Dammit, Dammit, Dammit

I’m here, at Mom’s, typing from John’s computer. We’re waiting here for about an hour or so till John’s damn car cools off. We went to pick Mom up from her appointment at 10:30am, then we went to Wal-Mart and had a quick lunch at McDonald’s, and then came home. We didn’t realize till we were almost here that the damn car was overheating. I asked Art for help when we got here, since I had no idea what I was supposed to do (I KNOW you put water in it when it over-heats, but where?!).

Neither of us knew exactly where to put the water, so I called Mario and prayed he’d answer since he’s at work and probably super busy with the sale they’re having. Luckily, he answered and told me what to do. I have to wait for the car to cool down for an hour, then I can put water in the little thingy on top of the radiator. What? I forgot what the thingy’s called.

I could have totally killed us on the way to Mom’s. I was SO nervous this morning, before I even drove to Mission, since I was going to be driving around town. While I was driving over there, I was surprised at how well I was doing and how unscary it was. I did fine over there. It was over here, where Mom lives, that I screwed up. Not only did I somewhat-only-yield at a red light (luckily there weren’t any cars coming when I went), but I stopped at another red light, thought all 4 sides had a stop sign, so after stopping I took off…and noticed another car coming straight for us from the left side. I felt like such an idiot . I could have KILLED my kids!!! Makes me feel really discouraged about even trying for my license next week . I guess I have to go through the whole damn driving book–for a third time. I suck.

I wanna go hooooooome!

on Monday, June 27th, melissa said:

dont get discouraged. ive been driving for two years and i still make silly mistakes. everyone does. youll do fine!

on Monday, June 27th, Johanna said:

Hey I am sorry:) I feel the same way. I have driven alone only once and who knows how I will drive with Frederick. I need to get my license NOW, but I am so scared! I hope that we can both get over our damn fears cuz we need to drive:) Take care!

on Monday, June 27th, Em said:

Im a long-time lurker of your site, you’ve visited a few of my old one s a couple of years back and i just wanted to say what a fan i still am of your art. Your pixels are so amazing! Too bad idiots are always trying to steal your stuff. Ive just opened a new site, not much there at the moment though!
Hey, don’t worry about the driving, my mum has panic attacks when she drives so thats like scarred me and im terrified to drive, ive gotten my learner plates twice & let them expire cos im too nervous to get behind a wheel! At least you’re doing it!
Lot of Love xox (Hope the cars ok)

on Sunday, June 26th, Lianna said:

It’s ok to have to read the book over. I had to read it over constantly and that was only for my permit! lol What helps is to not get stressed and frustrated with it. The first time I went to take my permit test, I’d been stressing over the information a week earlier. The second time I was calm and passed easily.

Just take your time with it. I’m soon to be getting my license, also. My parents are rushing me, but I tell them to calm down and let me go my own pace. And it’s working. They ask if I’m ready and I say “Not yet.” I’m giving myself maybe a few weeks to a month and then I’ll get it..

on Sunday, June 26th, kitty said:

:(I feel the same way as you do.. sigh.. I have to get my license before my son nathan comes back from the phils. so everything will be esier. anyway, I feel confident in driving now. I don’t know, I feel like a pro when I’m by myself but when it comes to taking the road test my whole body just goes shaky and my hands clammy, ugh.. :confused:then all of a sudden I get a lot of mistakes. my frequent mistakes are turning left, touching the bike paths.. argh.. others who takes the driver’s ed just passed them coz they have their driver’s ed instructor with them. I had a customer who was went to get his road test the very same day as I did. I asked him if he got his license he told me “yeah, I had a lot of mistakes but somehow he passed me, though. we weren’t even talking at all!” cripes, I was soooo furious coz a lot of instructors are not being fair at all. why pass soemone who doesn’t even drive good. the fail someone who had a teeny tiny mistake?? grrr.. ohh, don’t worry I pray we get our licenses within this year. oh dear.. goodluck.. ๐Ÿ™‚

on Sunday, June 26th, hunnybearz@direcway.com“>Jen said:

I went through driver’s ed to get my license.

I would not get behind the wheel until I asked repeatedly to know where everything was/is and how to turn the wheel, etc., then I got in and went.

You have cocky and confident drivers. I’m confident, and I drive everywhere; big cities, little towns, mountains; you name it.

Once you get used to it, and learn to believe in yourself, you’ll be fine.

People will tell you to pay attention to what you’re doing and not to others. But that’s a big lie. You pay attention to both; ex. if someone in front of you is swerving in and out, pull back. Just be calm, cool, and collected, and say to yourself ‘I’m fine. I can do this.’ You’ll do just that.

on Sunday, June 26th, Renay said:

Driving is just like everything else. It takes practice…loads of it. Don’t be sad you have to read your driving book. I knew people that didn’t even LOOK at that book and passed the test.

on Sunday, June 26th, Johanna said:

Woah, cars can be and are very dangerous, I’m 24 and I still don’t have a license. Firstly I don’t have the money for it and secondly I feel much more comfortable riding my bike or a bus :eblush: You just have to take the “all the others are crazy and I’m the only sane one” attitude while driving :hblush:

on Saturday, June 25th, Jessica said:

You’ll get it. When you get frustrated, just take a deep breath, calm down, and start again. Take a break if you need to, but it just gets worse if you get frustrated. You’ll get better the more you do it. Just be cautious of other lunatic drivers – and your kids will be safe. I believe in ya!

on Saturday, June 25th, Ana said:

I was like that at first too, i would hate to drive even out to the corner store. But as time passed I drove further and further, I already went on a 3 hour each way trip ๐Ÿ™‚ Youll get the hang of it

on Saturday, June 25th, Jennifer said:

You’ll get used to driving soon enough. It’s always scary at first – you anaylze everything, and you think things through too much, and wind up making silly (but dangerous) mistakes.
Soon enough you’ll be driving on auto-pilot, and everything will be fine. ๐Ÿ™‚

on Friday, June 24th, Sheena said:

Oh man, THATS WHY I DON’T DRIVE! I am terrified. I have a lisense but I don’t wanna kill myself or other people or get cursed out. I think I’m more afraid of getting cursed out and rediculed than anything :(.

on Friday, June 24th, Diana said:

Those things happen to everyone, when you realize how silly it was (like you did) that’s when you really learn not to do them anymore. Don’t take it so hard.

That’s funny about the ‘water thingy’. I know where it is, but I wouldn’t have a clue how it’s called either! I’ve had to do a few things to my car since it’s kinda crappy too, so I know how to put the oil in, check the battery, put the water in.. that’s about it ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s never left me stranded, thank God. Once I was in my mum’s car and got a flat tire and didn’t realize it until a guy pointed it out. I stopped to one side, he did too and changed it for me (I have NO clue). Turned out we were both on our way to uni, hehe. When I had a car accident it was also to a guy from uni, could’ve been a crazy drunk man. I’ve been lucky really! Good luck and do try out for that licence! ๐Ÿ˜‰