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Follow Through

Mom and I both had doctor’s appointments yesterday. I remember when all I had to do was drive her and wait with her, but now I’m taking the appointment right after hers *sigh*.

It’s been 3 months since my last doctor’s appointment. Got blood work done. I’m really terrified to find out the results of my cholesterol screening, since I haven’t exercised at all since July and haven’t exactly had the best diet lately =\. The positive side is that–even though I FEEL heavier and was eating like crap–I didn’t gain weight. In fact, since my last appointment in June/July, I LOST 5 pounds.

I also asked the doctor about my darn acne. It’s gotten better since June, but I wish it would just GO AWAY ALREADY. He started me up on a pill again and a new gel, so we’ll see how that goes.

We’ll see how Mom’s results are, too. She wasn’t too keen on going, so I’m pretty sure she hasn’t been eating well *sigh*.

By the time we got home from the doctor and waiting for prescriptions it was almost 11am. Being stuck by needles encouraged me to have a healthy breakfast, as much as I wanted that darn Captain Crunch Berries cereal :(.

Oatmeal with strawberries and almond milk
Oatmeal with strawberries and almond milk

I cleaned up my bedroom after (somewhat) and organized my nightstand. Then I got ready for work and took off.

It was a slow day at work. Replied to a few e-mails, organized some bills, dropped off an invoice and that was really it. I was hungry by 2pm so I had a Campbell’s soup drink. Then we get an e-mail from Rosie that a company left us some pastries and fruit from Corner Bakery Cafe. FML. I shoulda just had fruit, but I had a piece of bread, too. No willpower, I tell you!

Someone stop me!
Someone stop me!

My boss left early and then it was time for a grand-re-opening Ribbon Cutting for Kohnami. It’s under new management and remodeled (it’s been forever since we’d gone there; I think the last time was for Michelle’s birthday last year and it still looked kinda raunchy >_<). We did the RC and then they fed us. OMG. Sushi. Boat. [caption id="attachment_2474" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Sushi boat at Kohnami! Sushi boat at Kohnami![/caption]

The food was so good. I only served myself 5 little sushi pieces (I can eat around 10!), some rice and edamame.

Wally and EZ kept Michelle, Marie, Rick and I laughing. It was a blast. I ordered some rolls for my love (50% off, can’t beat it!) and was home by 6pm. I called the kiddos, got a summary of their day (the boys were playing Super Smash Bros together and the girls did the usual, like play Littlest Pet Shop and watch their customizing/baking/Littlest Pet Shop/Minecraft videos on YouTube). I rolled out of bed, where I’d been talking on the phone to the kids, and put on my workout clothes. I had told myself all day I was going to run because I ate that bread, heh. I seriously want to get into a routine again, and since Jorge was working and the kids aren’t here this weekend I had no excuse. So I went outside, where mosquitoes swarmed me, and watered my succulents. It was thundering and turning dark fast, so I went inside.

It took me forever to just START running. I put on Biggest Loser on NBC while I ran. I did 30 minutes (5 of those were spent vacuuming under the treadmill LOL) and I was EXHAUSTED. I couldn’t get control of my breathing.

At least I did something!
At least I did something!

Jorge got home and he ate his dinner while I showered. We watched “The Knick” for a while. I was getting hungry so I made us a snack :).

Cucumber, lime and Tajin!
Cucumber, lime and Tajin!

I managed to stay awake long enough to finish watching “We’re the Millers” and the rest of the most recent Sons of Anarchy episode. I fell asleep when I was watching each one the first time, surprise, surprise!

It was Karina’s birthday party that night at Ice House, but it started at 11pm and I was already falling asleep by 11pm =\. Jorge and I had discussed earlier in the day if we’d end up going.

Can we say homebodies?
Can we say homebodies?

It just seems like such a TASK for me, getting ready, driving, staying awake that long =\. Plus, if I wasn’t already sleepy and I have one drink, I’ll for sure GET sleepy. Had it been earlier, we might have gone. I hope she wasn’t offended :(.

