Valentine’s Day 2005

On Monday morning, I woke up early, frosted the thousands of tiny cupcakes and got Eenan ready. They have this new thing at the school where they give out “sack lunch breakfasts” and they eat from 7:45-7:55 in class. Seemed like a tiny amount of time for them to eat — especially because my son eats at a snail’s pace — but he wanted to eat with his friends so he got ready and I dropped him off. I got back, got Mario’s clothes, lunch bag and breakfast ready and he took off. I spent the day doing laundry and cleaning. (Mary got a new washing machine…we went half-n-half…so nice to NOT have to wash by hand!!) I was slightly panicking when it was time to pick Eenan up because I didn’t know who was picking him up and I didn’t want a recurrence of last year to happen. I called Noelia at around 2:45 because she wasn’t here yet and I usually leave at 3. She was in McAllen but said she’d make it. She calls back and says the car is making really ugly noises and to try and call Sonia to see if she’d pick him up. I call, and she was out with Mary, who’d gotten out of work early. I call her back and she said the car was over-heating and had to stop on the side of the road. So I call Vito, and he said yes, we’d pick up Eenan and then Noelia. Jaylen was asleep so I had to haul his heavy little ass all over the place. Mary had just gotten here so she went with us. We picked Eenan up, who was all thrilled over his candies and Valentine’s cards. Then we went to where Noey was. We picked her up, got the part (a belt tore off and was completely shredded), then Mary drove us all back (because Eenan kept claiming he was “melting and was going to die”) and Vito stayed fixing the Geo.

At home, I continued with laundry and figured I’d start on dinner around 6:30-7. Noey came over and asked if I could help her with some cookies. Since we’d never made those kinds of cookies, it took us a while (mostly trying to tell if they were done or not). By the time we finished it was almost 7. I hadn’t finished cleaning and all I had time to do was make the lasagna. I wanted everything to be perfect…I wanted candles lit, our songs playing, I wanted my hair fixed and I was actually going to wear a dress, and I wanted the house spotless by the time Mario got home. None of that happened…and even one of the two floating candles on the table didn’t want to stay lit. AND I didn’t even have time to make the chocolate covered strawberries OR give the kids a bath! But it was okay. He got home, gave me yet another gift (The Notebook DVD–which I’d told him not to since I got the camera!!) and we ate together by 1 candlelight LOL. He was tired, so he watched some TV while I got the boys ready for bed. Then we cuddled and went to sleep. Hopefully our anniversary next month will be a bit more romantic.

Yesterday was the usual — not much happened during the day. I’ve been having the strangest dreams lately. A few weeks ago I wouldn’t even remember what I dreamt (dreamed? dram? whatever) about the night before. At the end of last week I had an ugly dream, probably because I’d been watching the Passions soap all week . The next night, I had one where some woman was laying on the ground, freshly murdered, with her eyes gouged out of her face (probably because I’d been watching Medium before I went to bed). Two nights ago I had one where we were at Eenan’s school, and they asked him a question. He, for some reason, tells the teacher, “But I’m dirty!!” And she shoots a look of disgust at me and says, “Maybe your Mom should take you a bath!” I felt that guilty about not giving them a shower LOL. When I was taking a nap with Jaylen yesterday morning I had two dreams: one where I was still in highschool and was watching TV while getting ready and by the time I looked at the clock, it was 11:35, so I stayed home LOL. I woke up because I heard a loud noise, then I went back to bed and had a dream about how we were at South Padre Island because I was competing in a dance competition and was practicing my moves. ME?!? DANCE?!?! Buahahaha…hilarious. Don’t know where that one came from…though I did have the TV on VH1 when I fell asleep?

Anyway, in the dream after I “practiced” dancing, it started to snow. I remember telling myself, “This is the 3rd time it’s snowed this year!” (Yeah right…it was a miracle it snowed ONCE in the last 190-some years.) I was walking in the snow, got to some house where some girl was almost frozen and sitting outside. I open the door and tell her to come in and she tells me no, to close the door. I was like, “OK, then.” LOL. And then I woke up because Mary called. I need to look those dreams up. I’ve never remembered them in such detail either .

