Growing Up

I went into my bedroom, where Alaethia’s watching Ni-Hao Kai-Lan and Emily’s sleeping, and Alaethia asked me, “Mom? When can I grow up?”

I smile and tell her, “Never!”

She says, “Mom, please! I need to go to school!”

I tell her, “You’ll grow up, slowly. And you’ll go to school in a year.”

She says, “Good. And then I can say bad words?”

I laugh and say, “No! You can’t say bad words till…you’re ALL grown up. Like me.” –because I’m sure she was thinking Hey! But you say bad words!

And after thinking it over a bit she says, “Okay. And when I grow up I can reach the snacks in top shelves, too.” She’s too funny! I wonder what else goes through that little 3-year-old mind of hers!


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