Dia de los Muertos in San Antonio & Halloween 2018

Some of the best Fridays are when I get to have lunch with a friend and then take off to go see hubs right after work.

This day I had lunch at Hop Tung with Ne.va.

Yes. I am still consuming carbs. Don’t judge me!

I’ve always wanted to attend a huge Dia de los Muertos shindig since it’s one of my favorite things. It was a last minute event that we saw on Facebook, but the family decided we were totally going to do it that weekend.

I finally thought ahead and packed for my trip the night before so I’d be ready to go right after work the next day. But of course I would see that some boots I wanted were 40% off so I did that right after work first, which set me back around 1 hour.

The drive is always long, but talking to the kids and singing loudly to my music while sipping on some iced coffee or ice cream (yes, I packed it and left it in the freezer at work) always helps the trip go faster.

I really don’t mind it. (It’s the trip back that feels like it takes an eternity!) Seeing the hubs after an extended time is always a relief and he always promises me food as soon as I arrive! This time, it would be Pineapple Ninjas!

We ran into Jerry, the owner of the food truck, as soon as we arrived at The Block food truck park. The park was everything I wished I could have turned McAllen Food Park into when I still worked at the Chamber. It was a chilly night, but there were heaters where the picnic tables were under the bar area, so we were comfy. Jerry brought us some awesome Arizona teas and the food was to die for! Nothing beats fresh, healthy eats!

Ironically, I went all the way to San Antonio to try out Pineapple Ninjas for the first time! I’d never tried them when they were at South Padre Island or at the events in McAllen.

We chatted with Jerry till 1am, so by the time we got back to the hotel it was 2am. That was the latest I’ve stayed up in a LONG time.

We slept in the next morning, obviously. Well, I did–Jorge got up earlier than I did to run to the bank and to get us some breakfast from Bill Miller’s. It was a nice surprise, having breakfast in bed 🙂 .

We got ready and went to see one of Jorge’s projects. I was dressed and ready, and pretty excited, to help him with this project. It was a total trash heap, but the few days of work he’d already accomplished made the place look so much better. He walked me through as he checked off what else needed to be done. He fed me Reese’s and sour candies (even after I told him I was done with sugar! It’s screwing up my face, bad!) and then he did a few things here and there as I watched. Oh well, maybe I’ll help next time!

He took a good nap when we returned to the hotel and then we got ready to have dinner with my in-law’s in Austin. We stopped by Bucee’s to get some snacks (I had the best candied cashews and pecans) and then we proceeded to get stuck in traffic several times. It felt like forever before we finally made it to the apartment!

We chilled out a bit and Mia told us about how happy she was to receive Alf from us for her birthday. Briana told us she had a newfound love for Alf after she introduced her to the series and she had her eye on one at Minnie’s Hidden Treasures. I told her not to worry, I still had my old Alf in the garage! I’d been meaning to put him on eBay since I don’t collect Alf items, but it was truly meant to be that we keep him because he belonged with Mia.

Briana had this awesome cake made for her, too!

We went to Chuy’s for dinner, which was great because we were starving after skipping lunch.

I got my usual fajita plate (was attempting to be Keto-ish) but then had this amazing drink which was sugary (but delicious) AF.

We ate and then went to an outdoor’s 1800’s type haunted house that Briana had heard about.

We weren’t sure what to expect, but I was excited. Poor Mia was nervous and asked Jorge to carry her, since we were advised that phone light nor flashlights were allowed. All that was allowed were the red “ring” lights they gave us at the entrance.

It was dark except for some fairy light-edged arrows pointing us in the direction we needed to go. We can hear people screaming as we reach the more “mature” side of the haunted houses/trails. As soon as we walk in a little girl in white pops out from behind a door and scares the shit out of us. It’s so dark you can’t see when someone slowly creeps up behind you and is breathing behind your neck to “watch out”.

We’re halfway through (I think) when we’re walking down this trail that has dark dips in the ground. We continue to walk and slow down when we see a huge dark puddle–only it isn’t a puddle, it’s a girl, flat as ever, slowly sitting up to grab and hiss at us. We don’t even notice that Briana has run off with Mia, so Jorge, Dinah and I run to catch up. I scream, “Oh no, there’s another one!” as I see another dark spot on the ground…only to realize it’s Briana and Mia who’ve tripped on a branch and fell into a dip in the trail! Poor things! Briana ended up hurting her ribs!

