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What in the WordPress is Going on?

[edited to add:] A huge thank you to Candy and Victor C. for your help! I’ve got Classic Editor back. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who hated it 😆 [/edit]

Jorge, John and the boys were doing a great job of ignoring me earlier because they were all playing PubG in the living room. It drives me nuts to hear them all yelling about “That was my kill, dude!” and “We’re dropping!” so I came to the bedroom to FINALLY update this thing–only to find that the latest update to WordPress: WordPress 5.2.2 is completely different! It’s great that I can add my own HTML (because with the other interface it would turn HTML to regular text) but how the hell am I supposed to insert an image from my media library!?! 😡 😥 ❓

Anyway. I’m just going to update from my phone or iPad–even though Jorge stole my iPad Air (which, ok, fine–it was HIS iPad Air but he gave it to me because I had an awesome rose gold keyboard!) so now I’m charging my iPad Mini (that’s probably too old to even use WordPress and I have to locate my other Bluetooth keyboard. FML.).

Anyway. Being *this* bored and not being allowed to blog caused me to start nit-picking at my desk and I finally cleaned my drawers out and organized piles of papers and the girls’ art. I still have one more section to do, but I’m pretty sure my nostrils are coated in dust bunnies and I’m thirsty. And I kinda don’t wanna do it. Not gonna lie that that last pile of crap will probably stay there till 2020. (I found junk on my desk from 2018 😯 !) But, I’ve been in a tidying mood lately (FINALLY!) that I may actually tackle it!


It took me DAYS, but I FINALLY FIXED MY DASHBOARD!! I’ve never been SO HAPPY to see this damn page!! The few updates I’ve gotten a chance to do have been through the WordPress app on my phone (and I *always* forget my Bluetooth keyboard :/ !) It only took a lot of enabling and disabling themes and plugins and installing WordPress MANUALLY and praying to Jesus that I didn’t screw anything up to fix it. Now, if I could just get those stupid ad banners to stop showing up!! Who the fk did that!?! It’s so infuriating!! 😡 When I inspect the code it highlights something called Cloudflare, which is apparently some plugin used to HELP with these type of situations, but it also says something about redirecting. I wish I had the time and energy to decipher these types of things myself, but look how long making my Dashboard work took me?? 😥 Anyway. One day at a time. And I managed to figure this out so I’m not, in fact, old, or dumb!! Woohoo!

[And now the darn banner isn’t even showing up. I feel crazy.]

Old Becomes New

I’m pleased to announce that I have resurrected my beloved “Fang” theme! This is one of my favorite layouts I’ve ever created and couldn’t wait to sit down and update it to suit my current content.

I started the day by making myself an epic omelet. This one consisted of crab, spinach, avocado and gouda cheese :).


I slacked around a while, sitting with Mom in the kitchen nook and then I started cleaning. Freddy ordered the Marquez fight, so we’d be having company. My love called during lunchtime and needed me to drop off a key, so I joined him and Marco for lunch at Palenque Chicken. I went grocery shopping since I was already over there, then to the bank and headed home. I cleaned some more and THEN…I sat at my now-favorite part of the house:

My Sanctuary

Jorge and I did some Autumn-cleaning last week and I have to give him most of the credit for our bedroom makeover. He’s a genius :).

I was surprised that I hadn’t completely forgotten how to move around my website and my old theme. I did however, shamefully, had to reinstall my good ol’ Paint Shop Pro…because I couldn’t for the life of my dinosaur brain figure out how to use this damn Windows 8!!! >_< But I remembered how to use PSP and voila!! Fang is reborn!!! I'm proud to mention I still have my pixel-drawing skillz buahaha. I made my tiny little social media icons there on the top right. Not too shabby, eh?? I guess I'll go outside and be social. I hope Sally comes over after all. We got to hang out last night for Michelle's birthday at Kohnami, a lot of our co-workers and my love and Sally made an appearance, too, so that was pretty nice :). I sang "Cowboy Take Me Away" during karaoke, and "Como La Flor" with Gerry. We had a great time :). My BFFs!

My honey and I!

Alright, alright. Going off on a tangent again. Goodnight!