Getting the Nerve

I don’t check my mail for one day and I have 26 junk mail e-mails in my inbox. I hate junk mail .

Anyway, thank you all who’ve left me comments on my two previous entries. I really appreciate the advice and encouragement . I’ll try and get back to everyone soon.

Haven’t been online much due to studying the darn DL book and working up the courage again to drive. The night I “screwed up”, I actually cried myself to sleep (don’t laugh) because the incident kept replaying in my head and all I kept thinking was, “What if I hadn’t reacted as quickly as I did and just froze there?” I kept thinking about the kids. But I’m trying to get over it. Mostly because Mario made me snap out of it. Thank you, Babe.

I didn’t drive at all on Saturday. Well, unless you consider me going to the store a few streets down on a beer run for Mario and Cuate. But that was it. I was still too chicken.

Sunday, Mary drove to Brownsville and we went to the zoo to celebrate Natalie’s 12th birthday. It was Cata, Annie and their kids and Mary, the boys and I. No one else went because it was “short notice”, but we all had a great time anyway. I got some great pictures, and I even saw some HUGE red eared slider turtles. I hope my babies can get that big one day. And the cutest thing was that there were baby animals EVERYWHERE!

While we were on our way to the zoo, Mario called to let me know Choco Cat and Panthy Poo (Panther, Mom’s cat) had been mating. Sure enough, we get home and they were flirting with eachother. Now, Skinny’s trying to hump Brushka, and she’s letting him . I’m going to have 30 cats in a few months .

I don’t remember much from Monday (spent most of the day studying the DL book then took John driving around–he did really well). Yesterday, I finally got tired of running out of groceries and stuff like napkins and Clorox wipes, so I got the kids ready, made John go with us, said a prayer and drove to Mission, to Wal-Mart. Then we went to H-E-B to buy groceries. I did really good on my own, too! Usually, I have a hard time containing myself and buy things we don’t need (which is why I didn’t want to go without Mario), but I only spent $63 at Wal-Mart and $120 at H-E-B and got all the stuff we needed and a few extras.

It was SUPER hot when we got home. Turns out the darn air-conditioner pipe froze and so the air wasn’t working. Mary watched Jaylen while I took Angela and Eenan to their swimming lessons and then we came home. I was literally dripping sweat while I was making dinner (didn’t drip into the food though, don’t worry !). Then we went to Yadira’s, where it was nice and cool. She made enchiladas, too–salsa verde ones with LOTS of mozzerella cheese . T’was nice seeing everyone last night.

Today, I’ve got to finish reading that book because tomorrow John and I go and take the test *breathes*. I need to call the driving place because I’ve got a few questions. I need to remember to go to the ATM tomorrow since I need to go to the school to re-order my diploma. I also need to take the kids to the library and clean! I’ve been procrastinating for the past hour .

on Saturday, July 2nd, Erin said:

Your boys are so adorable in those pics. I so want to go to the zoo right now. Maybe for my birthday someone will take me. I can just see me…almost 8 months pregnant and waddling around the zoo. haha. Should be fun though! 😎

on Saturday, July 2nd, Vic said:

We had a red eared slider before. His name was Franklin. How creative right? LOL Well, I was sick of smelling his funky ass tank and he got SO big that the tank was too small. So he lives at Richy’s brother’s place in his extra bathtub…don’t ask LOL

on Thursday, June 30th, birdie said:

Awe! Your boys look adorable! πŸ™‚ I should take my little girl to the zoo also. It would be her first time. πŸ™‚ Don’t worry about the road test! Everyone doesn’t do very good during the first one…you’re one heck of a driver if you do. πŸ˜›

on Thursday, June 30th, Lianna said:

Good luck to both you and you brother! I hope you pass! I’ll be thinking of you both!

on Thursday, June 30th, Jessica said:

Good luck, I know you did great! Good looking boys in those pics too! πŸ™‚

on Thursday, June 30th, Johanna said:

Hey I really hope you passed:) Is the petting zoo safe after that incident that happened somewhere I am worried about it. It looks so cute:) Is it very hot going to the zoo? How many hours were you there? I am also worried about the heat:(

on Thursday, June 30th, becca said:

Good luck, doll! You’ll do wonderfully. πŸ™‚ I love the photos of your boys at the zoo– I was just thinking yesterday how much I want to go when I’m up for some walking around.

It’s amazing what you can get for $63 at Walmart, isn’t it? I’m all about that store. Heh.

on Thursday, June 30th, kitty said:

:)goodluck, yaya!! hope you pass it, dear.. I’ll probably take my road test again by two weeks time. hopefully we could get our licenses already.. it’s just that I’m about to give up hope…. oohh, the boys are very cute here with the animals.. ^_^

on Wednesday, June 29th, tara said:

Good luck on your test tomorrow! I’ll be thinking of you! πŸ˜€

on Wednesday, June 29th, Diana said:

Good luck tomorrow!

You might wanna think of perhaps neutering some of those kitties? There are just so many out there without homes, and they’re good at multiplying πŸ˜‰