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Yadira’s Get-together & Grandma Chelo

I’ve been hacking up a lung since I woke up this morning. I was feeling SO much better yesterday–there was the occassional nose-blowing, but that’s about it. Now, I can’t go 10 seconds without coughing. Doesn’t help I had Cheerios with sliced bananas and milk. The milk produces more damn phlem. My damn chest is hurting .

Mario didn’t get home from work last night till 3:30am! He normally goes in at 10am, but went in at 9am because he had an alarm to do. He did 6 of his own cars, finished his last one at 8:30, owner picked it up at 9 and then he stayed to help Jorge, Albert and two other guys finish up 3 cars the boss said they “had” to get done. So they stayed till 3am. That’s just horrible. And instead of giving them slack–and say, letting them go in a little later–oh no, they had to go in at 9am again. Grr. Poor Mario’s so burned out and it’s barely Tuesday!

Grandma Chelo, my Dad’s mother, passed away this weekend . I found out on Saturday, only because Dad’s ex- bitch mistress is the one who called to tell me. Well, she only has Mary’s number, not ours, so she called and gave Mary the message. I really don’t like her. I don’t know why she has to call when she’s not even family. Dad called yesterday, and probably didn’t call sooner only because he was so distraught. I feel almost guilty that I didn’t break down when I heard. Mario said not to be hard on myself as I hadn’t seen her in years, since I was about 12 or 13 I think, and we weren’t very close after that. I’m just glad she isn’t suffering anymore. I heard her last few years were an uphill battle for her . I feel terrible I didn’t get to see her, but in a way, I’m kind of glad I remember her as I do–she was a very strong woman–and not when her health was deteriorating.

Yadira’s birthday get-together was nice. The women sat around the table mostly talking about weight loss and other girly things. Mary made lasagna and salad, which was delicious. Mary used some cucumbers from Grandpa Dario’s (flourishing!) garden…they were seriously the most ripe, crunchy cucumbers I’ve ever eaten. He’s got watermelons and just about everything growning in his garden. I can only wish for a green thumb…I’m surprised the Ivy mom gave me is still alive!

After Yadira’s party we went to visit Tia Alicia and Tia Aurora, who’s visiting from California. Bless Tia Alicia’s heart, who said I looked much, MUCH thinner than the last time she saw me. I beg to differ, but I’ll take any compliments .

Well, Jaylen’s up and I have (more) laundry to do and REALLY need to clean out the turtles’ tank, so this will be all. Jackie’s gotten so big…she’s bigger than Squirt and he’s much older than her! I hope his growth wasn’t stunted for being the the tiny tank they gave Yadira .


Off To A Great Start *rolls eyes*

I’m having a *wonderful* morning. The past two hours everyone’d been getting ready since they’re going to the mall and God knows where else and, as usual, we weren’t invited. By “we”, I mean the kids and I. Who wants to be seen with me and my screaming children? I know they’re bad…but I still think it’s kind of…rude. Mario and I’d been over at Mary’s for a few minutes while he ate breakfast. So, feeling a bit offended, I came back to my house after Mario left to work and after hearing everyone discussing where they were going and whatnot. Then, just a few minutes ago as everyone was leaving Eenan sees Mary out the window and screams that he wants to go, too. Jaylen hears him and starts screaming HIS head off that HE wants to go as well. Knowing Jaylen wouldn’t be taken with them I said that no, if he wasn’t going, Eenan wasn’t either. So anyway, there’s all this screaming and finally I just say that no, they’re not going anywhere, no matter how much they complain. They’re calm now but on top of feeling how I already was, I was left with two shrieking kids. Always a lovely way to start a day .

