Easter 2005 Weekend

Hope everyone (who celebrates) had a Happy Easter :).

As for our weekend (man I really need to update more frequently!)…on Friday, while getting ready for when everyone got here (Jose, Elda and the kids were arriving that day), the mail got here and Sonia presented me with a package from Vic! I was so excited…my initial thought was, “I thought she was sending a thank-you card?” LOL. I frantically opened it and was so surprised to see 2 10″ Care Bears and 3 10″ Care Bear Cousins, Hello Kitty stickers, a cute bag that says ‘Visit España’ on it, a Rainbow Brite ‘Star Sprinkles DVD, cute pencils, some little parachute guys and little goodies for the kids, some Strawberry Gum Tape, a teeny Hello Kitty Plush, Rose Petal Palace rings, and finally, a letter . All that for helping her with Greymatter. She’s so sweet. I feel guilty for not sending anything to her when she hosted me, or helped me get my domain and all the other awesome stuff she’s done for me. Gotta send her a *cough* thank-you card, too .

I finished getting ready and a few seconds later, everyone got here. We went in and said hello and gathered around and talked. Noelia had come home the day before and had a bad, bad virus, probably the flu. Poor Angela caught it that Friday, so she was miserable all day. Then Saturday, poor Sammy ended up catching it. I’ve been Lysoling everything like crazy–I’m so scared the kids will get it. The fever accompanied by that flu, or whatever it is, gets really high and they can’t keep anything down, not even medicine.

All the kids naturally gravitate towards our bedroom since there’s a plethora of toys…so you can imagine the condition of the room. I left for about 20 minutes, and when I came back, the room was turned completely upside down. Natalie ended up getting stuck in the rungs of the bunk beds–which have no mattresses on them because we’re going to disassemble it and put/give it away. Jaylen’s little tool shed thing was completely taken apart…and I have no idea how they did that since you need to UNSCREW everything. Mary got them all to clean since I was about to lose it (I’d just cleaned earlier that day LOL). As for outside…the canopy of the swing is torn in half and the slide was separated from the rest of the swing set. 9 kids=madness!

We went to Yadira’s that night and just talked and laughed. Noelia invited Andy over so he could meet everyone and everybody liked him. I’m so happy for her . He treats her so well and she’s just really happy. It’s about time she found someone who suits her.

Mario got there from work that night and while everyone was in the breakfast nook I helped Yadira wash dishes and then I made some break-apart Easter cookies. It was a nice night. Oh yeah, and Eenan punched Jaylen in the face…but other than that, it was a nice night…

At the moment, I can’t remember much from Saturday but I doubt we (the kids and I) went anywhere. Oh yeah, no we didn’t go anywhere. Yazmin spent the night with us so we were here all day…she on the computer and I was cleaning and then making two pans of flan the rest of the day. We had a birthday party for Albert to go to and I was taking flan. The one I made for the party ended up breaking apart completely when I flipped it because I didn’t have my flan-pan (it’s at Maggie’s). I didn’t even bother flipping the one for “here” for Easter because I was afraid it would break too. I got ready and felt uncomfortable and “rolly” in everything I had so I just wore a Strawberry Shortcake t-shirt and jeans. I knew everyone would be all “fancy” but I was frustrated and couldn’t have cared less. On the way to the place we took a sharp turn and the cajeta split all over my leg. Niiiice! I was so embarrassed, but when we got there Mario said we took a sharp turn and it spilt on me, and not only that but he blamed the broken flan on the turn. I looked at him with an extremely thankful look on my face and he stayed outside with some of the guys and their wives and I stayed inside with Albert’s sister and wife. I drank a yummy wine cooler and then we went outside and joined the husbands. We all got our plates when the food was done and as soon as we sat back down, it started pouring. We ran inside and ate there. It turned out to be a nice night aside from the rain.

We got home at around 12-1am that night, so we were super tired Easter morning. We had our 6th Anniversary cuddle time and then I took a shower while he went out to get the fire ready for the bar-be-cue. We had a whole bunch of dyed eggs that needed stuffing and covering, so after I got out of the shower I took everything to Mary’s and got started. I only got to finish about 1 1/2 dozens, and the rest stayed without stuffing since we ran out of confetti. Sonia, Jaylen and I went to the Dollar General and Family Dollar stores and they were closed. H-E-B was closed for sure and so was Wal-Mart, so we didn’t even bother going. Andy’d come over to spend Easter with Noey and said that on his way over he saw people coming out of the other Family Dollar store, so Elda, Yazmin, Sonia and I went. Either they’d been open and we’d gotten there too late, or people were just stopping by and checking if it was open. We went to Joy Dollar, which was the only place open and found a whole bunch of cute, cheap stuff Elda needed for baskets and prizes for the egg hunt. I found confetti and some jumbo crayons and a coloring book since Jaylen’s basket didn’t have one and we came home.

