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This has got to be the longest I've ever gone without blogging. I've sat down in front of the computer ready to type my frustrations out and I never get the chance to actually. Rmkw.ico . . sit. My site's going to crap. . . I've lost so many visitors in the process .

Since the last time I updated rmkw.ico, my head's just been out of whack. It's gotta be this bi-polar thing. I'm fine one minute and a sobbing mess the next, and over the tiniest thing. I wish I could go to the doctor so I could actually be diagnosed with something instead of just thinking I'm going nuts.

This Quickbooks course's got me REALLY stressed out. Out of all my classes (including the computer hardware and software ones) this one's the hardest. Last Friday was one of the worst days for me. Aside from my hormones (or whatever's wrong with me) going haywire, I was having a fit with Quickbooks because I made one tiny mistake and had to start the assignment OVER. I literally broke down (thankfully right before a break) and cried my eyes out. I couldn't even understand why I was crying--I'd messed up on assignments before and it never affected me like that. I felt so. . . weird and stupid crying over that. It didn't help that my friends kept saying, "You're too hard on yourself!", when it had absolutely nothing to do with the assignment.

That day, I got home late (because Ricci and I stayed a little later to work on our assignment) and got yelled at by Mario. I cried that whole day. I even cried--no, no, bawled--because of a song I heard on the radio (The Christmas Shoes).

I've felt better since, but there's really no telling when I'll get all sensitive again. I just hope it stops happening at school!

What made me feel a little better on Friday was that we went to the mall and got the kids a few winter things (a new jacket for Jaylen and beanies) and bought meat to bar-be-cue. It was super cold that night but the fire in the chimney made it all warm and toasty. Ricci, Goyo and Belinda came over for a while, Andy and Noelia, Mary, Big Mario, Mom and the boys were there and then later Chris and Nancy came over. We stayed up talking with them till 1:30am. Nancy and I actually talked to eachother this time. I confessed to her (and her to me) that I was embarrassed to talk before because I was embarrassed about my Spanish (and her, her English). She's really sweet; I'm glad we got the chance to chit chat. Now I won't feel embarrassed going over to their house for bar-be-cues and stuff. That's why I'd never go before LOL.

We went to Catherine's birthday party last Saturday at a place called Kidz Rock. Aside from the scary waiver we had to sign that basically told us we were signing our kids' lives away it was pretty cool (the employees could basically beat the kids to death but we signed the waiver so they weren't at fault. It also said rmkw.ico they weren't responsible for any diseases, partial paralysis, or death that may occur ). The kids had fun though.

This whole week's been spent buying Christmas gifts. Ricci and I have literally gone to the mall every day after school since Monday. I actually finished getting my friends their gifts and I'm so happy. I hope they all like what I got them. Ricci knows I got her stuff from Victoria's Secret Garden and both Mayra and Lucy know I got them purses I just hope they like them.

Oooh! Ricci finally told everyone she's pregnant! Yay :D!

Since it's the holidays the mall and 10th street are super crowded; mostly with Mexican tourists. My GOD those people do NOT know how to drive here. That, and they like to park in the middle of the parking lot when they can't find a parking space and put their emergency lights on. So annoying. I almost had an anuerism at least 10 times this weekend. To think we still have 3 more gifts to get (and 1 more for Eenan and 2 more for Jaylen) on the 23rd when Mario gets paid again. Oy.

Spent tonight making Snickerdoodles with Mary and Mom. Mary made Pan De Polvo, Mom helped roll the cookies in sugar and later Elda came by and made pecan sandies. We made little tins for the kids' teachers tomorrow. I still have to make more cookies for us here at home (Mario and I can eat a whole batch of Snickerdoodles ourselves) and some for my classmates. It's going to be a busy weekend.

I should REALLY get into the shower and get our clothes out for tomorrow. Eenan's last day is tomorrow. I'm so proud of my little guy--he made the All A Honor Roll for the first time this year. He's so thrilled.

I'm so sleepy. I don't think I'll be ironing tonight . I'll hopefully update again soon. Hope being the key word. on Sunday, December 18th, said:
Aww sorry to hear your feeling blue, i hope that you will be feeling better soon. Christmas is a totally mad time of year, it can make everybody tear there hair out! [rmkw.ico] You take care now, much love from the UK

on Sunday, December 18th, said:
I'm so glad you updated. :) I really hope you feel better soon--I'm sending a *huge* hug your way! I'm seriously theorizing that there is something in the air. All of us girls were more emotionally fragile than usual for the last two weeks of school--bawling, fighting, being catty, all that goodness times. . . A MILLION. And I seriously cried on the plane coming home yesterday when they showed an Oxfam commerical.

Quickbooks? Oh em gee. I totally empathize! I have to use that at work--it's our register and all our records in one and I cannot even tell you the trouble I have with it. Of course, the perk of this is calling the cute guy on shift at the other stores to rescue me from the Quickbook Of Doom. ;) Take care of yourself, sweetie! xox!

on Saturday, December 17th, said:
HEY! Glad to see you're alive still ;) I hope you can see a doc and get treated soon. There's nothing quite as invigorating as thinking you might be going mad.

on Friday, December 16th, said:
Aww:( I hope that you don't get so stressed out anymore. I had been fine this school year, but now I am seriously ready for a break. Students were driving me insane today. Actually more than ever! I have only bought about 3 gifts and I really need to start shopping! Take care!

on Friday, December 16th, said:
We really should live near each other. I mean, we get sick at the same time and we feel down and up periodically at the same time. It's like we were conjoined twins but one of us got lost after the separation lol

Sometimes the holidays can make your mood/hormones go haywire. A lot of it has to do with all the seasonal hormones being put off by crazy shoppers in the stores. I don't know what to tell ya other than I know what you're going through, at least partially because I have a lot of ups and downs, most of the time for no reason at all. Sometimes I even tear up just watching a campbell's soup commercial. You will pull back out of it though so don't pressure yourself. You want to relax as much as you can when the swings start going because if you put too much pressure on yourself to feel 'normal' it could get worse.

It could also be stress. I was having major problems when I was in college. I actually had to quit on doctors orders because it got so bad. Now I have acid reflux and a nice ulcer as my parting gift. So watch those stress levels missy!

I'm here for ya and i have plenty of strange medicine (non-illegal) and tissues if you need me, them or well. . anything really ;) Keep that pretty little chin up!

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