I drove Mario to and from work on Monday. I was waiting for my FSA PIN to come in through e-mail but it never came in so I kept the car for nothing. I checked my mail Tuesday morning and it was in my inbox so I kept the car again. Drove him to and from work, went to school and got the rest of my stuff done (now, I just wait till July 26th for orientation), went to Mario’s work and left him some CD’s he forgot, then drove home. I’ve been doing lots of driving and I can honestly say I’m not as terrified as I once was. Traffic over in the Pharr/McAllen area still freaks me out a bit, but I’m getting used to it.

Took John driving for a little while last night in my car since his is still not working. Our luck would have it that there was a soccer game between USA and Monterrey going on in our city so traffic was backed up for miles. We waited at the crossover for a LONG TIME before a guy left space in front of him and waved us over. How very nice of him. John, Mario and I have this inside joke about how I’m just too damn sexy (it all started when we were making up reasons cops would stop us a while back and has turned into this daily thing) and we decided that it was my sexiness that helped us get through traffic. (I’m really not sexy, I’m quite self-concious so don’t think I’m that conceited! .)

The darn a/c went out again yesterday…hopefully it’ll stay “fixed” this time. It was so incredibly hot! It’s supposed to rain today but, ha! That’s what they always say and it doesn’t.

I need to finish painting the rest of the Yu-gi-oh plaster thingys for Eenan’s party. We’re not going to have his party at the usual place this year because they’re moving to another city and they’re closed. Blah. We have no idea what we’re going to do. I also need to buy a few more acrylic paints and I’m broke!

I’m so excited about school starting. Been catching up with Rejeana and she’s also getting things ready to start school in August . It’s awesome that we’re starting together (although we’re not going to the same school) and I’m so relieved I have someone who can relate to what I’m feeling right now.

I need to get my backpack soon (while it’s still on sale!). I thought I was going to have an excuse to go shopping, but then I realized the most I’ll be shopping for is jeans; I have to wear a polo shirt or T-shirt with our logo on it . I hope they have my size though. It always turns out the smallest size they have is Medium and it never fits right. Grr.

I guess that’s all for now. I’m just typing whatever’s on the top of my head so that makes for a very random entry .

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What the heck did I just do? I called to the other school I wanted to go to (my first choice) and just wanted to get info from them on what I needed to enroll later on. I somehow ended up making an appointment to meet with an admissions person tomorrow at 3pm . I didn’t even ask, nor did they tell me, what I needed to take with me. I don’t know when their classes start either. I’m nervous!! And if I do go to that school…it’s in a really busy part of town. Good Lord, I haven’t even gone to Target on my own yet because I’m avoiding all that traffic!! I’d have to drive there every day . I hope Mario’s okay with it. He’s got the day off, but he only expected to go pick up money from Mom to pay her storage unit, then we were going to the mall real quick because John needs to pick something up. I found it strange that the lady asked, “How does your spouse feel about you starting school?”, to which I replied, “Um…he’s very enouraging!” LOL.

Mario got out of work early today so he could go to the doctor. He went with Mary. He was complaining about his jaw hurting him yesterday when he woke up, and this morning he could barely open his mouth to eat anything. I hope he’s okay and that they don’t make it any worse. I remember the shot they gave me when I had that horrible 4-week virus — I swear I felt much, much worse after that .

I need to figure out what to make for dinner and I gotta clean up a bit more. I’m so bored. But not as bored as I was when the internet was down LOL.

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