Christmas Everywhere!

Dear Jessica Simpson’s record label,
Please don’t let her butcher any more Christmas songs. Thank you.

Grr . With all due respect to those who are a fan of her…I can’t stand the way she sings lately. She used to sing nice…now it’s all this raspy, whispery, air-headed whining . And the facial expressions…OH. MY. GOD. THE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS. Since when did singing require you to roll your eyes 3543 times and jerk your head back and forth like a chicken? When they showed her and Nick’s Christmas special on ABC I didn’t intend to watch it. I was just flipping through channels and *bam*…I couldn’t turn away. I wanted to, but I couldn’t stop staring at the faces she was making. I was appalled. That woman cannot sing…she SCREAMS! I literally wanted to scratch my eyeballs out of my face with my toenails. And to make matters worse…she was ruining my favorite Christmas songs! *inhales…exhales* Just needed to get that out. *whew!*

But ANYWAY, speaking of Christmas music, I added new music (click on ‘music’ in the little quick menu)! Most are some of my favorite classic songs.

I don’t have to buy a new dress or shoes for the wedding! I remembered I had this maroonish dress, that I wore when I was 9 months pregnant for Carol’s wedding. My very round belly was popping out of it, and I thought, “I’ve gained a bit of weight, and I wasn’t huge when I was 9 months, I’ll give it a shot”. So after praying all the way to Mary’s and searching through her closet, I found it, tried it on and it fits! I’m so thrilled. I don’t really like the shoes, they’re flattish (I was, after all, pregnant LOL), but they’ll have to do. The less money I have to spend for something I’m only going to wear once, the better. Well, twice in this case. All I need to do is buy a maroonish bra, or maybe a black one. I also need to get some mini cupcake cups and a mini cupcake pan. Eenan’s having his Christmas party next Friday . He’s so excited. He needs to buy a present for a boy for $2. That’s so hard…we had such a tough time finding something nice for $2 last year. I was thinking maybe a big, thick coloring book and a huge pack of crayons? They have both for a $1 at the dollar store. We’ll see. I have to send $10 with Eenan to school on Monday for a dinner they’re having at the church hall on Thursday (tickets are $5 each) and an additional $1.50 for his pizza party. I’m gonna be busy next week LOL. He’s starting to go through his “Mo-ooom!” stage LOL. Before, I’d walk him to his class when I’d drop him off and give him a kiss in front of everyone and Jaylen would give him a hug. He doesn’t mind so much if I hug him, but he kinda rushes a kiss if I ask for one in front of his friends LOL. A few days ago, Jaylen wanted to give him a kiss on the cheek and Eenan quickly turned away, which made Jaylen feel bad and he started crying. So now, before we even reach his hall, I give him a hug and kiss and Jaylen hugs him. I walk him up to the hall and he walks all the way down it to his class on his own. I watch him till he sits down and waits for the teacher (they have other teachers patrolling till their teachers get there). He’s so nice to everyone. It’s so cute hearing him say, “Hi” to all his friends and hearing their tiny voices say, “Hi, Eenan!” in return. I hope both my boys stay that way. I want them to be nice to everyone when they’re in middle school and high school, no matter what the kids’ financial/social status, race, religion, language spoken, etc. is.

Yesterday, I went with Noelia to cash her check from work, go to Mary’s office, Target and then to return some stuff from Michael’s. She was going to make some jewelry boxes for a Secret Santa thing her sorority is doing. I helped her out. One she wanted with Hello Kitty drawn on it and another with cherries on each side of the box. I took some pics, but they’re fuzzy and don’t really show the detail or even correct colors .

So many times during my art fest I wished life had a select/cut/move selection/paste type function LOL. I kept having to erase since everything was uncentered.

Before I finish up, here’s two more random pictures:

Jaylen sleeping and holding on to Choco Cat for dear life. It looks like she’s yelling, “DON’T JUST STAND THERE, HELP ME WOMAN!”

