Catching Up

Thanks to our very late night the night before, we woke up late. Well, I woke up late and woke Mario up late for work again. I didn’t even have the strength to wake up and make Mario breakfast. I slept in with Alaethia till 11:40.

I’d gotten up to pee and John texted that he was at Target and heard a kid yell “Obama!” when he saw him on TV. I think it’s a bit creepy that he has that effect on people. Even Alaethia can spot his voice in a second and yells, “It’s Yobama” LOL.

I asked John if he’d go with me to work. I had to pick up the Constellation Turtle I’d ordered for Alaethia and my W2 form. He said yes, but he was running an errand. Alaethia and I ate leftover meatloaf from the night before. John came over and ate while I showered. Mom came over and offered to watch Alaethia. Even better, because then they’d never let us leave talking to her and I had only an hour to get over there and back and pick the boys up from school.

We went over there and said hello to everyone at the office area and even got to see two of my kiddos, Tony and Manny. We went to Vero’s office and I picked up my stuff and chatted with her for about half an hour. We went to the library before we left but it was empty. As we were leaving I saw Mrs. V. inside the office. We chatted a little bit. She told me the kids missed me *tear*. I said, “Aww, I miss them, too. I miss everyone.” The principal was standing right there when I said that and he said, “See? I told you not to leave!” I laughed it off, but I felt weird LOL.

We rushed out of there because I felt like I was going to pass out from the hot flashes I was having. We went straight to pick up the boys and we got home and got started on homework. Of course I had to take Eenan back to school because he lost a pencil his friend had lent him and he was afraid she wouldn’t talk to him anymore. He’s lucky we only live a few blocks away.

I started cleaning and washed a few things. I tried updating a bit and then went to chill out at Mary’s and gave the boys dinner. Aly and I ate leftovers again (pancakes LOL) but she kept sucking on the pieces and spitting them out. Grr. I was certain she’d eat well since it was something she liked, but nope.

I washed dishes while she played and then she wanted to watch TV, Noggin, of course. I made Mario some dinner and waited for him to get home. I bathed Alaethia, then caught up on my entries some more. Mario got home and he showed me pictures of their latest project. I must say, I was quite impressed. Mario watched TV while I updated some more (gosh, it feels like I’ll never catch up).

The baby’s been moving around like crazy. I feel every little movement. She flings her little limbs all over the place and it hurts sometimes! I can even feel her tiny foot pressed up against the left side of my belly. I press my hand to her foot every chance I get. I think she’s running out of room in there. I get a pain on my lower back and, er, nether regions whenever she starts rolling around.

While I was sitting at the kitchen table typing on my laptop and Mario was on his laptop in the living room, we hear Alaethia in deep conversation with someone. We turn and listen closely. She’s talking to “Pum-bah”, which is Spongebob. She’s talking to him on her princess cell phone. “How are you? You good? I’m good. Thank you for the magic water.” How cute is that? She’s like a sponge herself, this kid! She’s amazing.

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