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Afternoon with Mom & Decorating

Right after my previous post yesterday, I started on my to-do list. I accomplished most of my tasks.

I paid the bills online, then I put my bedsheets to wash (haven’t gotten a chance to wash everything, but I *have* to do that today. Oh, how I hate folding…), and went to Dollar Tree to get a few things for an Easter Egg wreath. I’d seen Laurie’s post about this wreath and it looked easy enough. I couldn’t find a cute bow (that was already made, heh) or basket grass, so I’d try at HEB later.

We visited Gramma and chatted for a while. Her new roommate was still a little loud, but wasn’t screaming like last week. She did ask me, several times, to help her, call her mother, help her get out of there, etc., but once I called a nurse for her she quickly stopped. The nurse gave me a meaningful look, like she does that all the time. Poor lady . And poor Gramma most of all!

Mom asked where I wanted to eat. Since she’s on a strict diet and can’t really have carbs at all it was hard to choose a place, but we ended up going to Kumori since she could get riceless rolls. (I was unsure how to bring this up to Jorge–going to Kumori without him–but once I saw his FB photo post of his sub at Texadelphia I figured it was ok, heh.)

We didn’t have to wait and our food was out super fast. Mom’s plate was a little…little but she said it was filling.

Kumori with Mom

We made our way to grocery shop, which I loathe probably a bit more than folding laundry, but it was a surprisingly fast shopping trip. I got a few more Petunias And I found some basket grass for the wreath. I’d have to do without the bow .

I was just getting home when my love called that the boys would be dropped off by their mother. Good thing I’d just arrived. I put everything away, with Mom’s help, and the kiddos got here. Jorge got here a few seconds later and we sat outside chatting with Freddy. He’d brought us a bottle of red wine, from 2000. I forget the name at the moment. I really wish I could let red wine grow on me, but all the ones I’ve tasted so far are way too strong and dry . I usually stick to Moscattos or Moscatto D’astis.

I put the baby down for a nap and mom stayed with him while Jorge and I finished cleaning the shower. I got started on dinner: lasagna and garlic bread. We ate and then I got started on my Easter egg wreath. My babe cut the cardboard for me, because I failed miserably when I tried, heh. I need to glue more fluff around the edges and I might even stick some flowers on there, but we’ll see.

Easter Egg Wreath

For now, I’m just happy having a cute Easter wreath!

We chilled out after that because Jorge was exhausted from work. We wanted to watch a movie with the kids, but we knew that we’d end up passing out. We went to the bedroom and the baby fell asleep quite easily and slept the entire night! I woke up at 9 and was completely refreshed :).

I made regular and banana pancakes and hazelnut coffee for breakfast. We lazied around till lunchtime, I spoke to my kiddos (miss them !!), and then my love hung our drapes in the dining room. They make such a huge difference in the room!

After he hung the suede panels

The drapes were a gift from one of his customers. They are expensive panels!

We couldn’t put up our brown micro-suede panels, because they sort of clash with the drapes. I really hope we can find a place for them; they’re so nice! –Nevermind! We’re removing the collage frame and putting one suede panel on each north and south wall, instead of flanking the drapes like we’d originally wanted to. It works!

We have to remove the Van Gogh painting from the northside wall of the dining room that Jorge’s mom gave us because the orange in the painting clashed with the drapes, too. But we moved it to the wall where the bistro set us and it goes really well :). I’d been thinking about the color scheme for the kitchen and, thanks to the painting, I think we’re going with blue and orange :).

And right now Jorge is dropping off the little guy and I’m getting ready to go outside and salvage my little flowers! I need to accomplish a few more things before this day is over. We’ve got an early day tomorrow, as we usually do on Mondays :).

Family Matters

Work was a breeze this week, too. I finished up with stuff from my scholarship event as soon as I got to work on Tuesday (OMG, I just remembered I forgot to pay something *makes mental note*) and helped one of my co-workers with a mail-out. We were all summoned to do it and listened to music and ate pizza :). It was fun!

I fell asleep Tuesday night as my babe and I watched a movie on the sofa. And he passed out Wednesday…on the sofa. It’s something about that darn thing! It’s so comfortable you can’t help but fall asleep!

I went straight to get the kiddos Thursday night, got home, we all played with Ruffles and I got straight to making dinner (chicken tomato/Alfredo). My babe got here, we ate, and I dropped the kiddos off :(.

