Fluppy Dogs Collection

This is my collection of Fluppy Dog things. I’m surprised not very many people collect Fluppy Dogs! I was obsessed with them as a child :). Below the list is a photo slideshow.

Things with an asterix next to them are the most recently added since the last update.
Last update: May 25, 2015

Fluppy Dogs
Fanci – pink/white dog – has ribbon and collar
Fanci 2 – pink/white – has ribbon and collar
Dink – peach/white – has yellow visor and collar
Bink – yellow/white – has ribbons and collar
Ozzie – mint green/white – has glasses, missing collar
Stanley – blue/white – has bandana and collar
Tippi – purple/white – missing ribbons and collar

Fluppy Puppies
Tumble Pup (mint green/white baby w/ bonnet)
Tickle Pup (purple/white baby w/ bonnet)
Wiggle Pup (pink/white/blue baby w/ bonnet)
Wobble Pup (yellow, peach, blue baby w/ bonnet)

Fluppy Dogs Movie on DVD!
Pack of bonnets
Pack of hats/glasses/bonnets/etc.*

Want List
“Fluppy Dogs to the Rescue” book
“Fluppy Dogs on Parade” board book
Lunch Box & Thermos
Nuzzle Pup (Pink/white puppy w/ or w/out tea rose print bonnet, have an extra)
Twinkle Pup (yellow/white puppy w/ or w/out yellow bow, have an extra)
Fluppy Dogs blanket
Fluppy Dogs clothes & accessories

Fluppy Dog Links
Luna Cat’s 80s Movies/cartoons For Sale (ordered Fluppy DVD from her, highly recommend!)

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