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Thanksgiving 2015

I could have sworn I already had a post started about Thanksgiving, but I can’t seem to find it. Weird. I bet you anything it didn’t properly save when I tried to on the app.


The kids were spending Thanksgiving lunch with their other parents and dinner with us. So Jorge and I were lazy all morning, watched a movie, spoke to Dina for a while and took our time getting ingredients chopped and things boiled. Extra pat on our back for remembering to thaw the turkey with enough time this year :D!


Mario was dropping the kiddos off to me since he asked for a bit more time with them, so that helped tons with getting stuff ready. For the first time since moving into this house we didn’t feel rushed. It was great. We did miss Dina, Bri, Javi and the kids; it was a little quieter than usual. But all that changed when the kiddos all arrived :).

While Jorge went to pick up the boys, my kiddos, Mom and I went to visit Gramma.

Got home and finished cooking. We figured they’d all be ok with dinner around 6pm since they’d all just eaten around 3p-4p, but they’d gotten impatient and kinda stood around staring at us while we waited for the turkey to hurry up.

First, it was the boys…

Then the girls and Justin came…

We say grace before dinner, but this year, Jorge made sure no one–not even John–starting stuffing their faces until everyone expressed what we were thankful for :).



I’m truly grateful for my kids, husband, my entire family. My job, of course. Our home, vehicles, just everything. I look back and remember just 5 short years ago both Jorge and I were starting from scratch. And here we are :).


Halloween 2015 and Mia’s 6th Birthday

I’m so sad that Halloween is over!

Briana had been planning an Alice in Wonderland themed party for Mia for about 8 months. I, myself, have always wanted to go to a Wonderland party so I was super excited.

The girls’ costumes were easy: they wanted to be Kitty Cheshire (Emily) and Madeleine Hatter (Alaethia) from Ever After High, so that worked out.

Dina was amazing and got card costumes for all 5 boys, and a King costume for Jules.

Jorge decided that he’d be the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp version, of course) and although I was undecided between Cheshire Cat and The Queen of Hearts, I eventually decided I’d do a mashup of the Queen of Hearts from Disney and the Red Queen from Tim Burton’s version. Pinterest became my best friend. Heh.

I also offered to help with the candy buffet table, so I got tons of awesone jars and vases from Dollar Tree, and bought things here and there from Walmart, which is also where I got the tulle for my skirt, which took me the entirety of a kidless Sunday to complete.

I also bought the rick-rack and satin for my cami-turned top at Walmart. Now I just had to figure out how to sew everything!

Last week was certainly a creative-y and DIY-y one. First, the girls had Red Ribbon Week, which encourages them to dress up according to an anti-drug theme daily.

Monday was 80’s Day. I’m sad I couldn’t find fishnet gloves for them, but at least they had legwarmers!


We attended the boys’ (Jaylen and Jorgie’s) last football game that evening. We miss Justin’s because he plays at the same time as Jaylen :(.



Mary took the girls shopping for boots right after the game, so they were ready for Give Drugs the Boot on Tuesday.


This was the evening Emily and I finished up her Sam I Am pumpkin character and book report.


And also the evening I worked on Jorge’s Mad Hatter eyebrows, which I made with orange feathers :D, and my scepter, which Jorge helped me with, and my white roses that were painted red (with red puff paint).

The next day was jean day and Picnic with Parents Day at the girls’ school. It was nice to hang out with them and, John, Jenny and the girls :).



Thursday was jersey day :).


It was Mario’s week, but we agreed to switch Thursdays, so i picked up the boys and we got pizza for dinner. Dina, Briana, Javi and the kids arrived that day, as well :). Once the kids were in bed, I worked on my crown. I cut and glitter decopaged the heck out of a blue Solo cup and stuck it to one of the girls’ old headbands.


I was pretty satisfied with it :).

I was pleasantly surprised that the girls’ school was allowing them to dress up in their costumes on Friday. I dressed them up, sans wigs, with a little bit of blush and lip gloss :).

I rushed to work, and was annoyed that it was so drizzly and damp since I’d spent 45 minutes flat-ironing my hair *sigh*. Our driver was already at work and we waited for my boss since we had a delegation from Tampico visiting. It was run, run, run till about 3pm, when they finished with their agenda and we dropped them off. I finished some stuff up at the office and rushed home to meet Briana, Dina, Javi and the kids.

