Nosy Bears Collection

This is my collection of Nosy Bears. Below the list is a photo slideshow of some of my collection. I never come across these locally and most of them are $30+ on eBay! I’m happy to say that I’ve gotten pretty good deals on the ones I *do* have ^_^.

Items with an asterix next to them are the most recently added since the last update.
Last update:June 11, 2016

10″ Nosy Bears
Guppy (sea green/peach bear w/ dolphins in nose)
Snowplay (light blue/yellow w/ snow in nose)
Rumpus (orange/aqua w/ basketball/hoop in nose)
Chexter (blue/melony pink w/ inflating balloon in nose) (x2)*
Twinkle (light blue/white w/ saturn and gold glitter stars)
FlyBye (pale pink/yellow w/ butterflies and gold glitter stars)
Gumlet (fushia/orange with loose gumballs and bowl)
Popper (red/white with loose popcorn and carton)
Dizzy (lilac/mint with swirl in nose)

8″ Easter Edition Nosy Bunnys
Chicky (yellow/peach w/ chick in Easter egg)
Ducky (sea green/lilac w/ 2 chicks in green “water”)
Tisket (lilac/bright yellow bunny with Easter basket)

Shaker Nosy Bears
Happy Heart Shaker
Mazey Shaker
Goody Shaker
Candy Heart Shaker
Chuckles Shaker**

Of course I’d like *all* the Nosy Bears, but these are the ones I’d love to get the most.
Dizzy (lilac/aqua with swirl in nose)
Funsy (hotpink/pale pink with inflating balloon)
Goody Shaker (hotpink/lilac with ice cream sundae nose)
Mazey Shaker (light blue/pale pink and maze nose)
Penny Shaker (pink/yellow with piggy nose)
Ringer Shaker (fushia/melony-pink with hoops and bear)
Candy Heart Shaker (white/hotpink with small hearts and glitter nose)
Happy Heart Shaker (red/white with large popped-out heart, small glitter hearts)
Heartfelt Shaker (pink/white with heart hoops and glitter)
Ahoy Shaker (baby blue/white with boat)
Chuckles Shaker (red/yellow with clown inside)

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