Our clean-up day at work was yesterday, Friday. Most of us started Thursday afternoon and I’m so glad I did. I organized our section in the storage room…it was terrible! There was old stuff and weird decorations…my boss gave me the ok to just chuck everything LOL. Now it’s nice and neat ^_^.

My boss, myself and two other co-workers were in charge of cleaning the kitchen. It was just my boss and I cleaning, though, but it’s ok. We finished in a flash and then I started in the filing room and my filing cabinets. Another co-worker was nice enough to vaccumm for us since her desk was super clean and she wasn’t in charge of other sections :). I dusted everything before meeting my love for lunch at Kumori. I hadn’t been there in a while! The food was super good, as always, and didn’t take forever even though the place was packed. I veered away from my favorite, the Rainbow Roll and got the McAllen Roll instead. It has raw fish, too. It was insanely good!

I tossed out my recycling box when I got back to the office and we all passed inspection in our area at 2:30! I ran a few errands, got some food at HEB and came home. John was spending the night since I was dropping him off at the airport in Harlingen early in the morning. I hadn’t seen him in a long time already!

I needed detergent because John had to do laundry and I had a few coupons I wanted try out so we headed back to HEB. I got a huge bottle of Gain deteregent (stupid, expensive detergent!), 7 bottles of KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce (were on sale for $1, with a $1 off coupon=free) and buy one get one free Airwick air fresheners. The total bill was $20, came out to $10.80. I basically paid for the detergent only! Not much of a mass purchase, but the Extreme Couponing thing could actually work! John and my babe were impressed, heh. We’ll never run out of BBQ sauce :P!

My first Extreme Couponing" expierience!

We waited for my babe to get home and we headed to Weinershnitzel, John’s treat. I hadn’t been there yet; it was GOOD!

We came back and waited for the rest of our group to get here. John turned in early, Michelle left around 11pm and the rest of us stayed up. I went to bed around 2:30 and still felt pretty good when I got up.

John and I amazingly found our way to the airport without getting lost. He was super nervous. I don’t blame him. I’ll probably be shitting bricks, too, when I finally go on my first flight LOL.

I passed by the Iwo Jima monument and followed the map on my phone.


I’m driving for what seems like forever and panic when I don’t see anything familiar. Never fails: I got lost after a wrong turn on US 77. I hate that thing. So I call my babe, get frustrated because I don’t know any of the roads he’s talking about and calm my nerves so I can focus and get back on the road. I did pretty good and then came up to a signless 4-way and wasn’t sure where I was supposed to turn. I, of course, went the wrong way and stopped at a gas station to get directions…but it was shut down. GREAT! I collect myself again, and head in the opposite direction and voila!, back on 83!

I was going to pass through Dad’s city and I hadn’t spoken to him since sometime last September so I stopped by. I started to get worried when I noticed the chair he sits in outside was overturned and dusty, his car looked like it hadn’t been moved in a while and nobody answered the door. He’s always home. I called the number I had and got voicemail. My half-brother’s number was now someone else’s. I found it weird that dad hadn’t tried contacting me since that last time we spoke and I began to get panicky. I went around the house and looked through the kitchen window. There was a candle on on the counter, so that made me feel a tiny bit better. I had a feeling I should check the doorknob and sure enough, it was open. I went in and felt creeped out right away. It was super dark and there were 3 wheelchairs. It was strange. He has one leg amputated due to diabetes, but I saw no reason for the types of wheelchairs that were there. I went into his room and my heart sank when I saw a hospital bed in place of his bed…and two prosthetics, not just one. I wondered if they were there because he was in the hospital. I got freaked out and left quietly and quickly. I left him a note on the door, letting him know I’d visited and left my number just in case he didn’t have it. I hoped for a call.

I got home and picked mom up and we visited with Gramma for a while. We came home and I relaxed most of the day. Lazied around like Ruffles, our kitty. Don’t know if I’d mentioned him before. He’s been with us since about two weeks after we moved in.


I watched Lifetime movies all day while texting with John and my babe. Didn’t do once ounce of cleaning, heh, which is fine ’cause the house doesn’t really need any heavy-duty cleaning. Just gotta sweep & mop tomorrow (I’ll get my babe to help me again :P) and do laundry.

Dad called around 2:30. He let me know they indeed amputated his other leg up to the knee as well and he’s having dialysis done 3 times a week, hence the reason he wasn’t home. I couldn’t believe it. He just doesn’t take care of himself. He almost died before they amputated his other leg. He just got the 2nd prosthetic done so he hasn’t started walking around with them yet. I’m glad we got back in contact. I really was worried. Mom gave him her cellphone number and they chatted a while LOL.

