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When Bad Things Happen to Good People

I don’t want to say I’m having a shitty day because, God forbid, it could be worse, but things aren’t exactly working out .

First, my darn cable keeps going out. I don’t know what’s going on, but since last night the internet’s been all wacky. For a while I thought we’d gotten some kind of virus or adware or something that was making the computer run really slow (and just our luck, we need to buy a new Norton becuase this one’s about to expire). I keep having to unplug and replug everything and it’s getting quite annoying.

I needed to send out a letter for Jessica so I got everything ready to send out. I was going to use John’s car since Mario’s at work and Noelia’s not here–and the damn thing doesn’t start. I tried and tried to start it and nothing. Big Mario tried helping me turn it on and said maybe the float thingy isn’t marking the gas correctly and it needs gas. It shows that it still has 1/4 of a tank, but I don’t think it does .

I was going to ask Mary if she could take me (since I wouldn’t dare drive her huge van) but Big Mario tells me she’s with the cops next door at their apartments. There’s a couple in apartment 1: an 18 year old girl who’s confined to a wheelchair and is about 6-7 months pregnant and her husband, who’s 37. In apartment 2 there’s a newlywed young couple. Apparently, the 37 year old forced his way into the other couple’s apartment and tried raping the girl. He was all drugged up. Thankfully the girl got away, ran out the back door and across the street to her parents house (didn’t know they lived there). At the same time, her husband arrived from work. The 37 year old refused to get out of the house–he barricaded the doors. The 18 year old gets here when the cops arrive and is, obviously, hysterical. I feel so bad for her . The girl who was assaulted and her family spoke to the 18 year old and hugged her. She left, sobbing, to her mom’s house I’m assuming. When they finally got him out, they told Mary they also found drugs in the apartment. They brought sniffer dogs, of whatever they’re called, too.

I had a bad, bad feeling about that guy. From the first time I ever spoke to him (which was when he came over to ask about the apartment and was waiting for Mary) and he kept making small talk and asked, “You have a lot of sisters, right?”, I felt really uncomforable. I don’t even go outside to check the mail or throw the trash out–I let John or Mario do it–just to avoid having to speak/look at that guy. I wonder what they’re going to do to him? I just feel bad for his wife. They’re with Housing, so they’ll most likely kick them out. I hope the girl’s mother has a stable place for her to stay (but I really don’t think she does ).

(…about 30 minutes later…) Just got back from Mary’s. 2 guys (probably his brothers) and his mother were over there throwing all kinds of things out of his car. They even threw the girl’s wheelchair out and left it next to the trash can–wonder what that was all about? They got envelopes and stuff–drugs? I don’t know. The mom came back and Mary went over there and got the key from her. Supposedly her daughter-in-law gave her the key and she was only coming back for her lamp and TV. They’re blaming the 18 year old for all this (since she admitted he did drugs in the morning in the bathroom) and I’m scared for her. Shit, I’m scared for us! These are scary people. Mary put a restraining order on him–he can’t be near the house or the apartments. I’m afraid his “people” will get all pissed off because of that, or him even, and go psycho on us.

Anyway, wanted to take the boys to the library, but of course, the stupid car doesn’t work . We’re going to do absolutely NOTHING today and I don’t want to be here with all the crazies in the neighborhood.

Doesn’t help that I’m PMSing either…