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Mother’s Day 2018

I was more than sure I was going to spend this Mother’s Day weekend alone–well, just Mom and me. It was bringing back memories of almost exactly 8 years ago, when Mario and I were separated before the divorce and it was his weekend with the kids. It was thee worst Mother’s Day I’d ever had. I just felt so disconnected and lonely at the time, and it felt like history was repeating itself now, but under completely different circumstances, of course.

Jorge started a new project away from home a week ago. Since it was a brand-new project, and I knew he had time constraints, and the kids would be with the other parents this year I had already conceded to the fact that I was going to have a rather lonely holiday.

The girls were leaving on Thursday with their dad, but he had some things to do so the girls got to hang out with me a bit longer :). We snuggled on the couch to watch Grey’s Anatomy, where they both used me as a pillow 😀 .

I was a wreck and the girls cried, too. JAPRIL, man. Never gonna get over it!!

We got some last-minute burgers and made it back right on time for Mary to pick up the girls. I was still bawling from Grey’s, and from the girls leaving. AND from realizing that it was the start of a lonely weekend. BUT I put on my big-girl panties and went for a run. And talked to Jorge on the phone and whined about how shitty I felt. I regretted watching Grey’s, as I pinpointed that episode as the root cause of my sudden depression. 🙄 Everything else was just bonus sadness, I guess.

Friday was a quiet day at work, but co-workers from another department were visiting so we chatted for a bit. The group that was visiting was making plans to go to lunch so I was going to tag along. At the last minute it ended up being just 2 of us. We ended up at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries where I had a Little Bacon Cheeseburger with extra bacon and cheese (Keto Tip: they don’t charge for extra bacon and cheese when you order a bacon cheeseburger!) It made the afternoon go by faster, getting out of the office for a bit.

Mom and I started off the weekend by seeing Frankie Valli in concert Friday night! It was John’s Mother’s Day gift to us, which was really awesome of him.

We ate at Taco Rico (Mom’s choice), and I kept it Keto.

(Well, except for the beans, heh.)

Then we left to the Performing Arts Center. Of course, Ticketmaster never ceases to fuck my night up–once again, my tickets didn’t “work”. Apparently they weren’t saving the text with the barcode so it wouldn’t scan 🙄 . So I had to leave Mom in the lobby, go back outside to the box office, and get the 3rd degree from the lady at the window. After 10 long and sweaty minutes, I finally got a little notepaper with permission to enter the premises. Geez.

I needed a drink after that, so I found our seats and escorted Mom and got myself some whiskey and Diet Coke (low carb!).

And finally, the concert started and it was magical–it really was. It was so nice to hear Mom singing along and I knew most of the songs too. It was pretty awesome when “Can’t Keep My Eyes Off You” came on and the entire theater was singing their heart out. And Grease!

It was a really good concert!

And we made it to my car before the throngs of people started spilling out, so that was a bonus!

The even better cherry on top was that Jorge said he was coming home after all! And I made arrangements with Mario to pick the girls up on Saturday to spend time together! So that was a huge relief!

I started the next morning off with a run. I remembered why I prefer running in the evening…it was only 9am and the sun was already starting to beat down on my face and it was quickly becoming a humid, sweltering day. I got home and made myself some breakfast.

Then I showered and got ready to pick up the kiddos. Jaylen was doing community service and Eenan decided to tag along at the last minute so it would only be us 4.

I asked if they wanted food, ice cream or Starbucks and of course they chose Starbucks. I only had an iced coffee as I planned to “fast” during lunch.

Then we went to buy flowers for the moms and Gramma’s grave at HEB. And some Halo Top for me and other little groceries. Oh yes. And a new wine-based Margarita mix. They were having tastings and they had me at ‘Hello’! It would be perfect for when we met up with Dinah later.

We headed home and Jaylen was dropped off shortly. Eenan introduced us to a cartoon on Netflix called Aggretsuko, because he said he assumed it was how it was for me at work. Well, my previous work lol. Sure enough, we were able to compare real co-workers with characters 😆

We got hungry eventually so we ordered a botana from Taco Ole…and I was NOT able to stay strict Keto. Those darn tortilla chips are my FAVORITE.

We hung out and lazied-around a bit more before I had to drop them off. They were going to a party later that evening and I’d go back for them the next morning.

Jorge arrived before I got home from dropping the kids off. He ate and then we ran some errands before meeting Dinah and Javi at their hotel. We exchanged Mother’s Day gifts–Dinah and I both got each other succulents!

Jorge prepared us some drinks and they were pretty darn good! And strong!

Apparently, too strong. I couldn’t remember certain parts of the night and I just had this strange feeling when I woke up the next morning. I thought about it as I did my morning routine and once Jorge woke up I asked him what in the world happened because I couldn’t remember the car ride home.

He said, “Um. You don’t remember? You, um, cried on the way home…”

I was mortified. “Whaaat??? What was I crying about??” I finally got a spark of memory; I remembered feeling sad…and babbling 🙄 . Oh geez.

He said, “Everything, Baby. Life in general.”

I apparently cried about feeling inadequate, like I don’t do enough or make enough money. About how I haven’t gone back to school. About feeling lonely–ugh, just thinking about it now makes me cringe!

How dare that stupid alcohol unearth such deep-rooted issues I didn’t even know I had!

It was a slow realization, but I’d recently noticed that ever since leaving the Chamber and starting at my new job, I’ve sort of cut myself off from everyone. I really only hang out with Sally when she has time. And even then, most of the time I feel like I’m bothering her. I know it’s not true–because she told me so–but I can’t help but feel that way because of that annoying little nagging voice in the back of my head. That voice is the reason I don’t reach out to most people. And then I feel lonely and the cycle continues.

It doesn’t help that Jorge isn’t around sometimes due to work. That’s been the hardest of all 🙁 .

I also feel like I should do more. But I felt that way ever since the Chamber days: like I should be going to school, making more money. My job now is SO EASY and laid back that I have tons of time to think and dwell and beat myself up over stupid shit. Ugh.

ANYWAY. Back to my original story: we showered and got ready and took Mom to breakfast at Taco Ole.

We chilled out a bit at home before I picked the kiddos up for lunch.

Took this pic of my Emmos, looking adorable, as always!

She gave me this awesome card:

She’s so sweet to her mama!

And I also received a Yeti mug and wine glass from hubs!

I also got shopping and nail money, which is ALWAYS appreciated!

Jorge said he was going to stay behind since he was tired, so only Mom the kiddos and I went to lunch at Wing Stop. (I swear, my whole life is EATING!)

We chit-chatted and had some laughs and then I dropped them off. Mom and I made our way to the cemetery to drop off Gramma’s flowers and tidy up her grave a little. It’s our first Mother’s Day without Gramma 🙁 .

I saw later that both girls had Snapped and Instagrammed Mother’s Day posts to me! As bad as it may be on some occasions, I love that I can “see” them express themselves through social media.

I’m only sad that she didn’t have another photo 😆 😆 !!

All-in-all, couldn’t ask for a better Mother’s Day! My heart and soul were thrilled and fulfilled!

Thrift Finds – January 2018

I used to blog about my thrift finds back when I was really good about updating 😆 (circa 2002-2007!). As I went on my thrift shopping trip yesterday, and I was trying to remember if I had certain vinyls in my collection or not, I remembered my blogs and how useful it was to just search my posts and find what I was looking for. Back then I did it to keep track of my books and 80’s toys, but I think I’ll start again with a list of vinyls I find to make it easier on myself.

I got pretty lucky yesterday! I got vinyls, books and clothes. I am not ashamed to admit that I LOVE shopping for clothes at thrift shops (especially because most of the time they’re good brands!). Of course I make sure they’re clean and new-looking. I got a jacket, some Old Navy jeans, and some Ann Taylor work pants:

Mind you: the jeans are incredibly similar to the jeans I recently bought at Old Navy…for $40!!!

I also got some awesome books! 

I am all for coffee table photo books, so I got the first one. I can’t pass up a Martha Stewart cook book. And “Pio Peep!”, a Spanish nursery rhyme book with translations in English?? HAD to have it! Can’t wait to show the kiddos!

And frames! How I love frames! I have way too many just waiting around for the perfect photo or artwork. Jorge hasn’t complained about how many I have. Yet.

My precious vinyls!! With this latest batch, I have officially filled up the last row of my bookcase. Now what will I do???
Jorge was particularly happy with this haul, since it had Willie Nelson amd Merle Haggard in it!

Disney Children’s Favorites Volume I -25 Songs- 1979
The Folk Hit Song Book
Disney Children’s Favorites Volume 2 -29 Best Loved Songs- 1979
John Denver – Some Days Are Diamonds
Everything You Always Wanted to Hear on the Moog
Merle Haggard – Okie from Muskogee (in such GREAT condition!)
John Denver
Mariacho Nuevo Tecalitlan -International Vol. 3
Songs from Mary Poppins
The Great Songs of Christmas
Wonderful World of Children’s Christmas
G.F Handel – Concierto Grosso Suite 1, 2 & 3 *Water Music*
Glen Campbell -Limited Collectors Edition Vinyl Record Album Gatefold
Nat King Cole – The Christmas Song
Willie Nelson – Pretty Paper

I am obsessed. I don’t care what kind of record it is, what genre, if it sounds good, I want it! Now if I could just figure out where to put them all 😕 . (This is sort of reminding me that one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to stop being a hoarder…)

The Hub’s Birthday, Food, and Sniffles!

Ugh. I feel like death warmed over. I told myself I’m not doing anything today; the kids and I are just going to be bums while I get over this darn cold. I NEVER get sick, ever, and when I do, I feel like I’m seconds from dying. I’m dramatic, what can I say.

I’ll update on the last week, since it was essentially a good one all around.

We were kid-less last weekend and both Jorge and I were feeling like not being cooped up in the house for once, so once I went to the bank after work I got home and we got ready to go have dinner. It took us a while to find a place, because we’re both indecisive but we ended up at Kumori. 2 Kumori’s. The first had tons of people and we were sort of ignored, so we got up and went to the one at Uptown, where we ran into Jeremy, Jorge’s old co-worker and friend.



Then we came home and continued our Breaking Bad binge :).

Alaethia had a UIL meet the next morning so I met Mary and the girls at the school the meet was hosted at. We met up with John and Audrey and all moved on to the hall where their writing meet was being held. It was much less chaotic than the cafeteria, thank goodness. The whole thing took about 1 hour and the girls emerged from the classroom and we were off. I came home and cleaned my bedroom a bit (I NEED to stop being a paper hoarder! I get so lazy throwing out important papers I *might* need some day but probably never will and I feel guilty throwing out the girls’ school work/projects. Ugh.) I kept myself pretty busy and then Mom and I went to Walmart, then Target, where I unsuccessfully tried to find something to wear for Jorge’s Company Holiday Party. But I did find some awesome planner supplies in that darn Dollar Spot!

Dollar Spot, you so crazy!
Dollar Spot, you so crazy!

Gets me every time! I’ve been avoiding Target like the plague; didn’t even do much Christmas shopping there because then I want to buy things for myself and I had to FOCUS over the holidays. *pats self on head*

We finished running errands, Mom and I, then visited Gramma. It was dinner time for her so I fed her her entire tray and then we chit-chatted some more before we came home. I debated rushing to Ross (always my last resort) to find something to wear, but I knew I really wouldn’t have time and I didn’t want to make Jorge and I late, so I wore one of my roomy, dressy blouses and threw on some jeans and boots.

The Company dinner was at Pappadeaux! One of my faves. We said hi to everyone, as half the company was already there, all timely. Jorge’s bosses sat next to us and across from us were Cesar and his girlfriend. We had a good chat about various subjects and then we played a trivia game. It was fun. And then of course came dinner, which I didn’t get a photo of because I devoured it. Tilapia and spaghetti squash, yum. I did get a photo of us, and our dessert, though!

The hubs and I :)
The hubs and I 🙂
Moscato d'asti sangria and cheesecake!
Moscato d’asti sangria and cheesecake!

The next day we spent quite literally being lazy. Wait, I think we left the house for tacos at one point? Yes, I believe so. I kept stalling going grocery shopping and by the time we knew it, Briana and the kids arrived! They came down for the weekend to celebrate Nick’s birthday. We got ready and went to Incredibowl (formerly Valley Bowl). I’ve been to bowling alley’s before, but have never in my life played.



Jorge tried teaching me, but I was awful till about halfway through, and by then it was too late! I was afraid I was going to slip and fly with the ball like they do in the movies buahaha.

Still, we had fun with the kids and the food was good, too!


Happy birthday to Nick!
Happy birthday to Nick!

Definitely need to take all the kiddos!

We got home and I was not happy about having to go to the groceries so late, but I knew I’d hate it even more if I had to go after work the next day. So I sucked it up and went. Then I was exhausted when I got home and fell asleep during Breaking Bad. Blah!

It was an overall low-key week at work, compared to all the other weeks! We had to get ready for our very first music in the park-type event at the Food Truck Park, and we had no idea how that would go, we just hoped it would be successful. We had other tasks throughout the week, too, like Michelle and I taking our Grant winners shopping for their supplies, so that takes up a good amount of the day.

Alaethia got home from school with a trophy for 2nd place in Ready Writing UIL! So proud of her! She’s gotten 2 1st place trophies and now a 2nd place one!!


I started the week out perfectly, but I woke up feeling like mush on Tuesday. I had the beginnings of a sore throat and my ears were stuffy, so I started chugging down OJ and green tea, and remembered to take my vitamins everyday. I felt great by the end of the day, though, and suggested eating at the Food Park to Jorge. (I’d taken a payment from the owners earlier that day and they reminded me for the 2nd time that I still hadn’t tried out the food!) He agreed, and the girls of course were all for it.

We decided to try Bliss Street Food out, since we hadn’t tried it yet, and we weren’t disappointed. The owners even sent out some fajita nachos on the house!

