I’m Dreaming Of A White…CHRISTMAS!


Will update soon. Super busy, having fun, spending time with family. IT’S SNOWING IN SOUTH TEXAS!!!! How freaking AWESOME is that!?!?! Have pics, will post them soon…feels like hands have frost bite (sp?!) !! I LOVE THIS!

Yazmin says, so does she !

on Tuesday, December 28th, jen said:

this is really weird, b/c all your pictures are calling YOURSELF a whore for direct linking… is it just on my computer that this is happening? I don’t get it!!! did someone steal your layout so you changed yours to screw up theirs? i am confused!

on Tuesday, December 28th, Mandi said:

hey this is a very lovely site its adorable happy holidays

on Sunday, December 26th, Jessica said:

Snow! We got some up here in West Texas, and we saw on the news that ya’ll had snow too (even Corpus and Brownsville :gasp:) Very cool. I meant to take pics of it, but it melted too fast and was drove on before I could get anything pretty. 🙁

But Merry Christmas, and have a good time w/ family!

on Sunday, December 26th, tara said:

yay for snow merry xmas

on Saturday, December 25th, Johanna said:

Can you believe this happened? I still can’t! Wow! I have no other words to say! Just “wow”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn LOL! I took pix too! Finally came true! A white X-mas!

on Saturday, December 25th, Vic said:

OMG you’re so lucky, SNOW IN SOUTH TEXAS? I want snow!!!! I think I won’t be getting it anytime soon LOL. It hasn’t snowed here in 27 years. Oh well! Merry Christmas!

on Saturday, December 25th, Danny said:

Merry Christmas hun! You’re awesome! I hate snow, but I’m sure its really pretty. Have fun w/ the family.

on Saturday, December 25th, Kerry said:

OMG Hello Kitty X-Mas … s0o cute!! Merry Christmas Yajaira. i <3 u & your cute layouts hehe. I heard it snowed there, thats awesome!! Send some of that to me in South Florida plz LoL.

on Saturday, December 25th, Bex said:

MERRY XMAS!!!! It’s snowing here in England too! It hasnt snowed on Xmas Day here in years. It’s wonderful that it’s a white Xmas for Lydia’s first 🙂

Hope you’ve all had a great day and dont feel too sick from all the food like I am! heheh! Take care

on Saturday, December 25th, Lianna said:

Hey Yajaira!! Merry Christmas!!!! You guys are so lucky to have snow, we have to drive all the way to the mountains just for it. hehe Anyway, I hope you and your family have a great one! (:

on Saturday, December 25th, Lauren said:


on Saturday, December 25th, laurie said:

OMG you guys got snow???? I was in Austin all day today and I missed the snow flurries we got here in Lockhart! bummer! You must post pictures! Merry Christmas darling!

on Saturday, December 25th, elaine said:

MERRY XMAS YAYA!!! and to mario and eanan and jaylen!!
wish all of u get many many presents, gifts, goodies! Hahahaha.

singapore doesn’t snow. but rains like mad. i think it’s a replica of snow. LMAO!!

hope u have a nice day arhhhhhhhh!! >.