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28 Week Apt. & a Visit From Mayra

I had my 28 week appointment this morning. Let me start by saying that I go to probably the most ghettolicious medical practice in all of the Valley. I don’t mean the facility itself, I mean some–okay, most–of the people who go there.

There was a young girl who was giving her 3 month old Gatorade. When I first saw the bottle she was feeding the baby I thought it was Pedialyte but then I saw her refill the bottle with orange Gatorade from a Gatorade bottle. I sure hope the doctor or nurses saw that and told her something about it. I mean, c’mon?!

There was also a woman who I overheard telling another woman (the evil Substitute that Eenan has had twice coincidentally) that her friend’s husband was getting out of prison in 2008, and that her own husband should be out this January. This she’s telling to a total stranger and letting the whole lobby overhear. I was so sleepy this morning since I didn’t get to sleep much last night (woke up 3 times to pee!) but this woman’s high-pitched voice kept me awake.

She was letting her 1 year old crawl around the germ-infested office and when she finally decided to pay attention to him (right around the time he put a leaf or something he found on the welcome mat in his mouth) she called screamed for him. When he didn’t pay attention after 3 screams she raises up a pouch of some sort, probably a foldable rain coat, and TOSSED IT AT HIS HEAD! The little boy just sat there, stunned as hell and what did she do? Cackled and nudged her friend to tell her how funny it was. I don’t even want to know how this woman treats her kids at home.

Anyway, I saw a friend I met there a few weeks ago, Aracely. We spoke momentarily and she told me she’d just been told she was having a girl, which is what she and her husband wanted since they already have a 2 year old boy. I told her how I had a feeling I was having a girl and had already been told twice that the baby was a girl, but I wanted to be told just one more time. She brought me a Chinese Calendar from her car and sure enough, it said I was having a girl. This calendar was different though–not like the one I’d been using before (which said I’d be having a boy this time O_o).

She was called in again and I waited for mmm…about 2 hours to be seen. I weighed 131.0 this time, which confirms that the scale was wrong at my last visit and that I did not gain 5 lbs. in one week! I was so relieved. Blood pressure was fine and so was my urinalysis, except for the tad bit of glucose that was floating around in there again. I’m noticing that everytime I drink chocolate or strawberry milk before an appointment there’s glucose in my pee and I have to get my sugar checked. It was fine–at 104 but I’m going to make it a point not to drink chocolate or strawberry milk (or Fruity Pebbles!) before appointments anymore. I hate being poked!

Dr. C. gave me an ultrasound to check how Alaethia’s doing. Her head’s much bigger than 3 weeks ago and she’s officially turned into the headdown position, just like her brothers did at 7 months. That’s what she must have been doing that night I didn’t fall asleep till 3:30am! That also explains the huge kicks I’d been feeling in the ribs.

She’s growing perfectly, he said. He was worried that my placenta may be blocking the cervix, but upon closer inspection he said it wasn’t. I hope he’s right! He also confirmed for the 3rd time that she’s a girl and gave me the okay to buy pink things!! He didn’t give me a sono picture again, but at least I saw it for myself this time!

I came home and cleaned up a little and went to pick Jaylen up (5 minutes late because for the first time ever I lost track of time!). I cleaned some more and then Mayra showed up :). It was so nice catching up with her and just talking about everything like the good ol’ school days; husbands, messy kiddos, and other gossip ;). She was kind enough to tell me that I didn’t look “huge” at all, even though I feel like I am LOL. I can’t even walk straight anymore from the extra girth.

I hope we can chill out again soon and catch a movie or something. I miss my friends!

Eenan has UIL practice tomorrow–I’m hoping his coach finally decides exactly when she’s going to have them. She actually called this time, which I appreciate but God, her meets are all over the place! I’m just glad she won’t be having them in the morning anymore. Or not having them, more like it.

Today feels really low-key and just…relaxing. Jaylen did his homework with no complaints, Eenan doesn’t have homework, two of my favorite shows (ANTM and Biggest Loser) are on tonight, and I fully plan on finally making my lasagna as soon as I’m done with this entry.

P.S. Yay for Democrats taking over the House! C’mon Virginia! I have faith in you!

How strange that Rumsfeld stepped down out of all days and all of a sudden the cheap $1.95-1.99 gas that had been the trend the past two weeks up until yesterday suddenly jumped up to $2.09. Hmm? I wonder how this next year will pan out?

Mom’s Day ’05 Recap & Other Musings

Let me start by saying that Bush is a damn idiot. How the hell do you go off planning to spend all these millions of dollars on illegal immigrants’ hospital bills when you don’t even HELP THE PEOPLE WHO ARE ACTUAL CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY!! This country is going to shit. And fast.

I also can’t believe the little girls that were murdered in Illinois, may have been murdered by one of the little girls’ own father. How could someone do that to their own flesh and blood, their baby? It’s just so horrible. They were only 8 & 9 years old . Hence the reason I won’t let Eenan go on playdates yet–he’s already begged and begged. You just never know these days and that saddens me.

*composes self* Anyway, hope all the Moms out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I didn’t get a chance to finish visiting all my mom friends on the ‘net and personally wishing them a Happy Mother’s Day, and I feel very guilty for it, but I do hope their day was grand .

We started the day by all getting together at Mary’s and exchanging presents and having breakfast. Mario made me some eggs and bacon and handed me my plate and gave me a kiss. Everyone “Awww’d”. Later he tells me he was making himself breakfast, but after Annie said to Cata, “Aww, see Babe, [Mario’s nickname here]’s making Yajaira breakfast!”, so he gave me the plate. I said, “You know, I could have gone the day without knowing that,” and glared at him. Then he said he was kidding. I’m still trying to figure out if he WAS kidding or not .

This year, I got beautiful hand/homemade gifts (the best kind!). Mary and Noelia printed pictures of the boys and put them in the center of a plate. They helped the boys paint little hearts and stars around the plate with gold paint–they turned out so nice! Mary gave me a little angel salt-shaker, which she made herself, that had cherries on it to match my kitchen theme. She gave Annie one with sunflowers and Yadira one with cows . She also gave me a frame with a picture of the boys and a poem called, “Walk With Us Mommy”. I couldn’t even finish reading it that day because I was still PMS’ing and immediately began to get teary eyed LOL.

The boys gave Mary her gift, which was a jewelry box with a picture of them in the frame on the lid. I’d painted it white and the boys painted little stars and hearts and then we glued them on the box. She loved it. They made one for Mom, too. Mario and I gave her her gift, which was some DVD’s that she’d picked out herself LOL.

After breakfast, we drove over to the cemetary to visit and leave flowers for Mario’s Grandma, Great-Grandma and visited with Mario’s sister for a little bit, too. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it in the years I’ve been blogging, but Mario had an older sister (about 3 years older than Noelia) who passed away when she was only 3 days old due to being born with only 2 heart chambers .

We came back and chilled out for a while and then left to the movies. Mario’d been trying to convince me to watch that dreaded Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I’d watch it on DVD, but I wouldn’t spend almost $8 to suffer watch it at the movies. We compromised and watched Kingdom of Heaven instead. I can’t say I was thrilled about it .

We went to eat at the House of China on North 10th in McAllen. I so love the one on South 10th…this one didn’t have the crab thingys covered in the fried…thing? I forget what they’re called at the moment, heh.

It was nice though. The boys behaved for the most part and Yadira and I shared our labor stories with everyone LOL. We ended up helping Mary pay for the bill and now we are b-r-o-k-e. Thank goodness Mario gets paid this weekend!

After lunch, we went to visit Gramma at the nursing home and took her our gift. We stayed and talked for a while and then we left to visit Mom. I gave her and Aunt Nora their gifts, which they loved . I talked with Mom for a while and talked to John who’d been laying in bed practically the whole day. I told him to come with us, so he could drive a bit and of course he refused. I don’t know how he can complain about not having a license when he won’t even make the effort to learn or take the car out for a spin on his own. Hell, that’s the only way I started driving. I got a few lessons here and there from Mary and Mario and then I was on my own. Had I not started driving Eenan around on my own and taking the initiative to get over my fear, I still wouldn’t be driving.

We came home and Mario was tired so he was going to take a nap. I laid down with him to cuddle for a little bit and ended up falling asleep for about 45 minutes . I really need to start going to sleep earlier. I went to Mary’s and joined everyone after I woke up and started on a scrapbook embellishment: popcorn! I had little carnival theme embellishments (Sandylion brand) and it was missing a box of popcorn so I thought I’d make one. It turned out really cute. I want to make some candy apple ones but I’m not sure how to go about it. I have these clear sheets of plastic–the ones the stickers come on–and I’m thinking of putting those on some red apple-shaped cardstock to make it look “glazed” and adding a little stick. Hmm…

I scared Mario last night. I wish I had the camera with me to capture his expression–it was priceless! I was washing dishes in the kitchen and he comes up behind me, playfully smacks me on the butt and then gives me a kiss. I step away from him while holding his hands and tell him, very seriously, “I need to tell you something.”

He gets this OMG look on his face, kind of smiling, kind of freaked out, kind of about to PASS OUT and he says, “WHAT?”

“You know how your mom accidentally got me the wrong pack of birth control pills?”

At that point I didn’t know if he was going to cry or scream…or both. I start laughing uncontrollably and say, “No, you weirdo, I’m not pregnant! I’m just saying, she got me the wrong ones. I can’t take these because I’m supposed to take them the first day I “start” and well, I’m about to finish so I can’t take them. I’m afraid I’ll become incredibly naseous or that they’ll ruin my cycle. I’m telling you this because I “want some” after I’m done with this thing so you need to buy condoms.”

He look so relieved and then whined, “Condoms, hell no.”

I rolled my eyes. Though it would be weird going back to condoms after all these years, I don’t think he wants me to utter the words, “I need to tell you something” for at least 3 more years LOL.

Which brings me to the talk we had Saturday night. We decided we’d live here for at least 2 more years. We’re in no hurry to buy a house, though it would be nice–really nice. This lil’ apartment was built just for us, so we decided not to take it for granted, save, I’m going to go to school and then hopefully get a job after Jaylen starts school next year, and then we can buy a house. We could go and apply for a loan right now, but we could only get a small house. Once I start working (hopefully) we can get a bigger loan which means bigger house, which is what we both want. 4 bedrooms–no less, two living rooms, big kitchen, etc. We’ll have either red brick with white trim or cream colored brick. Yup, I’ve got it all planned out LOL.

I forgot to mention. A few days ago I uploaded my Lil’ Mama Clique index to this site. What a mess that was. If it weren’t for Jessica I never would have noticed! Well, not until I updated LOL. Thanks, Jessica :).

Well, I guess this’ll be all. I should get all this laundry hung up and folded. Then I have to clean the bathroom. Fun, fun . THEN, I’ll hopefully get a chance to upload my simple little scrapbooking pages to show y’all.


Ranting Frenzy

*edit* I’m Site of the Month at Aneesah’s site! Thank you so much hun!

Due to my feeling crapalicious the past two days I completely forgot to thank everyone who voted for my bears at the Quilting Bee’s Dress the Honeybear contest. My Pixy bear was a Club Favorite and received 19 votes. Thank you very, very much to all who voted! .

Now, for my rants….

I loathe how over $50 million dollars was spent on Bush’s stupid inauguration. I guess he’s making up for the last election, where they threw eggs at his car and all. That money could have gone to something else. Something more important than a stupid ball and popular bands. I feel sick at the thought. Lloyd Garver from CBS news wrote an article entitled ‘Dear Mr. President’ and I couldn’t agree more with what he said. Argh, I’ll leave this at that, for I feel my blood pressure rising just thinking of it .

I’ve been checking my stats, since I haven’t done that in a while, and have noticed loads of people who aren’t part of the Nostalgic Sparkles Clique posting codes from the clique on their site. I appreciate that they’re even linking back to the clique, but the point is to JOIN and not just paste the code on their site as an adoption. It even says on the code page itself: “These are not for use on personal sites, graphic shrines, blinkie collections, etc. These are for my clique and members clique pages only.”

And while I’m on the subject of cliques, I find it not only hilarious, but absolutely disrespectful when someone steals pages from my site and then has the audacity to submit their site to my cliques. This hadn’t happened in a while, but while going through Lil’ Mama Clique submissions I found someone who did. It just boggles my mind how people can be so dense. Did they think I wouldn’t notice?!

Also, I hate how pixiehost is still having problems with my billing. They sent about 12 different e-mails trying to withdraw the money and it didn’t work. My CC shows no new transactions. They added a new “send payment” feature, finally, but I’m afraid if I send it that they’ll keep taking money out if they ever get the billing thing to work. All I know is, I need to send that payment. The last thing I need is for them to shut down my site again. Hisss.

I hate how I have my Popples in a pile on top of a dresser when I can have them on that empty shelf in the bedroom. The kids had been using it for their toys but no longer use their top bunk and can’t reach up there, so they took everything down and just put them in a Rubbermaid tote. I need to organize my new Rainbow Brite stuff and there’s just no space.

I hate now we haven’t gotten the frame and boxspring for the twin bed from storage and taken down that massive, horrible bunk bed. I hate looking around here and feeling claustrophobic. There isn’t space for ANYTHING! My desk is a mess, the table is a mess. Grr. Damn not having enough money to do/fix what we need to!

Okay, *breathes* I think that’s all I need to get off my chest. That helped a little .