Plus, we had to be up early for the boys games, and they were both far. I was already running late when Jorge barges into the bathroom, upset, because the boys mother didn’t wake up on time to drop them off for their game after a night of partying. I can’t believe that crap. No shame whatsoever!

But anyway. I already ranted about that earlier, heh.

I get to the school and squish my way to the bleachers. The grass was still wet from the rain and mosquitoes were everywhere. Thank God Mary had some OFF. We sprayed the girls and ourselves and the girls had their breakfast while we watched. Poor Jaylen’s teams lost. And since he played the entire game 2 weeks ago (they cancelled last week’s), they let the other boy play the entire time. Jaylen just went in for a while.

But at least I got to see them all :).

My #11!!
My #11!!
My Chicklets!
My Chicklets!

I waited for Jaylen and he told me about his thoughts of the game while we picked up some McDonald’s for him. I dropped him off and saw Eenan for a bit, till the GIANT mosquitoes started flying all over the place. There’s been 2 cases of West Nile in the Valley, so that makes me super nervous =\.

The skies turned gray as soon as I drove away and it started to drizzle. I went to Dollar General to pick up some birdseed. I was actually hoping to find a hummingbird feeder for cheap, but I didn’t, grr. I did, however, find some bags of soil for $0.30 each!

I got home, ate my oatmeal I picked up when I got Jaylen McDonald’s and now I’m here, typing. We need to go see Gramma and then Mom wants to pick up El Pato. Maybe I can convince her to pick up something at Salads Plus!

Going back on this post…I realize my life really does revolve around FOOD hehe!

Making Things Happen

Starting this post off with the more vexatious part…

Remember how I mentioned in my previous post that I’d need lots of patience this week? I was most definitely correct in my assumption. I’m usually pretty patient with people; I’ll brush something off if I’m bothered. But I just haven’t been able to brush this one thing off and I’m afraid I’m going to explode. I really do. I’m not the only who shares these feelings (which I’m relieved about! I’m not being oversensitive!), but when you’re going up against someone who gets their way 99% of the time, it’s difficult to see the light, y’know? I just think one should be more humble, more kind, but from what I’ve gathered in conversations with others, it’s just not in this person’s nature. And it’s sad.

Speaks volumes! Do unto others!!
Speaks volumes! Do unto others!!

Ahhhhh. See, now that’s better. I got my bit of therapy. Which reminds me of this article. I couldn’t agree more with it! Aside from chronicling my life, and my children’s lives, my blog (and “paper” journal) have truly been therapeutic for me.

So, anyway. I woke up at 5am Monday morning and told myself that I was going to kick that day’s ass. I dropped my boys off at school after we picked some Gatorades up for them. I got to work, went to our meeting, and when I got to my desk I wrote out a to-do list. I crossed out every single damn thing by the end of the day. I even had a work-related trip to Hobby Lobby, woo! I had to attend the Honduras Consulate ceremony at 5pm, which I’d forgotten about. I met my boss and Bob there and the first thing that happened was I was ushered off to the buffet table.

Authentic Honduran food!
Authentic Honduran food!

I was amazed by the unique spread. I didn’t even know what to ask for, so I went for a seafood soup and a type of bean and cheese taco in a flour tortilla. They were both AMAZING. The soup had a buttery, cheesy flavor. The Consul asked the man that made it (who also works at the Consulate) what ingredients made the soup “yellow” and he said it was “curry, saffron and a hint of mustard.” It was just so delicious!

I got home after the ceremony and Mom had already bathed and fed the girls. I helped them with homework, made Jorge dinner, read the girls their books and put them to bed. And then I sat with my love and painted.

Cheshire Cat mini pot
Cheshire Cat mini pot

I got those tiny pots at Hobby Lobby so I could plant my succulent leaflets in soil, now that their mother leaf was shriveling up.

