Miscellaneous 80’s Items

These are other miscellaneous 80’s/early 90’s things I’ve collected. I’m hoping to collect all the Yum Yums and most of the My Little Pony plushes later on :P. I’ve also recently (July 2015) discovered Frou Frou’s!

There’ll be an asterix next to the items added since the last update.
Last update: May 9, 2016

My Little Pony
My Little Pony Softie – Moondancer
My Little Pony Softie – Parasol
My Little Pony Softie – Bowtie (finally!)

Dakin Frou Frou
Hot pink haired 10″ Frou Frou
Mint haired 10″ Frou Frou
Orange haired 10″ Frou Frou
7″ Pink haired Frou Frou
7″ Hot pink haired Frou Frou
4″ Lilac haired Frou Frou
Lilac haired Frou Frou Clippit

Pound Puppies
Pound Puppies – 15in. White/brown spotted dog
Miscellaneous Pound Puppies & 2 Pound Purries

3 Fisher Price Cartoon/Movie Viewers and 4 movies (Lonesome Ghosts is the one I had as a child!)
Sylvanian Families – Flocked Baby bear in diaper and bib (fakie?)
Teddy Ruxpin – The Treasure of Grundo VHS
2 Sticker Albums 80’s circa. Filled with scratch-n-sniff, Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, etc. stickers.
Brush-a-Loves Bear (birthday gift from Rejeana)
Garfield plush
Fisher Price Happy Apple (1972)
Raggedy Anne doll
Raggedy Anne baby doll
An old teddy bear my mom got me before I was even born
Baby Muppets Fozzie Bear dressed in red hat/green scarf
Baby Muppets Miss Piggy dressed in a red dress (x2)
Plastic bell charms (my love surprised me!!)
Green Kuddlee Uglee
Hallmark 1985 Callie Cat
Kitty Kitty Kittens Jungle Kitty
Ramona Reindeer, large*
Moon Dreamers Roary The Lion*

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