2 Weeks Old

I live for after 9pm. I love the silence. I love that most of the time, not always, everything that needed to be done for the day has been done and I can relax. I love that my ears get a rest from the screaming and giggling of 7- and 4-year-old boys, even though I do love to hear that giggling when the sun’s still out. I love that I can now dim the lights, turn on the TV for some white noise, check my favorite blogs from bed and snuggle up with my Little Bean while we wait for Daddy to get home. I just love it!

Today wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I had some coffee in the morning to guarantee my awakeness on the way back home after dropping off Noelia at work. As extra insurance, I dragged Mom and Alaethia with me so Mom would talk to me and keep me entertained. We got home around 9:15 which gave Alaethia and I plenty of time to nap. I gave her a bottle, since she woke up as soon as we got home, and I kissed her little silky face until she closed her eyes. I felt like I’d just fallen asleep when I was jolted awake by the cutest laugh I’ve heard in my life. She laughed again a few minutes ago. She’s going to have a great laugh :).

The time came to pick Jaylen up from school and we came home. I was about to eat my microwaved left-overs when Mario calls and asks if we’d like to meet him for lunch. Of course we’d like to. I covered my food with foil and shoved it in the fridge and we were off.

It took much longer to get there than usual because of lunch-hour traffic. We had an hour to eat since Alaethia had her 2nd physical appointment at 2pm, so we picked up some Taco Bell and went to a nice park nearby. It was such a nice day; warm and breezy. Jaylen had lunch at school, so he ate a few Cinnamon Twists and played on the slide. Alaethia slept, well, like a baby and we ate our Fake Mexican Food, as Mario likes to call it. We finished up and I rushed home as fast (and carefully) as I could so we could make it to the appointment. Got there 16 minutes late and they saw us just as I had to leave to pick up Eenan and Brandon, but Mom stayed with her and we got another clean bill of health. She’s 2 weeks old, now weighs 7 lbs. 5 oz., is still 19 inches long, the little red dots she’s developed on her chin are normal, her belly-button hasn’t completely healed, but that’s okay; and the white stuff on her tongue is milk like I’d assumed and some water will clean it right up. It’s amazing that this is my 3rd child and I still don’t know it all, have forgotten common-sense things and still have dozens of questions to ask.

I waited till Eenan did his homework, which he didn’t finish till 5:30, and then John, Alaethia and I left to the mall so I could make my JC Penny payment and so John could buy a DS. The boys didn’t want to go, as usual, so they stayed with Mom at home.

We spent a good hour and a half at the mall only to find out that the darn game stores didn’t have anything John wanted to buy. The boy finally makes a decision to buy something and they don’t have it. Alaethia was great the whole trip and while we were at the mall. And her stroller? Best stroller I’ve ever owned, ever. It’s super easy to manuever and is really light. Eenan’s Graco one and Jaylen’s Eddie Bauer were so hard to turn and weighed a ton. This is a nice change :).

We made it home at 7:45 and Alaethia woke up for a bottle. I fed her, burped her, laid her down in her bassinet and got the boys into the shower, made dinner and after feeding the boys put them to bed. And now Mario’s here and it’s almost 12 and I should have been in bed an hour ago. At least I don’t have to go anywhere in the morning, well besides dropping off the boys, and can cuddle up with Alaethia to get some extra sleep. Who knew transitioning into a family of 5 would be so awesome?

P.S. Windows vista isn’t bad at all. I love that it’s got a Google Desktop bar on the right side with a note pad, a little window that updates me on blogs I’ve visited and how long ago they updated and the weather’s there, too! My battery had run out a few minutes ago and the computer shut down on me. I was about to rip my hair out thinking I lost my blog but it’d backed everything up when I turned it back on! I don’t know if all other laptops do that or not, but that’s pretty damn awesome.

At Least I Showered

Now that I’m driving again (and I shouldn’t actually be driving till after Wednesday) the past two days have been OMG-Kill-Me-Now hectic. I try and sleep after I drop the boys off at school and Mario’s left to work, so I get at least two extra hours of sleep (from 9am till 11am) but I totally skipped my nap yesterday. John and I went to the bank, to get milk at the corner store and to pick up his paycheck at work (which wasn’t ready, grr). Picked up Jaylen, came home and got everyone else in the car (Mom and Alaethia) and left to town.

We were supposed to get a “price adjustment” at Circuit City, where we bought our laptop. Since Best Buy had the exact same one for the same price and had instant savings instead of a mail-in rebate, they told us to take the ad in and we’d get the $130 in cash, at the store. We go, and what happens? The laptop isn’t the same dontch’a know? All the specs are the same, looks exactly the same but the model number’s off by two letters. I thanked the girl that was helping us for wasting half an hour of my life and we left. To Target (where I saved $2 on Huggies diapers–oh yeah!) where I returned a curtain rod I’d bought on Sunday and some Link Sys thing we didn’t use. We went to Wal-Mart afterwards where I got a new curtain rod I’d seen (but still not too happy with) and undies and sports bras, since, for the life of me, I can’t find about half of my old underwear O_o.