My, how they've grown!
My, how they’ve grown!

These are the leaflets that have “made it” thus far, in their same planter. I’m still not sure WHAT I’m supposed to do with these (how often to water now that they’re in soil, for example), but they looked big enough to plant.

In their new home!
In their new home!

Tuesday was spent preparing for my event the next day. I’m thrilled that Michelle will be working with Laura and me on that one now :). It was a pretty normal day, except for having reception duty for a while in the afternoon. Then I went to HEB, got home and dropped the soap and supplies off, then John, the girls and I went to Wing Stop to pick up dinner.

Jorge was home right on time, we ate, and then I put the girls to bed after checking homework and then I happily snuggled on the sofa with my love, which caused me to pass out halfway through Sons of Anarchy. He’s never surprised anymore, heh. He’s the best, though, ’cause he pauses the show till we can watch it together when I’m conscious :).

I took Emily to test in the morning on Wednesday, dropped the girls off at their classes and then I met Michelle, Laura, Ivan and Thelma at the event. We had a great turnout, thank goodness! It was fun, and went smoothly, albiet about 20 minutes longer than usual.

I got to the office and immediately get a call from my boss to drop his camera off at their meeting at the Convention Center. Jorge and I were meeting for lunch, so I asked him if he wanted Subway in the plaza near the Convention Center. He said sure, so we meet there after I drop the camera off. We walk in, and posted on the sneeze guard is “Cash Only”. We never carry cash. So it was either Kumori or Johnny Rockets. Guess which one Jorge and Marco picked, heh.

It was such a great experience! I’d been there before with the guys from work, but this time they went all out. The customer service was great, music was great (thank you, Mother, for introducing me to this music since birth!), we got a show (the waiters and waitress danced for us!), and they served my ketchup in a smiley face!

You can't be sad at Johnny Rockets! You just can't!
You can’t be sad at Johnny Rockets!

Jorge said, “You just can’t be mad here. You can’t.”

I slide my head over and whisper, “I’m bringing you here when you’re mad then!”

I spoke to my boys on the way home from work. Eenan was having a bit of a teenage thing with his dad about curse words and he was venting. We talked about his day, like we usually do. I vented with him about something that was annoying me. And then I spoke to Jaylen, who sounded a bit croaky ’cause his school-issued chin-guard slipped off his chin and clocked him on the throat during football practice :(. We’d ordered some mouth-pieces and chin-guards for our 3 football players, but Jaylen’s chin-guard was missing a metal clip. I told him Jorge and I would replace it.

I get home and Mom had already fed and bathed the girls (woo! Bless her!), so that gave us a chance to paint together at the table, while I thawed some fish. They finished painting their mini pots and while I painted mine, they decided they were hungry again so Emily made herself some PB&J and Alaethia made herself a SALAD. Yes, a salad. She loves them. She asked me, “Mama, why don’t you make salads anymore?” Which made my stomach sink. I really SHOULD be making salads *slumps*.

I finished my pot:

A random-stitchy pot!
A random-stitchy pot!

And then the girls played. Mom stayed with them while Jorge and I went to put gas in my truck and replace the clip for Jaylen, which we did. Now my poor boy will hopefully not have that problem :(.

I actually stayed awake (for the most part) to watch “Are You Here?” That was pretty depressing! And Zack Gallafinakis (sp?) should never NOT have a beard :P!

Today was another productive day. Walked the girls to their classes. I’m so glad both are doing so much better in the morning. Emily’s attitude towards school now is like night and day!

We had an impromptu photo shoot today (well, impromptu for me, anyway) which went into lunch. I thought I missed the seminar I was supposed to attend, but I arrived only 5 minutes late. It was supposed to last 2 hours, but it only lasted around 30 minutes O_o. I got out of there, talked to the girls a bit and ate my Jason’s Deli at my desk. Of course finishing the chocolate chip cookie first. What is it about me and sugar?!