At night, we went to Jorge’s. Art was there . He’s back from Cali and here to stay for good. Hiram and the other Mario were there, too. We laughed and joked, then it got a bit boring towards the end because all Jorge and Mario were talking about was work LOL. It was good getting out of the house anyway.

Mary told me how Eenan had been crying because he wants a baby sister. He goes through those phases LOL. He told Mary he’d take care of her and wouldn’t fight with her at all. Aww . I want a daughter, too, but I also want to go to school first, get a good job, buy a house and then I’ll have one. Hopefully I won’t be old and gray by then LOL.

Okay…gonna go find some Ambesol or Orajel or whatever they’re called. Mary darn wisdom tooth is bugging me and then I have to get ready to go buy Eenan’s shoes and shirt. I’m so sleepy.

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Aw Crap!

Well, I spoke too soon. The child peed not once, but twice, during the night. And he didn’t even wake up . The only reason I woke up was because my wrist was hurting me and I needed to pee.

I think he’s on strike. I think his whole body’s on strike, actually. He still hasn’t pooped, and I’m worried. I think he needed to go this morning because he refused to put his undies back on and screamed for a diaper. I even sat on the toilet while he was sitting on his potty chair to encourage him to poop. I even made grunting noises (no, I wasn’t really pooping!) just in case that would help him push, or something. He peed so much during the night — I think — that both times he’s tried to go pee, nothing comes out. He just says, “My pee-pee’s gone!” .

He’s also got this annoying cough that comes and goes. He coughed so much this morning that he ended up puking. Poor guy. I started him on cough medicine again. If it keeps up, back to the doctor we go.

I don’t know HOW I’m going to do it next month. The kids have their appointment at the dentist and I probably won’t have a car since it’s at 9am, and Mario leaves by 9:20 for work. Gotta start figuring SOMETHING out.

Speaking of next month, I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is almost here. It’s on a Monday, and Mario is working of course, so we’re probably not even going to “properly” celebrate. On March 27th, we celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary. He’s already asking for that day off, and is even promising to work an extra Sunday (he gets two on, two off) if he gets it. I hope they have a heart and let him get it. We’re already planning on where to go have dinner. I hope it happens. I’d like to make it super special, but I have no idea what to do. We were watching Committed again last night, since Mario hadn’t watched the most recent episode, where it’s Marni’s birthday and Nate has this dinner for her on the roof. I tell him — half-jokingly — that I wish someone would do that for me, and bat my eyes at him. He replies with, “Well, good luck”, and smiled sarcastically. I know he was joking, but argh. I remember when he would go all out on our anniversaries or special days, and even if it was nothing fancy, he would do something nice. I remember once, before we were married, he laid out a blanket in front of the big fireplace his dad bar-be-cues on outside, lit the fireplace and bought these floating candles and put them in water-filled glass bowls. We snacked on stuff and just cuddled and had a good time. I miss that *pouts*. When we talk about it he tells me he was just doing it to get in my panties . Bastard . It worked…obviously . But I know, I know…he’s so busy with work and we barely even have time to talk and see eachother. I’ll figure something out .

Gonna get lunch ready. Spaghetti O’s it is!

*edit 1:09pm* Jaylen asked for a “snack”, which usually means some sort of sweet, and since I’m out of those littler Gerber gummies I gave him a Honeybun (not the best choice, I know!). The in-laws have him addicted to those things, dammit, and he usually finishes all of it. I’ve been lecturing him about how too many sweets are bad, and “your teeth are going to fall out of your face”, etc., so today he brings back more than half of the Honeybun and says, “I can’t eat it all…I’ll die.” I’ve got the poor boy tramatized….*/edit*

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