We rushed home and got Mom, Jaylen and Alaethia off since we had to pick Eenan and Brandon up from school and there was no way we’d all fit. We go home, Eenan does his homework and we go back to town so we could give Gramma a visit. We hadn’t seen her in almost 3 weeks!

I was feeling the effects of skipping my morning nap; I was literally nodding off at the wheel, which I never do, no matter how tired I am. We get to Gramma’s and she’s just in love with Alaethia. We arrived just as they brought her her dinner and she said she’d forgotten how hungry she was now that Alaethia was there. She said she’s got rosy skin like her :). We sat around and talked for a good while and then we left home before it got dark since I’m having a harder and harder time seeing when its dark. This time John made me laugh the whole way home, so the endorphins or whatever was floating around my body helped wake me up. I stopped to make our storage unit payment and then we really went home.

Alaethia was a doll and let me bathe the boys without a problem. Mario called to tell me he was on his way home (two hours earlier than usual) so we could put the bunk beds together. I’d been calling around looking for prices on twin mattresses and had little to no luck. Most places were closed. Mom comes over to watch the kiddos for us while we went to Wal-mart, since we were going to exchange the bunk beds we got at Kmart for less expensive ones (the exact same ones). We ran into Paul and Norma and their kids, which was a huge coincidence since Paul had just called that morning. We talked for a while and then decided we’d leave straight to Kmart to get the bunk bed mattresses they had that went with the beds.

We get there and it’s probably one of the worst customer service experiences we’ve ever had. Omar, the guy I spotted and asked for help left us standing there like idiots for 40 minutes while he “checked” if they had the mattress. Everytime we’d ask if he was almost ready, he’d give us the run-around and would say that yeah, they were bringing one out. We’d had enough, so we left.

The boys had eaten at home, but we were starving (all I’d had for lunch was a bitty cup of mac-n-cheese and a green apple). We stopped at Burger King, where they welcomed us with, “Welcome to Burger King. Can you hold on, please?” and never came back. So we left that place, too. We ended up going to McDonald’s and I actually ordered a quarter pounder with cheese meal. We get home and Mario scarfs down his food and so do I. We ate at the couch while we watched The Guardian and when we were done and Mario was taking our trash to the trashcan I tell him, “Man I was hungry. Did you notice I actually ate my fries?” He says, “Yeah! I thought, ‘Since when does she order a quarter pounder?'” It was delicious I have to admit. I’ll try not to make it a habit though. Don’t want to gain all my pregnancy weight back XD.

Today was just as hectic. I know I forgot details from yesterday because I could have sworn I did more shit than that. We went to sleep late last night since we watched the movie and Alaethia woke up twice so I got mmmm, about 5 hours of sleep. I dropped the boys off, made Mario breakfast and after giving Alaethia a bottle and eating some Cheerios, I snuggled up with her in bed and we fell asleep till 11am. It felt so darn good to sleep. I picked Jaylen up while Mom watched Alaethia (bless that woman) and from then on I had stuff to do, like go to Mary’s to get copies of the mail-in rebate papers and receipts, bought the mattress for Eenan’s bunk bed ($99, best price and it’s not too crappy) then we rushed back, picked up the other two kids then went to the bank to withdraw money. Poor Vito was in a car wreck this morning. Apparently, the truck that hit him was transporting illegal immigrants and they fled the scene. Left the truck there, but they ran off. There were choppers patrolling the area and everything. Vito was fine, thank goodness, but his car’s a total loss. We all pitched in some money so he could get himself a little car he’d seen for $500. I felt more than obliged to help; he’s always helping us out, whether it be rescuing us when one of our cars breaks down or picking up the kids for us when we desperately need it, he’s there for us.

Mario had me mail off some speakers to his Nino, Jorge, and I mailed off the rebate. I hope I did everything right and that we actually receive the rebate. Rebates make me nervous, like I’m never going to see the money.

I got to bathe the kids with no problem, cleaned up a little, folded clothes and did 3 loads of laundry and even got to make dinner while Alaethia slept. I got the dishes ready to wash and got the cups washed and rinsed and then she woke up. And stayed awake. Mary called around 9:30 asking if I’d do her the favor of dropping Noelia off in the morning around 8:30. I was pretty bummed I wouldn’t be able to sleep, but all was forgiven when they took Alaethia to their house for a bit so I could take a shower. I thought I was going to have to go to bed stinky since it’s Tuesday and Mario’s having a night out with the guys. I hope the boy went to Jorge’s to get his cellphone. He left it there when we went over Sunday night.

Now that I’m clean and Alaethia’s actually sleeping I should get to bed. Life’s pretty much back to “normal” now that I’m pretty much back on my feet. My Snuggle-Bug’s got a big day tomorrow: a doctor’s appointment. I’m a little nervous that she might have to get immunizations. I can feel the lump in my throat already.