I meant to finish updating this entry since around 4:30…but I sat down to finish watching a movie and crashed out on the sofa (darn thing…). Woke up, talked to my babe who was on his way home with the boys, and I started on dinner. I made some cilantro dip, and now we’re sitting down to watch “Tron”. Wish my babies were here. They’re going to the beach with their dad tomorrow. I get worried, but I’m praying everything will be fine :(.

Ok, movie is starting!

2 Awesome Weekends in a Row?!

I dragged through last Friday. It felt like the longest day OF MY LIFE. BUT! They celebrated Jesse (my co-worker) and my birthdays, which made it go by much faster :).

Jesse's and my birthday cake at work :)

I also had a ton of errands to run after work, like buying the hot water hose for the washing machine and the new plug for the dryer from Home Depot. Then I had to buy a blouse, because I was out of clean clothes and had nothing to wear for Jesse’s party that night.

We were late, as always LOL. And almost DIED on the way there. There was a long line of cars that were stopped at a green light on 10th street and we had to stop and then swerve out of the way in like, 2 seconds. I had Emily’s carseat loose in the back and it came flying forward and hit me on the elbow >_<. I was kind of in shock so I didn't feel the throbbing pain till about 15 minutes later! We hung out at Russo's for Jesse's party for a bit with the work peeps and then headed to Longhorn Steakhouse. We sit down, excited to have a drink...only to find out they close in 10 minutes. Oh well. I had a quick Watermelon Margarita which was AWESOME! I'd never had one of those before!

Watermelon Margarita from Longhorn Steakhouse. The BEST!!

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings right after and had a very late dinner >_<. It was super good though; I'd never had the Spinach & Artichoke Chicken on Flatbread! Now I wanna make some at home. But I was doing my research and making Flatbread at home takes AT LEAST 4 hours! I wonder if I can buy some good, healthy flatbread? Mario had the kids that weekend 🙁 and my babe was at work but I managed to keep busy. I cleaned the house, unpacked and organized (I love that everything has its place!), bought groceries, visited Gramma (who is super nearby now :D!), and made the Spinach Artichoke Dip I was contributing to Harvey and Evelyn's potluck going away party. They're a Winter Texan couple who volunteer at the Chamber :). They're leaving for the spring and shall return permanently during summer and they invited a few of us to dinner, aww :). I hurried through the dip and then got in the shower. My babe called that he was on his way home, yayyy! I rushed over to Harvey and Evelyn's, where Michelle, EZ, Maritza and Teo already were. It was nice talking and laughing with my co-workers :). The food was GREAT! And everyone loved my Dip :)!

Potluck going away party for Harvey and Evelyn :)

I left home and then made some lasagna for everyone at home. I had a teeny piece since I’d already stuffed my face at the party. We went to sleep semi-early and tried our hardest to sleep in but NOPE! We were up by 9 and then again at 10 hehe. I made omelets for us and eggs for the boys and Mom. We ran errands at Target, Walmart and Home Depot, did some little home-improvement things here and there and we dug out the bird feeder. I’d bought that fairy bird feeder back in 2001 when I sold Avon!! And I finally had a yard and tree to call my own and hang it from :). Next we need a hummingbird feeder to attract them!

Finally hung up my fairy birdfeeder!

We were cleaning up the yard so we changed…and promptly had a waterhose fight :). I only wish my kiddos had been there to have fun with us, but we will soon :). Mario came to drop off Emily and all the other kids wanted to stay so I told him I’d drop them off :). It’s so nice watching them sprawled all over the house, comfortable, being able to run and play as they please. I’d waited so long to see that :).

My babe’s friend and his son and daughter came over and the kids all played wonderfully together. I made dinner and we sat outside on the patio while the kids played tag and then ate. It felt like time had gone by so quickly; by the time I knew it, it was time to take the kids home :(.

It was such a wonderful weekend :). Jaylen’s birthday was Monday and I got to see him for a bit, but we’ll hopefully celebrate this weekend. This week is a short work-week so I’m keeping the kiddos since Thursday night :).

I passed out last night (those Tostadas I made were so delicious I went into a food coma LOL), and my babe stayed up late assembling our dresser and the last bunk bed ♥. Even though I slept 3 hours, then woke up and showered and slept 4 1/2 more, I felt refreshed, got ready on time and made my babe some breakfast. We had our first next event’s meeting today and had to take the dreaded picture for the paper >_