OPAH, DITL 5-5-07

Posting my One Photo An Hour a bit late, as usual. I decided to start extra early that morning, at 1am, since I was up anyway:

1:00am – Feeding Alaethia and reading a book (currently Sushi for Beginners by Marian Keyes). This is the usual time Alaethia falls asleep.

OPAH - Photo Project 1:00am

7:00am – Time to start the day. Aly has a bottle and once she’s asleep and in bed I get ready to iron and make Mario’s breakfast and get the boys some cereal.

OPAH - Photo Project 7:00am

8:00am – Browsing Target.com to look for a new TV table. We need more space in our tiny living room and wanted to get rid of our 6-year-old, huge entertainment center.

OPAH - Photo Project 8:00am

9:00am – My breakfast: French Vanilla Shredded Wheat and some coffee.

OPAH - Photo Project 9:00am

10:00am – Looking for something to wear so we can leave already.

OPAH - Photo Project 10:00am

11:00am – At the bank to deposit all the coins from the yard sale.

OPAH - Photo Project 11:00am

12:00pm – Arriving at the Goodwill where John pointed out that the sign said “InsuranceClams” instead of Claims!

Didn’t have a very successful thrifting day this time. Got a Making Memories album with accessories (brads, flowers, metal embellishments, etc.) for $6.50, some Rat treats for Mario’s rats ($.99), a brand-new box of 64 Crayola crayons for the boys ($.99), a cute crackled glass vase ($.50), and some thank you cards ($.27). Mom got the boys a HUGE case of sidewalk chalk for $2.00!

OPAH - Photo Project 12:00pm

1:00pm – Our next stop was the mall. I’m leaving a note to my dear neighbor in the parking lot, who parked ridiculously close to my parking space. I took a picture of their license plate just in case they hit my door. I’ve learned my lesson–I got a huge dent in my door the last time some bozo parked super close to me at the mall. The first and only casualty my Equinox has suffered! And it wasn’t even my fault–that’s what gets to me.

OPAH - Photo Project 1:00pm

2:00pm – When we were leaving JC Penny (where I bought some cute capris for $10.81 with an awesome coupon I had!) we stalked Spiderman per the children’s request. He was nice enough to pose with them to Jaylen’s delight.

OPAH - Photo Project 2:00pm

3:00pm – Having some Taco Bell since we were starving by now. Since Mario works nearby, I was picking a snack up for him, too.

OPAH - Photo Project 3:00pm

4:00pm – Saying goodbye to the Equinox as we’re leaving in Mario’s Neon. My battery died for some weird reason, after only having the truck for a year. Thank GOD we were close by to Mario’s work. He came over to check the car but the jumper didn’t work. I walked over to his work and picked up his car. He’d go over with his co-workers later to check out the car. We were going to drop some stuff off to Gramma but totally forgot everything in the truck :(.

OPAH - Photo Project 4:00pm

5:00pm – Leaving Target with our new TV table :). This is John struggling with the incredibly heavy box.

OPAH - Photo Project 5:00pm

6:00pm – We finally get home and Jorge and Mary are at the carport trying to get the PPV channel to work since we’d all pitched in for the fight. Jorge brought over his 32″ TV but since the box wouldn’t cooperate on that TV we had to bring out our little 27″ LOL.

OPAH - Photo Project 6:00pm

7:00pm – I could have sworn I took a 7 o’clock picture, but I couldn’t find it on my camera.

8:00pm – I walked into the boys’ room to check up on them and the room was a disaster. To their disappointment I made them start cleaning up ASAP.

OPAH - Photo Project 8:00pm

9:00pm – Watching the pre-big-fights and eating and holding Alaethia.

OPAH - Photo Project 9:00pm

10:00pm – Alaethia fell asleep after having a bottle. She slept from 10pm to 7am the next morning! First, and so far only, time she’s done that!

OPAH - Photo Project 10:00pm

11:00pm – Watching the fight. VERY disappointed with the outcome!

OPAH - Photo Project 11:00pm


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