Love a Deal

*yawn* I just spent the last, like, 3 hours clipping, organizing & tossing coupons, and game-planning my next shopping trip. I am SO TIRED. But I just want to get this entry in real quick.

Work today was…long. I sent out e-mail invites all day. It’s sort of a waiting game. You send out snail mail invites, follow up with e-mail (which usually gets good results), calls, and then, everything starts coming together. The beginning of each event is the hardest, most boring part =\.

I ate lunch at work, so the day felt even longer. By 3 o’clock I was crashing. My eyes were crossing as I typed and I nodded off like, 5 times. Marie was feeling the same and went downstairs to make coffee. She comes back with a smile and says, “Guess what I just had?”

“What?” Michelle and I ask in unison.

“Red velvet cake! It was yummy. Go have some.”

It was from another co-worker’s birthday celebration yesterday. Since I left early I didn’t get to have some, so it worked out pretty well. Michelle and I went downstairs to have a piece and I got some coffee, too. I felt 10x better (but immediately regretted it once I’d consumed the last crumb!).

I came straight home and chilled out with the girlies. They both followed me around as they usually do and told me about their day as I changed out of my work clothes. They had a Gerber snack when we came back to the kitchen and then they asked for Gerber Graduates meals so I obliged. Since Mario was already on his way I was glad they’d get to eat since I hadn’t even started on dinner yet. Emily asked to watch “Des-pick-a-movie”. Translation: Despicable Me! CUTEST. THING. EVAR!!

Mario got here for them and I started gathering my coupons. I had intentions of finally checking out CVS. I’d already missed two weeks of awesome deals. I didn’t want to spend more than $30 this entire night. I had coupons for Jack in the Box and I asked my love if he wanted to have dinner there. He said sure. So he got home, we got ready and had dinner. Love, love, love the mango tea from there. And we only spent $10 as opposed to the usual $20-$25.

Our next trip was CVS. I took my circular and my coupons and we found everything pretty quickly. They had a deal on BOGO razors (that are usually $8.99), but they only had one left in the entire store. When we went up to pay I told the cashier my dilemma and the manager kindly gave me half off the one and the cashier gave me a rain check for the BOGO. In the end, with my $4 & additional $1 coupons, the store owed me a penny, heh. In all, we should have spent $53.33…BUT! We only spent $19! Dinner AND our shopping trip were both well under my budget :).

$53.33 before coupons. $19 after coupons!

We actually needed everything except the ice cream :P. But we hardly ever buy junk food so it’s ok! And one of those was completely free!

I love saving money :). I have one more trip tomorrow to Target, where I’m hoping to have as much success as I did at CVS *fingers crossed*.

OK. I’m super tired. But tomorrow’s the end of the week for both my babe and I, woo!

Communication is Key

Today was one of those typical Mondays: rushing around in the morning to get out and get to work on time, Monday morning meeting, and catching up with weekend gossip. Of course that meant retelling the story of the Ghetto Cat Fight to my nearest and dearest. Sent out email invites for my upcoming event (upcoming as in November; have to prepare months ahead) and by the time we knew it, it was lunch time.

My stomach was feeling weird; I didn’t even have an appetite in the morning and I felt simultaneously queasy and hungry, but I got to meet up with my babe which always makes my day better :). On the drive to Subway we talked about some things. I moped because some things weren’t what I wanted to hear and we somehow ended up in an argument. An argument that made me lose the little appetite I had and caused him to lose it, too. It was just a horrible situation. We gathered our things as the waterworks started (and a lightbulb just went off RIGHTNOW. It’s the week before Mother Nature makes her visit. Now my moods make sense!).

I was so upset I couldn’t make myself go back to work. Not to mention my stomach felt even worse. My hours are still being cut this week at work and I’d asked my boss if I could just take Friday off (which I was taking off anyway because it’s the start of my vacation) and use those hours during that day instead of leaving early/coming in late. But I used 4 of those hours today. I came home and tried to just sleep off my mood and my tummy ache. My babe began texting me and we talked about what happened and then he called and we talked some more until we cleared everything up. I’m so glad. I hate fighting, arguing. We agreed since the beginning that we wouldn’t turn into THAT COUPLE.

Once we made up and were fine, I passed out completely till 5:20 when my babe called that he was on his way home. I was thrilled. It was the perfect day for him to get home early. We snacked on our leftover Subway and then I started actual dinner since the girls and Mom hadn’t eaten. We ate a little bit of that, too (my stomach was still bothering me but I’m fine now, thank GOD) and then we sat in the garage enjoying the surprisingly not-boiling evening while we waited for Mario to drop off the kids. Of course he wouldn’t remind the boys to bring their things (they were even barefoot) so they visited for a while and then they left with him and the girls stayed with us. They watched movies with Mom and had popcorn and shakes and we’ve been in the living room watching TV (I just remembered I have more laundry to do!) and just having a really low-key, normal night. All is right again and I’m so glad!