Jorgie and Justin wanted to come over and were dropped off at our house seconds before we were leaving to a Halloween event in Peñitas. I was glad, since Jorge had already been told they weren’t allowed to be with us this Halloween. My kiddos ended up meeting us there with their dad, and we met Lisa and Noni, too. It was a free event and the kids had fun in the moonjumps, haunted house and eating :).


We got home and I finished my costume. At 1am. Briana and my love were kind enough to stay up and help me with the sleeves, because those sleeves were about to give me a stroke. Hadn’t busted out the old sewing machine in a long time, and I couldn’t for the life of me get the direction of the sleeves right! But hallelujah, I was done!

Jorge had to work the next morning so Briana and I cleaned up. She started hanging decorations in the trees and I cleaned my bathroom (for the sole reason my cats are gross, not for the party). The lawn guy showed up so I went to get cash out, paid him, then went to pick up my kiddos from Mario’s work. I dropped them off at home, picked up tables and chairs with John, the boys unloaded them, and then I started on the white chocolate covered pretzels and Oreos. I realized I was going to be short on white chocolate, so I went to HEB. Got home with groceries, filled containers with candies and the girls finished getting ready. Then Jorge and I got ready. I did his face paint, he sprayed my hair red and Briana helped me with my fake eyelashes and Jorge’s orange eyebrows. We got dressed and joined everyone outside.

Of course I took tons of photos. I would have taken even more but my phone was running out of space! I missed out on several things since I was fumbling, trying to switch the save option to my memory card. I didn’t even get a pic of the candy buffet table!! And I didn’t take more than one pic (the group pic) of Eenan since he was mopey due to friend stuff. But I still got some pretty great shots!

Mia! I mean, Alice!
Love this! Tried keeping my RBF :P
Love this! Tried keeping my RBF 😛









Sack Races, everyone's a winner!
Sack Races, everyone’s a winner!





The kids played the rest of the evening and then the dads, uncles and grandma’s stayed behind while the Moms took all the kiddos out to trick-or-treat. (All except Eenan, of course!)

We stuck to Jenny’s neighborhood and it was safe, not crowded and pretty fast to get through the houses. We even visited with Jenny, John and the girls for a bit.

When the kids the adults had had enough, we packed everyone in the cars and came home. The adults laughed and joked around and then later on the little ones all sprawled on picnic blankets and pillows on the porch to watch Alice in Wonderland, and then later a Halloween movie I can’t recall the name of.

Halloween is going to be hard to top after this one!

Mother’s Day 2015 & Our Huge Announcement

First, let me start by wishing all the mommies, grandma’s, caretakers, guardians, stepmommies, aunts, cousins, sisters, etc., a belated Happy Mother’s Day!

I had THE BEST day ever and I’m not exaggerating :D!

I started the day by rolling around lazily in bed while my love made me breakfast. Emily and Alaethia helped him, of course :). My little chefs. Jorge came to get me, walked me to the dining room with his hands clasped around my eyes and, after the boys prodded Justin awake they yelled, “Happy Mother’s Day” and I got hugs all around.

Breakfast made by my love and the girls!
Breakfast made by my love and the girls!

I’d been meaning to blog since that day but we had so much going on throughout the day and Grey’s Anatomy to catch up on (yes, I’m newly obsessed and have in turn made Jorge become obsessed!).

So after my epic breakfast, the kids and I devoured the iced Oreos and we watched Grey’s Anatomy while the kids all took turns bathing. Jorge was driving Javi somewhere, so the kids and I watched Friends while they continued to take showers. The hall bathroom is being remodeled so we’re down to 2 restrooms and 2 showers, but both showers are in the same bathroom so that doesn’t help, heh.

Jorge and I had an announcement to make to the kids, and we figured it was the perfect day. We’d announce it during dinner. I even recited a whole loving speech. I was ready!

So everyone got ready and then we piled into both cars and went to Cracker Barrel.