When the food was finally done, we all ate then went outside to do the egg hunt and crack the eggs. Eenan started crying because he didn’t find an egg with a number on it (which means you get a prize) and Brandon gave him one since he found two…awww . There were prizes left, so even Jaylen got one. They had so much fun with the egg hunt and even more fun cracking the eggs on everyone. After that, we got all the kids in line to hit the egg-shaped pinata Annie brought. I quickly ran in to empty my other memory card and the darn thing wouldn’t erase the pictures because it was supposedly write-protected. Took forever, but I got it to work and I hear Mario yell, “Kids…get in line from smallest to tallest…Yajaira, you first.” The short jokes will never get old…

The kids opened their Easter baskets and were in love with everything in them. The main gift in Eenan’s basket was a Bionicle DVD and Jaylen got the Spongebob Squarepants movie. The boys got a basket from each of their Ninos (Godparents) and one from us. Since Jaylen has two sets of Ninos he got three baskets in total…so he had fun LOL. It was a really nice day. I loved that we all got to be together. I didn’t get to see Mom, John and Gramma though, so that was really depressing for me, but I got to talk to Mom and we’ll hopefully see Gramma on Thursday. Poor Mom had to work from 3-9 that day . Mario watched the Bionicle movie with the kids while I helped clean the mess outside. When I came in, he took a nap and the kids happily played with their toys. I don’t remember much from that night. I know we got together to have dinner, but I don’t remember what we ate, or who was here or what we did .

The next day the kids and I just spent the day here and I tried cleaning as much as I could. I tried spending as much time with everyone as I could, but since Eenan had school the next day I had to get him ready and I also had to make Mario’s lunch for work. The hectic-ness starts again!

Jaylen woke me up Monday night (early Tuesday morning) at around 2am asking for some milk. So I gave him a cup and straw and he finished it, then started rolling around in his bed groaning that his tummy hurt. I was so scared he caught the virus I couldn’t sleep because I was afraid he’d throw up. Then MY stomach started hurting. Needless to say, I didn’t fall asleep till almost 4am. After dropping Eenan off at school and making Mario breakfast and seeing him off to work, I took a nice, long nap with Jaylen. Then I cleaned. Mary called and said she was going grocery shopping and asked if I’d like to go along and I needed to so I said yes. Noelia would pick Eenan up. We came home and I helped Eenan with his homework, then everyone got together and we ate dinner. Andy came over and brought his little red-eared turtles with him (I think that’s what they’re called?). So now we have two little turtles named Jackie and Daniel…aww . Mario said he was going to kick my ass for taking more animals in but I told him he doesn’t take care of the other animals anyway (I DO) so I’d take care of them and he didn’t have to worry about it. The kids are excited…maybe it’ll heal the pain of losing their dear Goldie. Yes, I forgot to mention it above, but Goldie died on Friday, I think. I was going to change out his (her?) water and when Eenan passed by the tank, he yelled “Oh NO! Goldie’s DEAD!!” I ran over, and sure enough, he was floating sideways in the tank . He had been totally fine in the morning when Eenan fed him. His water wasn’t even cloudy. I think it’s because he needed a filter and stuff…and the man at Wal-Mart said all he needed was purified water. Grr. So anyway, I grabbed a little cardboard box and stuck him in it so we could bury him next to Hamtaro’s grave and Jaylen went crazy. After I taped up the box, he grabbed it away from me and just wailed that he wanted me to open the box and put Fishy back in his tank. He kept screaming, “Open it, Mama, open it!” I felt so bad and swallowed the lump creeping up my throat and told him we’d bury him and then he could visit him whenever he wants and take him flowers like they do to Hamtaro. That made him feel a little better so we went out there, buried him and they brought him little weeds and flowers LOL.

When I dropped Eenan off at school today he remembered it was Pet Day so I had to come back and get the turtles and gerbil and take them to his class. Jaylen woke up to help me LOL. Hopefully the animals are okay and not poked and prodded too much. I don’t think Ms. O. would let them mess with them too much anyway.

There were two other pets there: a teeny goldfish (with very cloudy water ) and an adorable Siberian hammy like Pecan. I would have taken Pecan but man, he’s a meanie! He’ll bite the kids for sure if they stick their fingers into the cage. I can barely feed the lil’ fucker without him trying to attack my hand .

Welp, gonna hang/fold clothes and then change out the animals’ sheddings. Then I’m going to watch Medium .

on Monday, April 4th, Vic said:

LOL you better not send me anything! Most people get paid with money for all the work you did. πŸ˜‰

on Wednesday, March 30th, Diana said:

Hey! That’s sad about Goldie. But when you last mentioned it I was gonna ask if you had the filters and all that, I do think they need that. Only Bettas and Gourami (I think that’s what they’re called) can live in regular purified water. You should get one of those! πŸ˜› I’ve had a Betta for almost two years now, can’t believe he’s lasted this long πŸ˜‰ hehe. Nah, but they’re low-maintenance. I just change his water every 3-4 days (he’s in a one gallon round glass bowl. A little less than one gallon I think) which can be a pain at times, but it’s quick and easy. And they’re more fun than Goldfish imo. Those little turtles are cute too! Only thing is they can get really big after a while. It’s cool that you’ve got all those animals I think. I don’t think I could have rats though!

on Wednesday, March 30th, Gonzo said:

Sounds like you had a great weekend! I’m glad. Happy Easter. πŸ™‚