OPAH, DITL 4-07-07

I’m finally getting around to posting this — incredibly late, but posting.

I slept in Saturday morning since Mario was home so I started at 10am again, just like the last time.

OPAH - Photo Project 10:00am

10:00am – I’d just finished feeding Alaethia and it was time for a diaper change.

OPAH - Photo Project 11:00am

11:00am – Mario and I had Menudo at Mary’s house then got ready super quick to go to a Liquidation Sale at Greg’s Ballroom. It was incredibly disappointing. I wasn’t too happy with the $6 entrance fee for each person, either!

OPAH - Photo Project 12:00pm

12:00pm – On the way back home from Greg’s Ballroom. Mario ended up buying a Lock-Out set and that’s it. The morning was chilly and gloomy and it was quickly becoming colder and rainy.

(no picture)

1:00pm – I completely forgot to take a picture for 1pm since I was holding Alaethia and was watching Mary, Sonia and Noelia put the kids’ Easter baskets together. All I ended up helping with this year was curling the ribbons LOL.

OPAH - Photo Project 2:00pm

2:00pm – Mom and I had plans to go thrift shopping that morning, but since we were waiting for Jorge and Vito to get here we didn’t go anywhere. We found out there were still a few hours before they got here so we went. The weather was awful by this time. The boys stayed with Mario and Alaethia went with us.

OPAH - Photo Project 3:00pm

3:00pm – My scrapbooking booty! I was so disappointed the first half our we were thrifting since I couldn’t find anything. All I had was an olive-colored pillow that matched the ones I bought a while back at Target and some cute, stripey placemats (also from Target). Just as I was giving up and was getting ready to pay they bring out a huge shopping cart full of Marcella K scrapbooking stuff, still brand-new in package! I got a whole bunch of stuff and paid only $5 for everything since they were 50% off! I could have easily spent $60 at Target for that stuff. In all, I spent $13!

OPAH - Photo Project 4:00pm

4:00pm – We carefully made our way to Gramma’s nursing home since it was raining hard. She was doing much, much better than she had been when I visited her on Wednesday. She was cheerful and kept laughing at our jokes.

OPAH - Photo Project 5:00pm

5:00pm – Back at home and spending time with the family. Everyone was passing around some photo albums and my new batch of Winkflash pictures I’d brought over. Love when family gets together like this.

OPAH - Photo Project 6:00pm

6:00pm – We got hungry for snacks and pigged out on the ice cream Mario and I brought over: Dreyer’s Butterfinger and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

OPAH - Photo Project 7:00pm

7:00pm – Time to feed Alaethia. She’d been up for a good while, mingling with everyone, so she was starving by this time.

OPAH - Photo Project 8:00pm

8:00pm – Finishing up making invitations for a small party we’re having for Jaylen’s 5th birthday. Lots of stuff piled up on us this month, and for the next few months, so we’re having a small, modest party at a pizza place.

OPAH - Photo Project 9:00pm

9:00pm – Jorge, Mario, Mary, Noelia and I made a quick spur-of-the-moment run to Wal-Mart (Mom stayed with my kiddos). We hadn’t had dinner so I munched on Combos while Mario and Jorge munched on teriyaki beef jerky.

OPAH - Photo Project 10:00pm

10:00pm – I got into the shower after cleaning up when we got home from Wal-Mart.

OPAH - Photo Project 11:00pm

11:00pm – Watching George Lopez’s new comedy on HBO while we were in bed (and while Alaethia was having a bottle). This was also around the time Mario went to Whataburger and picked up a sinful dinner for burgers for us. We planned to just not eat dinner, but we were starving and too lazy to make something at home. And then I wonder how I gained 2 pounds!

We stayed up for another 2 hours since Alaethia refused to go to sleep, and to let the food “go down” of course!


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