The afternoon went by fast. Did some planning regarding the Food Festival. And then I was on my way home. Jorge arrived with Jorgie and Justin and I moped about cooking. Jorge said, “Get the chicken out, I’ll cook.” I stared idly into the cabinets and I said, “It’s ok, I’ll figure it out…” I left the kitchen, came back in and he said, “Get out of here, I’m cooking.” Woohoo! You don’t have to tell me twice!

I lay in bed and called the boys while my love cooked. We talked about their day; Eenan’s excited about Super Smash Bros demo coming out at midnight and Jaylen didn’t have practice and got to relax. And read :).

Jorge came to snuggle with me…and we both passed out!

He woke up before me and finished up with dinner. It was amazing!

Dinner, courtesy of Jorge!
Dinner, courtesy of Jorge!

I got some comments on Instagram, which eventually led to me flipping through my photos and I was sad to see how “healthy” my posts were 2 months ago. I turned my laptop around and showed Jorge. I said, “Look at those healthy meals! And that watch with burned calories on it!”

He says, “If that watch cost money, you better use it.”

He realizes what he said. I turn slowly and say, “Um. How about that exercise thing you bought??” He smacks himself on the head and says, “Stupid Jorge. You walked into that one!” Buahaha.

I had said, at 9pm, that I was giving myself 30 minutes to allow my food to settle so I could get on the treadmill. It’s now 10:47pm and instead I’m blogging. Lord help me. I need to start exercising again. I feel so lazy and sloppy :(. And to make matters worse, I’ve not been eating as well as I should be, and my 3 month-check-up is tomorrow morning. Ay Dios Mio! I’m never getting off those cholesterol meds!

Wish me luck!

It’s All Good

So that interview I wrote about yesterday? I survived it once again.

But not before flipping my shit because I was half-abandoned and expected to do the thing myself when I didn’t even want to do it in the first place. I mean, I felt like flipping my desk over (if it didn’t weigh a literal ton). But I got over it, and wonderful Alexis (I’m so sad she’s not my neighbor anymore, waah!) practiced the Spanish part with me and Mrs. Thelma helped me through it, as did the two ladies interviewing us. They really are great at what they do and totally put us at ease and made us laugh.

I wasn’t too thrilled when Carolina, the lady who did the Spanish interview, offered to get in touch with her contacts at the other Spanish stations to interview us and promote the program there, too. I just smiled and gave a thumbs up. She’s just being helpful, of course, but I did stumble all over my words during the Spanish part. You’d think that after 4 years of Spanish being a part of my job that it would sort of just FLOW, but it doesn’t.

I’ve got lots to catch up on tomorrow since I took half the day today to comply with my appointments.

I met my love (and Marco, and then ran into Michelle, EZ and Anabel) at Palenque Chicken. I love meeting him for lunch .

Emily had a follow up at her dentist’s office. Well, not really a follow-up; more like a second opinion. I couldn’t believe it when they told me she had 2 cavities her last visit (after 6 months). During that same visit, when it was time to schedule an appointment for her fillings they tell me they would schedule her fillings for her 6 cavities. I tell them they made a mistake; check the chart. Nope, it was hers.

I felt weird and frankly, I didn’t believe it. So I scheduled an appointment with the pediatric dental specialist for today. He checks her and says he sees 4 cavities. Still not the original 2, but OK. And then he says he recommends she gets caps instead of fillings. I’m squinting at the X-ray; the cavity is miniscule!! I don’t understand how something that small needs CAPS!!!

Emily and Alaethia leave with Mary to have lunch, while I go to my dentist appointment. I text Jorge and tell him about my concerns, then I text Mario and tell him the same. They both agree they need to see a different dentist altogether. I get to my dentist’s and tell Jennifer and Elda about it. Jennifer says she used to work for them and they were kind of shady. I freaking new it. I’m moving the girls to my dentist ASAP.

I get my check up done and for the first time in a long time, everything is A-OK!! Woo!

