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The End of October

It’s been a crazy few weeks. What with the girls having their extracurricular activities and having to leave work at 4 p.m. almost everyday for them, and having to get costumes ready, bills, groceries and work, work, work–I feel like there really aren’t enough hours in the day. Best believe there’s been no time for working out or hobbies 🙁 .

But as tired and busy as I’ve  been (and oftentimes: overwhelmed) I’m glad that work events, activities with the kids and life in general have gone pretty smoothly.

Sally invited us to her and her friends’ Halloween party. We get invited every year, but for  some reason or another, haven’t made it. 

After paying bills and running  errands on a Saturday, the girls and I went to a thrift shop that I  used to frequent a lot about 10 years  ago. 

I had to figure out a costume for THAT evening because only I would buy my costume in September and try it on 3 weeks later only to find that it was completely see-through (and I could have done with losing about 10 pounds! That thing was skin tight!) The family is going with a Star Wars theme for Mia’s birthday this year, so no Princess Leia for me. Instead, I was going to figure out how to be an Ewok! Wicket, to be exact.

Emily unearthed this plastic turkey that we had an exact copy of  when I was little. Mom also  had a Santa and Rudolph! Of course it came home with us (not like I need more junk 😆 !)

Just as I was about to give up on finding something, I couldn’t believe my luck! Not only did I find the perfect  teddy bear to behead for his ears, but I also found some burnt orange fabric and brown plush fabric to match the ears! We got home and I  got to work while I made dinner. 

I realized I DID NOT know how to sew a skirt, especially since the fabric really was some type of plush upholstery, but I tried my best and put something together within an hour. I’m happy to say everyone knew exactly who I was!

Darth Vader and Wicket the Ewok
Sally and me 🙂

Jorge and I are both a bit socially awkward when we don’t know people, so we didn’t think we’d stick around long but we ended up staying a good 1.5 hours! (Ooh, party animals!)

We had our Wine Classic event that was “The Great Gatsby” themed so I had to figure out how to run all these errands at work AND find myself a 1920’s looking dress! So of course I would run to thrift shops during lunch to find pieces to make this outfit possible. I ended up finding a black lace dress with beige liner and a kid’s-size flapper dress I wanted to cut the fringe off of. When I finally got around to working on the dress…the fringe wasn’t enough! So I conceded to the fact that I’d have to actually purchase some downtown. Meh.

So I found the fringe on one of our craft-shopping trips, and I found my shoes and headwear later downtown as well. I was literally working on my dress, hand-sewing the fringe during my lunch hour that same day!

I rushed around finishing things at work and rushed off to Quinta Mazatlan to help Gerry. I was posted at the silent auction room like I am every year 🙂 . Where all the yummy desserts are!

I’m proud of myself for maintaining control of myself throughout the event, but now that I’m looking at the photos, I’m having major regrets about not tasting everything 🙁 !!

Anyway, my outfit worked out (the fringe never unraveled!) and I managed to throw my hair into an up-do that sort of made sense. (It actually worked out much better during my trial-run at home!):

My plummage and fringe!
My plummage and fringe!
The view outside

It was an awesome event, Gerry always outdoes herself! Clean-up was crazy but seemingly fast and Gerry, Ryan and I ended up having our actual dinner at 1am at Whataburger, hehe.

Briana, Dina and the kids had arrived while I was working the previous day. We got up and got ready to have Mia’s 7th birthday party, Star Wars themed! Briana goes all out! It was a crazy whirlwind of going to Walmart, getting tables and chairs, attempting to help Briana with snacks (my Jello brain was good, the white chocolate I bought for our pretzel mummies was so bad! Stick with the good stuff, even if it’s more expensive. Then we had to get ourselves and all the kids ready, but the end-result was awesome! Jorge, Briana and the kids even did the Imperial March as the big open 😆 !

Grpup Pic!

It’s a good thing I got a group photo!! The boys lasted all but 15 minutes in their costumes!

My mom-in-law!
Me with my sis-in-law!
The birthday girl, Mia, who wasn’t in the mood for photos, ’cause, hello, MOONJUMP!
My 2 little ladies, Rey and Captain Phasma. Rey didn’t want her accessories most of the time!
There they are!
Star Wars Bingo!
Happy birthday to Mia!
My BFF and me!