Anyway, Aunt Nora called yesterday morning and said Mom was at the doctor but they wouldn’t be seeing her till after 1pm and if we could stop by and take her some lunch since she hadn’t even eaten breakfast. Since Mario had the day off and we were going to be in town, we picked up a grilled chicken salad and water for her from Sonic (Jaylen played for a little while in the “club house” as he calls it). I was shocked when we saw Mom…her eye looked horrible. She barely had it open, it was so swollen. While she waited to be seen, we went to Michael’s where Mario got me a whole bunch of scrapbooking supplies–my Mom’s Day present from him, which I’m super thrilled with . It was almost $50 worth…scrapbooking’s expensive! The most costly things were the Fiskars 12×12 paper trimmer and the packs and packs of embellishments I got. I’m in love with the paper trimmer. I trimmed Eenan’s school pictures yesterday while at Yadira’s with such ease! I’m hopefully going to start on my Disneyworld page, Eenan’s Graduation page, two baby pages for the boys, one titled “Brotherly Love” which’ll feature all the pictures I’ve collected of the boys hugging eachother, one called “Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails” featuring them playing and all that cute ‘boy’ stuff, and finally, one featuring pinks and Hello Kitty stickers for my birthday pictures. It just dawned on me though that I don’t have any alphabet stickers. I’ll probably write them out with map colors or something . I didn’t really get to look around (peacefully) as much as I would have liked since Jaylen was due for a nap and was beyond fussy. You could hear him screaming throughout the store . What was cute though, was that Mario was actually looking at the embellishments and stickers with me and even picked out the alphabet stickers for Eenan’s graduation page .

We went back to Mom’s doctor and waited for what felt like forever. I went in after I became impatient and they finally called her in. The doctor checked her and I told him my theory–what if she got that infection in her eye because it’s just a regular “Pink Eye” but since she has diabetes it got out of control–and he said that yes, it’s very likely. I never want to get diabetes . I hope she gets better very soon. She has her medications now so hopefully they help her out. She’s off of work until Monday, and those bastards (her bosses) better not give her crap about it. Grr.

I think I’m going to start with my scrapbooking. I was going to mop but eh, I don’t feel like it.


Nostalgia…and Other Ramblings

I’m doing my searches for my Netbux account and searched for hits of 1997. When I went to pick Eenan up today I was listening to a CD Noelia had in the CD player and a bunch of the songs on it remind me of when Mario and I met and when we were first together. It was so nice, overcast and fresh today (wish it was always like this!) and I was sitting in the driver’s seat, with a sleeping Jaylen in the passenger seat (I was parked) and I was running my fingers through his hair and just reminiscing. It’s funny how songs can just take you back. We’ve been through a lot *wipes tear*. 1996 songs remind me of my friends. I miss everyone. Damn bitches ! I think I saw Jessica (or it could have been her mom) when we passed by her Grandma’s house on Saturday. I almost wanted to call but pfft. What for? Anyway, I plan on downloading every single “Top 40” from 1994-1999. Man, I feel…old!

As for the homefront…Mom’s sick again. She isn’t taking her diabetes medication because she ran out (yet Aunt Nora called me and told me Mom DID have a refil for her meds from FEBRUARY!) and her eye either has a boil or whatever it is that she gets when her diabetes is out of control and is basically swollen shut. I’m so scared for her. I wish her and John didn’t have to have it so…hard. I wish we could just win the lottery and buy all this land and just all (my in-laws, Mom, Gramma and John, and us) just live near eachother. I wish Mom didn’t have to work anymore . I just feel so bad for her all the time.

Eenan got yet another G.P.A.R. for not doing his work at school. Took him almost an hour to do 1-digit addition, when he can zoom through 3-digit addition in no time. He was distracted. I wish it wasn’t so hard for him to concentrate. I’m afraid to even say it but, I think he may have signs of ADD . He’s so incredibly smart…but he’s a chatterbox and loves to play around and it gets him in trouble. Just like his father LOL.

Jorge gets here tomorrow evening and I didn’t even come close to “cleaning up”. I spent most of MY “chore time” cleaning up the bedroom since the boys had toys strewn everywhere. I re-arranged their toy boxes but who am I kidding…it’s still a disaster in there!

Going to go and listen to my songs before I go to bed. I actually found the songs that Eenan sang at his graduation! I’ll be uploading them for your listening pleasure sometime tomorrow (if I get time *crosses fingers*) . Goodnight!