And also…you know you’re getting old when someone literally scares the piss out of you and it takes all your energy not to let it flow!! THEY. WERE. SCARY!!

We were going to the Dia de los Muertos Festival at La Villita in San Antonio the next day. We didn’t really have a game plan but we did want to dress up and paint our faces. The only bad thing was both Jorge and I forgot about his black jacket, but it was too hot to wear it anyway.

We gathered our things to be ready for check-out and had a late breakfast at IHOP, where we had the sweetest waitress named Sharon. She was well-known by everyone in New Braunfels, because she spoke to everyone and hugged everyone as if they were family. Either that, or she was just that sweet.

And I think she was, because when she came up to us she said I was beautiful and told Jorge to “take care of me” and called me Babygirl the entire time. She was just too sweet. Jorge joked that she was trying to get a good tip. I said, “Well, then SHE GOT IT.”

I gave her a huge hug when we were getting ready to go. Jorge left to pay and she waved a hand over me to the next table and asked the bearded gentlemen, “Isn’t she so pretty?” Jorge said he was going to take her tip away for that one 😆 .

We had another good drive to go so we took selfies while we drove. Or, I should say that Jorge drove and I took selfies:

I brought minimal makeup for our face painting: an ELF liquid eyeliner, normal black eye liner and some hotpink rhinestones. I forgot my eyelashes, earrings and the base paint. So our first stop was Party City, where we got Jorge some face tattoos and some white paint and new rhinestones. Then we stopped at Dollar Tree where we got some eyelashes.

We found a parking space downtown near La Villita and then took about 30 minutes to put on our makeup. I quickly dabbed on white paint and drew on my swirls with eyeliner and stuck on my rhinestones. Then I helped Jorge stick on his face tattoos and fixed the ones that cracked with the liquid eyeliner. All-in-all, I think we did pretty good for 30 minutes!

We met up with everyone and admired the ofrendas.

Then we all decided we were hungry so we went to a nearby restaurant. We didn’t really know what to expect, but it was nicely decorated…(and very expensive for the type and quality of the food LOL.)

Still, it was nice spending time with the family. Poor Briana was feeling sore from her fall the night before, so she was taking it easy.

The Procession began while we were still eating but Jorge, Mia and I ran out anyway.

It was quick, but the costumes were pretty cool.

We looked around a bit more and were total tourists taking photos wherever we could.

Then it was time to say our goodbyes :(. Not before Briana gave me a gift! I love them!!

Jorge walked me to the car while everyone else waited in Dinah’s. They’d be dropping him off in New Braunfels 🙁 . We kissed goodbye and then again when I dropped him off at the car on the way back out of the garage.

Of course I would take the wrong turn, but once I was safely on the road began my car concert all the way home. That ride…felt like it took forever.

I sucked it up and got ready for work the next day. If I remember correctly, it was a low-key Monday.

The girls finally told me what they wanted to be for Halloween: 3 days before. Emily wanted to be Agnes from Despicable Me and Alaethia a character from The Purge with a very specific mask. So of course we would spend the evening scrambling. First stop: THE DREADED MALL.

First, we scooped up Aly’s friend Jaylinn. Then we made our way to the mall.

Emily wasn’t feeling well and I thought it was so cute that Alaethia took this pic.

Emily needed overalls so they looked around at H&M and Tilly’s. She ended up with some overalls and a tee from Tilly’s and Alaethia ended up falling in love with everything at H&M. That one’s a shopaholic like her mother 😆 .

We got them some Starbucks and we took a little break.

It’s about darn time they make a Starbucks inside the mall!

The girls wanted to meet their other bestie at the Disney store, so we trekked that way. After a selfie sesh we continued our search for the mask…but all the possible stores were sold out since the day before. OUR LUCK.

We got some Auntie Annie’s pizza and cinnamon pretzels and we made our way to the Spirit Halloween Store…where they and the other stores sold out. Finally Alaethia decided she’d be a baseball player (random!) so she found a men’s shirt and socks at Target. I would figure out the letters and number she wanted on the shirt later. I was EXHAUSTED.

Another easy day at work on Tuesday. I got lunch from Lei Lai, which I instantly regretted because I wanted all the noodles…but ended up chomping on rice anyway 🙄 .

Ne.va was in the office and we got to talking about the girls’ costumes and I told her I still needed to head to Walmart after work for felt to sew on Alaethia’s baseball number. She rolled her eyes at me and said that wouldn’t do–we should go over in the evening and she would screen print the shirt for us. She’s the best! Of course the girls would fall more in love with her lol.

Emmos dressed up for school the next day; Alaethia didn’t in case she would be “dress-coded”.

I wish I’d had time to fix her hair up like the real Agnes!

Work was another low-key one, heh. My biggest stressor is determining where I’m going to eat. My life lately is constantly thinking about what I’m going to eat next–because I’m kind of tired of eating 😆 It sounds crazy, but I’m sort of tired of always nit-picking if there are carbs present just to screw up and eat the carbs anyway 🙄

But I had fish that day, so that was good.

I had to mentally prepare myself for the evening. Sally and I were taking the kiddos to watch “Thriller” and Trick-or-treat Downtown. The plan was to also go to the library but I would take too long getting myself ready 🙁 . Sally was able to get out an hour early–I got out at 5:15 and had to rush home, grr. Still, I think I did ok for getting completey ready in 30 minutes. The eyelashes take long enough!

Once we were all ready, we took off and found some parking after circling the area several times.

Alaethia wanted to go trick-or-treating with her friends, so naturally, my whiny tween was whiny. There was lots of eye-rolling, sighing and teeth-sucking going on 🙄 (Help me, Jesus!)

But they still watched the show and did a teensy bit of trick-or-treating. (We were late for that, too, since we watched the Thriller Dance Mob first!)

On the way to the car we *had* to stop by for a photo shoot at the mural wall! Finally, finally had a chance to stop by.

We noticed the time and rushed into the car because once again, we were running late. We tried meeting up with Alaethia’s friend and her sister in the neighborhood we typically go to for trick-or-treating, except we couldn’t find them OR a parking spot and my anxiety was shooting through the roof. I even snapped at Alaethia to get on the phone instead of Snapchat to get the details of their location better. We finally get somewhere and park at the park I usually run at…which meant a lot of walking. in wedges. FML and choice of footwear.

We meet up with the girls and have to keep up. I can tell poor Sally and the little girls are getting tired, so I leave Alaethia with her friend and older sister and they would drop her off. What a relief. We still however, had to make the trek across the park to the car. Sweet. Jesus. But we still took a photo op!

We got to the house and I dropped Sally off at her car, then Emmos and I rushed to pick up McDonald’s. It was already late, so this mama was not cooking! All-in-all, it was a great day!

First Post of 2015

I had already made a “New Year’s Resolution” to myself that I would post a little something every day (just like I made a pact with myself that come January 1st, it would be the 1st day of the rest of my life that I ate 100% healthy and just tonight Emily, Alaethia and I polished off the last of the New Year’s Eve queso dip *sigh*); but it’s already the 3rd day of January and I’m really not even sure if I’ll end up finishing this post, heh.

But anyway, since the last time I updated, the kids were all at the other parents’ houses. Jorge and I chilled out a lot and I cooked a lot. That’s usually when I try new things; when the kids are away. It’s a good distraction and we can try foods the kids wouldn’t regularly eat willingly, heh.

So Sunday I made this:

Italian Sausage Quiche
Italian Sausage Quiche

Right after we watched “10 Things I Hate About You”. Always one of my favorites. Heath Ledger *sob*.

Then Jorge humored me on yet another one of my ideas: a solar-light jar that I’d like to hang from a tree. So we took apart a $1 solar light from Dollar Tree, I puff-painted a Prego Jar and voila! It worked :).

The next 3 days at work would be a hectic blur of e-mails in Spanish, since the Mexican Artisan Expo is coming up next week. Literally, that’s all I did for 3 days.

Got home and made dinner on Monday night:

Tuscan Chicken and Caesar Salad
Tuscan Chicken and Caesar Salad

It was a hit with the guys :). I can’t remember what brand the packet was, but it was a Tuscan sauce you add sauteed chicken and rotini to. It was tasty.

I went to visit Minnie from Hidden Treasures after work Tuesday since she had a Puppy Brite she was clearancing out. I was hoping to make it on time to look around but her shop was closed. She surprised me with the FREE Puppy Brite and told me about her future plans for the shop.

Puppy Brite
Puppy Brite

She’ll be leaving January but will return February with Hidden Treasures. I’m happy she’s staying. I owe her for starting me on my obsession, heh.

I had ordered 100+ photos for $.10 each from Walgreens when the sale came around. I ALWAYS miss it, and haven’t printed any photos in about 2 years! So I took advantage. That night, after making dinner, I went through my scrapbooking stash and took a whole bunch of stuff out for a scrapfest :). Jorge sat at the table playing a game and John sat at the table using his phone, so we sat there and joked while I cut and pasted away.

Scrapbooking supplies
Scrapbooking supplies

The weather was dreary and cold on the 31st. I met my love for lunch anyway since I needed to remove my face from the computer. The e-mails were so monotonous and the office was as cold as a meat freezer (it always is *sob*) I just had to get away. So we went to Texadelphia, since he didn’t want to have Jason’s Deli -_- . I was trying to go for a “healthier” choice and picked a chicken sandwich on wheat bread but it was drenched in so much vinaigrette that it ruined my sandwich. The fries and queso were great, though!

I picked the kiddos up from their dad’s that evening, dropped them off with Mom and met Jorge at HEB to buy the New Year’s Eve stuff. It was raining by this time and the girls were sniffly so fireworks and s’mores outside were out of the question. Jorge’s boys ended up staying at their mother’s (where they did do fireworks and 2 ended up coming back sick, grr).

We decided to make queso dip, pigs in a blanket and watch some TV. The kids were ok with it. We also got some Welch’s sparkling grape juice for the kids to toast with us at midnight ^_^. I didn’t want wine, but Jorge convinced me, and the d’asti I love was on sale so I got it.

As soon as we walk in the door Mom comes in to help unload groceries…and immediately drops the wine bottle. I couldn’t believe it.

Sally and her George were supposed to come over but George worked late and then plans changed so they ended up doing their thing. I know I’m getting old because I was perfectly ok with chilling with Jorge and the kids watching Cristela and snacking on stuff :).

The start of a Happy New Year :)
The start of a Happy New Year 🙂

It sucked that Jorge’s boys weren’t here, but I was happy to bring in the new year with the rest of the family. When midnight came around, we toasted with the kids, gave hugs and kisses all around and went to bed a while later, hehe.

We spent Thursday feeding the kids and spending time with them. Jorge even found the last episode of Season 1 of “Selfie” on an app on his iPad and we watched that. Then it was gingerbread time. The kids’ dad gave them 3 boxes of gingerbread projects to do and this was the 1st:

Gingerbread train
Gingerbread train

We gathered all the kids to watch “The Book of Life”.


It was as adorable and colorful as I thought it was going to be :).

My poor Jorge had to work Friday :(. I spent the day lazying with the kids ALL DAY LONG. Well, after going to Walmart to get some cereal and other groceries.

I put the ingredients for beef stew in the slow cooker and then the kids and I watched all of Season 1 of “Friends”. And then my last Christmas gift from Jorge came in: my Keurig!


You would think someone who loves coffee as much as I do would have asked for one as soon as they came out, but I’m such a cheapskate I couldn’t justify spending money on one. We have one at work that Ivan provided for us in the copy room and it really is convenient. My love just so happened to get this one for a steal so I’m THRILLED!

Jorge calls around 5:30pm that their company party is that evening…and that spouse are welcome to join. I was suddenly extremely grateful I had the foresight to make dinner in the slow cooker. I had about an hour to do my hair (which was in all it’s curly, lion-mane glory) and find something to wear. After several runs bath and forth between my closet and the laundry room, I found an outfit. Mom served dinner to the kids and then Jorge and I were on our way to the Blue Onion.

We had such a good time; they even had a trivia game for the employees. And the food, OMG, the food! I could gorge on the pita and hummus all day!

My love and I :)
My love and I 🙂

We slept in a bit today and then I dropped off Jorge’s wallet to him at work and I ran errands. My day consisted of ordering more pictures ($.09 at Walgreens till 11:59pm!), watched the first episode of Dr. Who with the kids and cooking and got a head start on the laundry. Jorge walks in and says, “What are you doing?? That’s my job!” and made me stop, heh. We’re watching a UFC Fight while the kids either lazy around on the sofa next to us or are playing Xbox.

Well, what do you know, I wrote a whole post and I may actually publish it. This should have probably been my “resolutions” post, but it really is the same bullet points as they usually are: eat healthy, exercise, lose weight, not stress, be a better fiance/mom/daughter/sister, be nicer to everyone around me, etc. I hope to accomplish those and if I could shave off some debt and save money it would be the cherry on top ^_^.