Dinner Party

I got up, made breakfast (eggs overeasy and toast for Mario, cheesy eggs for myself and Alaethia). I ate and had my (decaf) coffee. It was 9:30 so I went to check on Alaethia. She was so peaceful I cuddled up next to her and probably passed out. Next thing I knew soft, tiny hands were rubbing my face and a sweet little voice was saying, “Wake up, Mama!” That’s the best way to wake up :).

I gave Alaethia breakfast and called the doctor’s office to ask about the whole GBS thing and the antibiotics. I asked if they were absolutely positive that I take it now. The nurse, Erica, said yes; I’d take it now and then I’d get it intravenously during labor. Ok. Fine. I’m counting on them to be right.

I blogged for a bit then I chatted with Maggie, who asked if I was making enchiladas for dinner. I said sure; she’d asked the day before but we thought she was joking. Jorge announced it over the intercom that everyone was invited for enchiladas and chocolate chip cookies at our house tonight. I kind of freaked because when he said “everyone” was going over I didn’t realize that meant Mario, Jorge, Maggie and Adan—the only ones that work there besides Manny and Robert LOL.

I don’t know what goes through my mind, but I began to prep the trim in the bathroom (spackling the nail holes and nailing whatever needed it, taping off the wall). I finally painted the trim white. I cleaned up and got dressed to pick up the boys. Then we went to Dollar General to get corn tortillas for the enchiladas. They didn’t have any. I was hungry, because I missed lunch for painting so I got some Rice Crispies Treats, some tea and chips for the boys. Then we went to H-E-B.

Even though they were a bit hyper at times they still did well and helped me shop. We got everything we needed, came home, they started their homework while I unloaded and put everything away. Then I started on the enchiladas. I felt like I wasn’t going to have enough time, so I texted Maggie about them coming at 7:30 instead of 6:30. Mario called and said they’d be working a little later, so I hoped they’d make it on time.

It think it was while I was cooking that the boys got into a physical brawl over some dumb Xbox game, probably Halo. I had never seen them get so aggressive and be such…boys! I literally had to pull them apart because they were about to start punching each other. When I told Mario later he said I should have let them duke it out (!).

I was done with everything at 7:10 so I texted Maggie and had enough time to change clothes and make myself decent. Everyone started arriving right after I got dressed. I’m so glad everyone (Mary, Big Mario, all the kids, us and our guests) got to eat and everyone complimented my cooking, which is the best thing ever. They were disappointed because I hadn’t made the chocolate chip cookies, but I ended up making them anyway while Maggie and I were in the kitchen. She hadn’t seen the apartment/house in a while and said she really liked what we’d done with the place.

While I was mixing the batter for the cookies and talking about the gym Maggie’s going to we hear Alaethia give a content sigh in her high chair. She’d been eating some yogurt in there and when I turned around after I heard the sigh I didn’t know whether to laugh or get upset with her: she was completely covered from head to toe in yogurt. She just smiled and continued to rub more yogurt on herself. I called Mario and took pictures before sticking her in the tub for a bath.

We ate cookies and I sent the boys to bed. Alaethia was still up and so were Jorgie and Justin. They ran around outside with her. Jorge, Maggie and their kids left and we stayed outside with Adan for a while until Alaethia started saying she was cold. I left the few dishes I had left for the morning and got ready for bed. It was a pretty good day :).


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