Last Day of School, First Day of Summer Vacation

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Yesterday morning I dropped Eenan off at school and left the cupcakes in the classroom. Ms. O. was there so we talked for a little bit about Krispy Kreme (they’re selling them at Circle K now–YES!) and her pregnancy. I came home, got Mario’s & Jaylen’s clothes ready and at 8:30 we left to the awards assembly. Poor Eenan didn’t get a thing . They were only giving Kinder and Pre-K awards for perfect attendance and of course, Eenan was sick a few times this year with Pnuemonia and had to miss. Had they given out awards for Honor Roll in Kinder, Eenan definetly would have gotten a trophy. Yes, a trophy. They were giving out trophys and a CD Player to kids with perfect attendance and a trophy and a BIKE for kids who made the honor roll. Luckily, Eenan already has both–so hopefully he didn’t feel too bad. If he said anything about it after school, Mario and I decided we’d go out and buy him a little trophy and engrave it for him since he did exceptionally well this year. He was one of the top 3 in reading, homework, and grades in his class–but of course they don’t count it yet . He didn’t seem upset at all though, so I felt a little less upset about it.

Right after the assembly, I dropped Mario off at home, picked John up and took him to the stadium for his graduation practice. I was so nervous driving over there, since the cops drive around that area and our darn left blinker has a habit of going out sometimes and they’ll definetly stop me for that. And hello, I have no license. But I did fine and there were no cops around .

I came home, chilled out all afternoon and then we picked Eenan up. Ms. O. had invited us to the party, which started at 2:30, but we didn’t get there till 2:40 and they close the darn gate by then . When they finally let us drive in, we went in to the school. Ms. O. was upset because McDonald’s–which is right across the expressway about 5 blocks down–still hadn’t brought the Happy Meals the school’d ordered for the kids at around 2. Some of the kids, like walking and bus kids, didn’t get to have one . There was 2 other moms there and between all of us we seperated all the fries and burgers and nuggets into ziplocs and passed them to the kids. Since they had some left over, she gave the other Mom’s toddlers and Jaylen a Happy Meal each…aww . We talked for a little bit and then said our goodbyes, which was so sad. Eenan hugged her and said, “I love you, Miss!” She hugged me and shook Mario’s hand and told us how we were great parents and we told her what a great teacher she was. She said to stop by next year and visit her and the baby LOL. I can only hope Eenan has a teacher as nice as her next year.

Tonight’s John’s graduation. I think I’ll start getting ready at 3:30, because I need that much time to flat-iron my hair, iron all the clothes and clean a little bit. We have to be there by 6pm. The kids have been…okay so far. They’ve already wrestled a few times, but at least they’re calm now. I haven’t pulled my hair out or screamed into a pillow yet, so we’re doing alright .

on Monday, May 30th, Lynsey said:

I always love coming to your site! You left such a sweet message in my guesbook! Thank you! I think all of the site skins are awesome! Much love 😀

on Sunday, May 29th, Sheena said:

lol I’m sorry. I did that to quite a few boards. I didn’t think I was “commercial” lol until I stopped to think about it. :hblush:

on Sunday, May 29th, Alan said:

Hey kewl layout, it totally rocks. Wish someone could cook me cup cakes, I miss them soooo much 😛 nice to see a good parent out there these days.


on Sunday, May 29th, kitty said:

aww.. so sweet!! anyway, you’re so funny about the license thingy.. yeah, me too when I drive to work or pick hubby up I get so nervous when cops are just nearby.. ugh! ^_^ but of course when you have confidence in yourself you’ll be alright.. sigh.. just like me.. I want my license now.. 🙁 you have a nice day!! congrats to your lil boy btw.. ^_^

on Sunday, May 29th, Brandy said:

Aw. Thats so nice that you baked cupcakes for the kiddies 🙂 You’re such a good parent! *hugs*

I hope that someday, I have the opportunity to do that for my children 🙂

on Saturday, May 28th, Yajaira said:

Thanks so much for letting me know Kari xoxo!

on Saturday, May 28th, Kari said:

Hi hun, I just wanted to tell you that your care bear blinkie is up for grabs on this site as a template!

I really don’t think you wanted that up for grabs.. I thought I would tell you. :gasp:

on Friday, May 27th, Vic said:

Today was Rene’s last day of school too. He had a wonderful teacher who was really understanding of all of his “problems”. She gave me a hug too :hblush: Well, now it’s on to summer! LOL

on Friday, May 27th,“>Tina said:

What is up with the black and yellow signs?? I mean I guess it is obvious someone is stealing your shit and you want this posted on their site, but who?? I have never been here before and it makes it hard for me to see your site. Just curious thats all!

on Friday, May 27th, Sheena said:

That is so sweet. I want to do those kind of things for my kids because I know they will deserve them.