Are those classes everyday? Fulltime?

on Thursday, June 9th, kitty said:

I passed the music baton to you! if you don’t know what it is pass by mine to see how it goes, if you already had it pls just disregard it.. ^_^

on Thursday, June 9th, kitty said:

hi yaya! how’s it goin’? I’ve been busy sorry… anyway, I know how you feel, I wanna go to school too, but I think it’s not the right time yet for me.. sigh.. hopefully sooner when we move to the mainland. Hawaii is such a high cost of living, I love it here but everything is so darn expensive! hmp.. u are really lucky to have mario, just be happy always, yaya you won’t get bored, in fact being thankful is enough. I wanna be a SAHM too… have a nice day!!