How Well Do You Know Me?

I took Vic’s quiz (got a score of 80!) and then made my own. Here’s my quiz and here’s the scoreboard. I think it’s awesome since you can only know so much from a blog/personal site wink. If any of my dailies/friends make one, let me know so I can take it big grin!

on Thursday, September 30th, tara said:

yay for me!! LOL

on Thursday, September 30th, Ami said:

I gots a 70 xD smile I love QuizYourFriends..used to do it all the time big grin

on Thursday, September 30th, Vic said:

I WIN!!! LOL I did pretty damn good big grin Go me, go me.

on Wednesday, September 29th,“>Stephanie said:

Aw.. I only got 60% crying. Well, now I know a little more about you. I used to make those all the time.. I love those quizes! Maybe I’ll make one again.. I’ve got to think of some questions first though!

on Wednesday, September 29th, Diana said:

Got an 80! I got Old Navy right, even tho I had no idea wink I got a couple wrong… one was what you’d name your daughter, I can’t remember the other one. These are fun big grin