Playing checkers
Playing checkers

The kids skimmed the menus and everyone ordered. Jorge and I were fidgety…and figured let’s just do it, let’s tell them. So I called everyone and told them we had an announcement. Jaylen, Jorgie and Justin all yelled, “I think I know what it is!” And Justin said, “Either you’re married or you’re getting married!?” And Jorge and I looked at each other and laughed, and we said yes, that was it.

Alaethia said, “Wait, you’re not married??”

I still kinda fumbled with my words and told them they’re officially siblings and that we’d eventually have a wedding and they’d all be in it. Eenan said, “I’m not going to dance.” And I laughed, “No, you don’t have to dance, you’re just going to be up there, with us.” Then Justin told Jorge, “When did you propose?? What’s wrong with you??” And we had a good laugh. Love them all. Then they went about their business like it was the most cadual thing.

So my speech didn’t go exactly as I thought it would, heh. But I’m glad we didn’t have any rolling eyes, or sad faces, heh. I really was nervous once we were in the moment. I had no idea I’d freeze like that. Never in my life has that happened!

Jorge and I are finally, officially married :D. When I made the announcement at work, or when I tell people about it I get a “FINALLY!” right before the “Congratulations!” It really was about time. We’re already in a marriage and have raised our kids together for 4 years so we figured now was as good a time as any.

Of course I’d like an actual wedding, but it’s not anything that’s SUPER important or anything I want to stress myself with right now. We have more important things going on right now that we need to take care of first. And I’m just thrilled to officially call Jorge my HUSBAND :D.

The kiddos, and Mom!
The kiddos, and Mom!

So, to continue with our Mother’s Day, we finished up at Cracker Barrel (oh my gosh, did I glut!).

Case in point...
Case in point…

The waitress brought us our desserts and Julien randomly yells, “The whole world loves you, Mom!” Which made me get all the feels!! That just made my day!

Jorge brought Jorgie, Justin, Jules and Alaethia home with him since Aly wasn’t feeling good. She got a bad stomach ache while we were still at the restaurant.

We went to visit Gramma and took her her gifts and flowers. We talked and took photos and then we came home where we relaxed the rest of the day.

Chubby Bunny!
Chubby Bunny!

I made my announcement at work the next morning–quickly, right after my weekly update to everyone’s surprise. Everyone congratulated me and then we went out for breakfast at Denny’s (not because of my announcement LOL).

The rest of the week has been the same: work, home, cook, spend time with the kiddos…

Making cupcakes, completely on their own!
Making cupcakes, completely on their own!

…put kiddos to bed then Grey’s Anatomy. That show kills me and Jorge a little inside every day.

I took the girls to the doctor on Wednesday. Those darn colds never seem to go away! Alaethia was already starting with a throat infection.

I took the morning off work on Friday so I could take Mom for some blood work then go to the girls’ Field Day:



…and then I had a meeting before meeting my love at Wallbanger’s with the guys for lunch.

Jorge and I didn’t have the kids this weekend, so we had a date night on Friday evening. First Zoe’s Kitchen.

Hummus Trio, my fave!
Hummus Trio, my fave!
The turkey stack.
The turkey stack.

Then a drink and dessert at Longhorn Steakhouse.



Then Grey’s Anatomy, heh.

We were invited to Corner Bakery Cafe’s soft opening at Palm’s Crossing so I picked up my love and we met EZ, Michelle and Rosie there. Everything went smoothly and the food was delicious.


Michelle, Rosie and I went to Michael’s to buy flowers to glue onto our cheap Walmart full-length mirrors, like we saw at Mariposa Boutique during the Cash Mob.


(Excuse my crappy selfie-taking LOL.)

I also found a white frame on clearance and I finally got around to hanging my papel amate painting.

We went to Homegoods afterwards. It was my first time there. I wanted everything, but the big decorative stuff was still too pricey for me. I did end up getting new pot holders, dish towels, a large frame and a small globe.

I dropped the girls off, then Mom and I went to visit Gramma and went grocery shopping. I got home, paid all the bills online and then I made my love his (Vitamin) Rib Eye, as John jokingly called it.


And then we sat down for a long, heartbreaking bingefest of Grey’s.

As for this morning, I made us some awesome breakfast sandwiches and we had some Mimosa’s.


We’ve been lazying around waiting for laundry to be done, and we have a few errands we need to run so that’s the rest of our day. Then it’s back to the grind tomorrow!