It was so fun! Glad Sally and the kiddos got to make it, too! I never got around to trimming the “hood” of my costume (it was supposed to be v-shaped at the front *sigh*), but all-in-all, it was a blast and the kids were chocolate-wasted and strewn all over the place. Love those family gatherings!

John’s Graduation

So my little brother graduated from UTRGV yesterday with his Bachelor’s in Health Science. To say I’m proud is an understatement. I wish I could have made a bigger deal about it, but he didn’t even want Jorge and I to take him to dinner, much less have a small party or BBQ. Plus, it freakin’ rained, so that put a damper on the whole deal (pun intended).

Mom and I went to visit Gramma as John got ready. She sent him a congratulatory video with me :’).

But yes, he was nervous–you could tell. But he got up there and received his diploma and even though he made a crazy face at the camera as he passed, you could see the relief in his face. The 7 years it took him to work and put himself through college. Moving out if his beloved apartment–the apartment he took me into when I had nowhere else to go after my divorce in 2010–and moving in with Jorge and me in 2013 to finish his last 2 years of school. His stress, his emotions–it’s alm over and it was worth it for him. I was glad to see the day come!!


Didn’t like either photo we took together–my face looks weird–but I had to post one!


I won’t mention the sh*tstorm it was trying to find him afterwards, the annoying rain, or the rude campus cop that ruined the end of the event for mom and I (okay, so I did mention it–whatever 😡 ), but it was great.

We got home, dried off, Jorge ordered us pizza and then I made this “Dump-Cake” for John.


It was the best, but I’m pretty sure we’ve developed diabetes and high cholesterol 😳 !

About Friday

I usually get a sinus infection once every 2 years or so, and this week was it. I couldn’t even call in to work yesterday because we had our Unplugged event at the Food Park, it was cleaning day (so yay, jeans!) and I had a committee meeting for Food Festival. I also had Food Festival stuff to catch up on since I was absent a large chunk of Thursday. The event’s going really well, thank goodness!

I miraculously made it through the day. I definitely felt better than Thursday, but not 100%. I left the office for 30 minutes to pass the time before I had to be present for Unplugged. Went with EZ, Michelle, Rosie and Rick to SALT, after much convincing on Rosie and Michelle’s part. What can I say, I gave in to peer pressure 😆 . I’m on antibiotics and had taken Sudafed, and I knew better than to order a drink with alcohol, so I got a virgin cucumber Margarita instead.

SALT - New American Table

Then it was time for Unplugged. The weather was looking scary; it became overcast and slightly windy in a matter of minutes. A couple of craft vendors even packed up and left! Then the clouds turned into puffy cottonballs and the weather cleared up.


I went out to the Park to speak with our artist and then joined Jorge (my co-worker, not husband) at the bench our group would chill at for the rest of the night.

The music was great, the weather was pretty perfect and the food was delish!



I went with Taqueria Los Brothers this time and their Nachos Locos and homemade lemonade was awesome. And on the house. They insisted I not pay! It was so well-served, my co-workers helped me eat them!

Nachos Locos

Rick showed us a photo a friend had shared of huge hail balls in Laredo, where Jorge was working. I frantically start texting him to see if he’s gotten any hail, because it was 8:30 and he STILL hasn’t told me he was coming home. He said the storm had actually passed south of where he was, but that he’d most likely be driving through it.

While we were sitting at our picnic bench someone came up to me from behind, held my arms and kissed my head. I was motionless and in shock, wondering what stranger had planted one on me. I slowly looked up and there he was, finally, thank goodness! Everyone laughed, because 30 minutes before everyone chimed in to tease that he was weathering the storm with someone else, or at a club, or hotel, etc. Jerks! They’re lucky I like them!

I slept so much better, and through the night, knowing my love was beside me. And I woke up feeling mostly normal! Mostly. Still have those darn hives, just not as severe as yesterday.

Trying to work up some energy to shower and visit Gramma, get a litter box for Diana, who is going to take Kika. Long story, but my Kiki will now reside with her 😥 . I also have several other things to do online, like pay bills, but I’m stuck watching Catfish on MTV 😆 . And Mom wants me to start working on the kids’ baskets, which means she’s going to see that they’re not “full” and is going to want to go shopping. Meh.

Edit: Kika’s rehoming just got cancelled!