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It’s Tuesday, before 11pm and I’m done with all my housework — woo! Well, all the “big stuff” anyway. I left a few dishes in the sink, but I’ll do them in the morning while Aly’s asleep. Everything else though, including laundry (plus hanging and folding and putting it away) is all done! We’ve been having lots of company lately so it’s imperative that the house is clean. It would suck before when I’d have the house sparkling and nobody would come over. Then, as soon as the kids would destroy everything there was a knock at the door! So, while Mom’s here I’ve been taking advantage and having her watch Alaethia while I scrub/sweep/dust everything. I got all the junk that was in the hallway thrown out or put away and my next project is getting everything off our computer desk (papers, files, CDs, and everything else), putting it away in the Big Closet and getting rid of the desk. We’re probably not getting a new desktop PC for while so there’s no point in keeping our 7-year-old desk that’s falling apart. (I’m looking at the desk right now and boy does the mess on it look overwhelming!)

I was supposed to go to Target today, but ended up just chilling out, then paying bills online (don’t you love technology?), and then cleaning. I’ll probably get around to doing it tomorrow. I’ve got a 10% off coupon I need to use! And Alaethia really needs more bibs. I just need to prepare myself for tantrums; Mom’s got an all-day appointment at a heart clinic (just precautionary stuff) so I’m braving Target with all three kiddos. Must avoid the toy section and we’ve got to go early so Jaylen isn’t moody because he needs a nap!

My interview was moved to Friday. I called to check the location of the meeting because I couldn’t stop thinking about it and about 2 seconds after calling the place the woman interviewing me called and told me about the change. I’m. So. Nervous. I’ve not had an interview in a few months (about…9?) so it’s incredibly nerve wracking.

I’m watching LA Ink and Kat’s friend, Pixie, I think(?) has Care Bears tattooed on her arm! If I weren’t so afraid of needles I’d totally get a Care Bear on me somewhere…and Rainbow Brite…and Hello Kitty…

Woo I’m tired. Doesn’t even feel like I took a shower.

6 thoughts on “En La Casa

  1. Wow so your desktop comp just completely died, no hope for it? I was looking at the iMacs Apple released yesterday (we follow that stuff quite closely ’cause I work in a brokerage house here, I’ve made quite a bit of money with that stock!) and now I wanna cry when I see how ugly my desktop comp is at home lol. Was yours old? I almost wish ours died. 😉

    I didn’t know there was a LA Ink, I watch Miami Ink on Discovery often, it almost makes me want to get a tattoo. But I don’t think I could ever make up my mind!

  2. I almost got a hello kitty on my shoulder blade but i chickened out…i hate needles too. I know what u mean about ur desk being a mess, right now my whole bedroom is a disaster not to mention my desk lol.

  3. Yup, totally died. We thought it was the power supply, changed that and it was fine. When it died this time, we thought it was the harddrive but it isn’t turning on at all, so it’s probably the darn motherboard. It would cost less just to buy a completely new one. It was 4 years old and was used every day, all day; if not by me, then my bro or Mario, so I think it lived it’s life LOL.

    LA Ink just started! Kat’s starting her own shop in LA and they’re documenting it from the beginning. I think the 2nd episode is barely airing next week, not sure how long before it comes out in Venezuela?

  4. My sis-in-law was going to pay for one for me. We were there at the shop and everything and I just couldn’t do it. One, because I was nervous, two, because I couldn’t make up my mind! I want to get something meaningful, that I’m not going to hate later on. (Mario wants to cover up the ones he has on each arm =\!)

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