I came home to change really quickly, then went to the girls school to meet Mario and the girls for Meet the Teacher night. I updated Mario; the girls weren’t going to be in the same class as their BFF’s, Audrey and Maddie (both sisters, both the same exact age as my girls). It kind of worked out when Audrey and Alaethia saw each other from across the hall and ran and embraced. As did Emily and Maddie. It was the sweetest thing :). Jenny and I found the opportunity to tell them that Audrey’s class was at the end of the hall and that Alaethia’s was a few doors down. They got it right away, but they didn’t get upset. We did promise weekend play-dates at Ben & Jerry’s though, heh. You gotta bribe them SOMETIMES!!

Jenny complimented me and said that I’m “looking good”. I joked that I jog once a week to keep my figure LOL. I told her we should go together and she replied, “I run, to the fridge!” Buaha. I love her, she’s hilarious. And the compliment was much appreciated as I’m feeling quite gelatinous lately since I’m not working out OR running. Waah.

I took the girls to Ben & Jerry’s for a treat after Meet the Teacher:

Chicklets & Sprinkles!
Chicklets & Sprinkles!

We got home and I sent them to the bathroom to brush their teeth!

Mary picked the girls. She’d taken the boys to get haircuts. I think it’s amazing how they both tower over me (it was bound to happen, heh). I love those lil’ guys. I need to mention just how wonderful they are. They’re so loving and great. Eenan sent me this last night when I whined about how much I hate being in front of the screen:

Do I have the best kids, or what??
Do I have the best kids, or what??

Such a great boy :*)! I just wish he’d see what a handsome boy he is!! I’m afraid I passed on my low self-esteem to my eldest child. How do I fix that :(?

Lots of hugs and kisses were passed around and then my kiddos left :(. It sucks that this is the last week of summer.

Jorge got home as the kids were leaving and before I started making dinner, I checked on my succulents. They’re doing pretty good since I separated them all on Saturday evening with the girls’ help ^_^.

The succulents in the large pot were having trouble, as is the Haworthia Zebra in the smaller “garden” so I had gone with Emily to Home Depot to purchase some small terra cotta pots. (Then we had gone to Kohl’s to finish their school shopping :).)

Succulent gardens and new pots
Succulent gardens and new pots
The girls, painting pots while I re-pot my babies.
The girls, painting pots while I re-pot my babies.
The girls' finished pots :)
The girls’ finished pots 🙂
The succulents, all separated.
The succulents, all separated with hot pink aquarium rocks.

(I’m not too fond of that photo; it was dark and the flash made the succulents turn weird colors >_<.) Unfortunately, I lost my large hen & chicks and my Echeveria "Lola". They were never the same after we got back from vacation. I'll never understand if it was underwatering, overwatering, sunburn or WHAT that did them in =\. It's frustrating. [caption id="attachment_2344" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Leaflets, propagating. Leaflets, propagating.[/caption]

I put all the leaflets I was propagating in this pot. Well, the ones that made it, anyway. The wonderfully budding Jellybean leaves all shriveled up, except one. And even that one doesn’t look like it’s doing too good =\. I just hope the rest make it!

[edited on Friday, August 22, 2014]

I just realized the photo above is from August 15th!! The tiny, new buds have grown significantly in a week!

My babies on August 22nd!
My babies on August 22nd!

I threw in the other 3 that I’d been propagating separately, as you can see. Sadly, I’ve forgotten which they are! The little “beads” are Sting of Pearl leaflets and I know there’s a Donkey Tail Burrito. I thought there was a Golden Sedum, but I’m not entirely sure now, since it looks different O_o. Anywho, I can’t wait till they grow more!! The waiting game drives me crazy!!

And here is my windowsill at present:

Kitchen windowsill
Kitchen windowsill

*swoon* I could stare at them alllll dayyyyy!!

So, even if today started out pretty darn crappy, I have to say my family, friends and hobbies turned it around completely <3!