My father-in-law has a deer on their living room wall. He dressed him up for Christmas LOL.

on Tuesday, December 14th, laila said:

Hello sweetie
Just dropping by to wish you and family a very merry christmas… good luck with the $2 gift… aww so cute.. Christmas must be so much fun with children!
Take care & big hugs
Laila xxx

on Sunday, December 12th, Jenni-Raie Merritt said:

hihi! i love your comments regarding J. simpson… it’s so funny and TRUE! I hate it when most singers redo xmas songs, b/c i’m fully expecting the original version or at LEAST something that follows the same rhythm, and thent hey go and change it and I end up sounding like a loser b/c i’m not singing with the singer. DAMN YOU CELEBRITIES- they think they own it all!

on Saturday, December 11th, Rachel said:

I would just like to point out how much better @ coding and everything you are than me *hehe*. I’m on a Mac for the 1st time in ages, and MTR looks horrid in Safari on here – gonna check w/Internet Explorer next:P Your site looks really nice in Safari though! Yay:) I so need to take website lessons from you!

on Saturday, December 11th, Jo said:

LMFAO!!! I totally agree with you about Jessica Simpson. I can’t stand the way she sings…. and the way she moves when she sings. It’s ridiculous and aggitating!!!! She never used to be like that. My husband is in love with her, so he hates when I mock her; but it’s just so funny.

on Saturday, December 11th, Aneesah said:

Hmmm… I haven’t heard Jessica Simpson’s singing lately, but I’ve never liked her anyway. She seems like such a stuck up little whiny baby.

But anyway such a cute cat! And your son(s) sound/are cute too! Awwwwww….

Came here from another cute site, you were a past site of the month tere 😉

Happy holidays!

on Saturday, December 11th, Tracy said:

Ah, Jessica Simpson… here in Germany we hardly hear about her. Many people don’t even know her. The only song I know is “Irresistible” … did I spell that right? 😉 I have to admit I like to watch “Newly weds”… it’s cute… but she kinda seems like a bitchy princess 🙂

I love the song “Santa Baby”!! I wanted to put it on my site as well, but I couldn’t find an mp3 of it. 🙁 I’m listening to it right now though 🙂

I just, about two minutes ago, was soooo depressed!! I’m at my boyfriend’s laptop right now, I clicked my site, and the style.css stayed the same!! I clicked on my black layout and the background was WHITE!!! And I’m like NOOOOO!!! I looked at my site in mozilla firefox, which I use at home too, but at my place it worked! So I clicked your site and it looked perfect and I’m again… NOOO!! What did I do wrong.. lol… I thought maybe it’s bc I didn’t put the footervar in every page, so I started that but everything was still white. Then I looked at my pagesource/coding (I, btw, have the html, head etc TWICE)… lol… ok, but nothing was really wrong with that. Then I looked at my cookiecheck, just so… and guess what… grrr.. soo annoying and stupid, I spelled my domain wrong! .. I forgot the L!!!! Gee! I always spelled my old domain ( wrong and now I’m even writing wrong… it’s kinda depressing, isn’t it 😉 haha… but now it works… I’m so reliefed. Aah…

Well, I’ll read you later 😉 Take care!

on Friday, December 10th, Lauren said:

haha i agree about jessica simpson. she is so annoying. holy shit. :confused:

on Friday, December 10th, Jessica said:

Sorry if I just sent a blank form, lol! My pinky finger just decided to push ‘enter’ before I’d posted anything, grr.

I just love reading your blog. It’s one of the most entertaining that just doesn’t whine about everything! Maybe I can kinda related, I dunno. But thanks for giving me something worthwhile to read. 🙂

Your boys are too cute! It seems as though you have raised them very well. And these days, that’s nothing to shrug off! I’d already realized you’d added some Christmas music. My husband was wanting me to play some Christmas music, and since I was surfing your site anyway, I was like – here’s what she has, and he as like, “okay!”. He was disappointed you didn’t have “Grandam Got Ran Over by a Reindeer” so I had to go download it for him. haha. The deer’s head is a hoot!

Well take care and have a good weekend!

on Friday, December 10th, Vic said:

LMFAO Jessica Simpson is a joke. I hate society so much for *screaming* I will end up writing a 3 page dissertation on it. Let me drop it. She sucks a fat donkey nut. Point blank. Her sister is not much better either. I hate whispery ass Janet Jackson voices and I hate being screamed at when I’m just listening to the radio. Supwitdat?

on Friday, December 10th, Johanna said:

Awww, Jaylen & Eenan sound really cute and I love that they still kiss and hug each other. You’ve done a good job with them, be proud girl 😀
Oh and Jessica Simpson.. please she can’t be identified as a singer anymore :angry: