Hurricane Hannah, Keto & Eenan’s 21st Birthday!

Our luck would have it that not only is the Rio Grande Valley battling Covid-19, but we got hit with a hurricane last weekend. Hurricane Hanna. It was a category 1 hurricane but it destroyed trees everywhere, a lot of the Valley was without power (some for almost a week) and it caused tons of flooding. Tree branches fell at our house, my white/pink bougainvillea that Jorge got me in 2013 was completely uprooted, but thankfully we didn’t flood and we never lost power. Jorge and the kids enjoyed being outside in the rain watching the light show being caused by lightning and transformers popping in the distance. Thankfully no one got a cold!

I finally decided, after binging on gummies and junk food for the past month (especially during Hurricane Hanna) that I felt SO, SO unhealthy and uncomfortable in this body that I was going to re-start Keto and stick to it once and for all. I re-started last Monday, July 27th. I’m happy to report that I have stuck to it all week, including during Eenan’s 21st birthday!

Birthdays these days in the time of Covid means having to order food in. What does Eenan, my wonderful boy, request? Wing Stop 😆 . So Jorge brought him his Wing Stop and I left work right at 5 to get the ingredients for some spinach artichoke dip and green apple Smirnoffs, which Eenan requested. I also got him some snacks for his snack bag that included his birthday money.

Eenan had also requested a Reese’s ice cream cake but there weren’t any at all at HEB. So instead, I got him an Oreo cake and crushed up some Reese’s and voila! Perfection! Too bad I had to be strong and avoid it 😥 !

Still can’t believe how time has just flown by. I have an actual ADULT ADULT child!!

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