Fajita Nachos!
Fajita Nachos!

The temp. was quickly dropping and I started to get chills right when we were standing in line. The girls had showered before Jorge and I got home and their hair was still damp, so we got our food to-go.

Taco Tuesday!
Taco Tuesday!

We were so hungry I didn’t even get pics, heh. I had the Mexican Gyro (OMG, so good!), Jorge had the Gringas (tacos), Alaethia had the pork tacos (she’s a firm believer in Taco Tuesday) and Emily had wings.

The next day was Jorge’s 33rd birthday! I couldn’t get the morning off, but I got to get the afternoon off after lunch. Michelle and I took some of our Grant winners shopping and then we got back to the office where I got some things squared away for the event on Friday and then I left work. I stopped for some cheesecake for my love and some snacks to go along with his iTunes cards I got him for his birthday. He kept insisting we not get him anything, but I know he’ll always use iTunes cards so I got him those :).

He’d gotten 3 days off during the week to just relax, which I’m glad for. He finished getting ready when I got home and then I took him out to lunch to Kumori (his choice!).

Birthday Boy!
Birthday Boy!
All our faves!
All our faves!

Even though I could hardly swallow my food, I gave it my all! Everything in that photo is my absolute favorite!

We ran some errands, got some Starbucks and then we had a quick break at home before picking up Alaethia from Chess practice. Mario had dropped Emily off already with Mom. So we picked up Alaethia and then we hung around at home. Alaethia asked, “So! Where are we going for Daddy’s birthday?!” Jorge and I look at each other and I say, “Well, I took Daddy out on a date for lunch sort of late. Where did you want to go?” She said, “That fancy restaurant we always go to.” Pappadeaux! It’s usually where we go for his birthday, but since we’d just gone on Saturday with his co-workers and bosses we decided to do something different. After much debate, we decided on IHOP, heh.


I could hardly stand my throat by then. But we had a great time :).

Thursday afternoon was going to be a hectic one. I get out of work earlier than usual on Thursdays since Alaethia has UIL practice. So I picked her up, and then we went home and changed since Audrey, Maddie and my girls were going to try and Zumba Kids class with their classmates. I’d been wanting to put the girls in SOME kind of class, but everything is either to expensive, or it conflicts with my work schedule. This would work out, if they decided to join. Emily had been excited about it and then decided that day that she’d rather not participate; she’d just watch.

We get there and they’re the first ones. Sofia, Brianna, Audrey and Maddie get there with their moms and they instantly get into it. Even Emily, who was in jeans and sandals, decides to join. They had a great time and Jenny and I signed the girls up straight away :).


I’M even considering starting the Zumba class! It’s not my forte, seeing as how I’m extremely uncoordinated, but it looked like a great workout!

The girls finished up and we drove the 30 minutes it takes to pick up the boys. Picked up pizza on the way home, got them all ready for bed and Jorge and I continued our Breaking Bad streak–until I passed out on the couch, like always. He’s such a patient man :D!

Friday was finally here, I felt so much better, despite the occassional coughing fit every now and then. We spent the morning making sure we had everything ready for the Food Park that evening.

Once that was done my love and I had lunch at Zoe’s to celebrate some good news I’d gotten that morning, while I caught up with the Breaking Bad episodes I’d missed ^_^.

Michelle and I once again had some Grant shopping to do with the ladies, so that made the afternoon go by quickly. Who’da thought I’d get to do/shop for crafty things in my job??

We went to the Park to check things out and once the guys moved some stuff around we went back up to our offices where I did some last-minute social media stuff and then left to pick up the kids. I had to time it all correctly especially since there’s always that 5 o’clock traffic jam in Penitas!

We got back to my office just in time and I took the kids in to pee before going back to the park. I had them find a good seat on the bleachers while I went around taking photos and talking to a few of the Food Truck owners.

Our singer that night looks and sounds like Taylor Swift, so the girls (and boys) were immediately smitten.


Jorge stopped by for The Teenager (Eenan) who wasn’t interested in the event but posed for a photo for Mama like a good sport and we switched for Justin, heh.




The kids had a great time, the weather was awesome, the food was tasty and the music was great. I was glad to see we had a good turnout! Excited for the next one!

I got home with all the kiddos, dropped them off and then John and I went to get groceries. Then we got home and stayed up watching Breaking Bad. We have one episode to go!!

I don’t know if it was because it was chilly again by the time the event was over, or that I stayed up late or WHAT, but I woke up feeling awful today. Probably worse than what I felt Tuesday. I can’t believe I forgot to buy OJ!!

Ok, Emily keeps popping in to check when I’m going to be “done,” so I guess I am! Going to think of what to make for dinner for everyone.