Self Care

Had a crazy, busy weekend. Nothing major, but the usual (laundry, groceries, driving kids around, etc.) So I made it a point to get some self-care in tonight.

It was the best!!

Atom Bomb

I’m feeling extra…stabby today.

Maybe it’s because I kept waking up last night, then had to be up at 5:00am to drop Alaethia off at practice by 6:30am. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been gorging on carbs since Valentine’s Day after doing really well for over a month. Or maybe because I’m fasting again to get back into Keto and I was starving. Or maybe because I had to *ask* for someone to cover my lunch hour. Or maybe because just about everyone I’ve come into contact with today has annoyed/pissed me off. Or maybe because I was supposed to start my period 2 days ago and all that sadness and anger is festering into an atom-bomb of depressy-rage…but yeah. I’m in a shit mood.

Being in this mood makes me want to eat an entire cake, or chocolates, or box or Oreos on my own. Or buy shoes or a dress. But I can’t do either of those things…

So I guess I’ll eat my (very delicious) blackened salmon salad and attempt to put myself in a better mood.

From Azucar y Sal

Anyway. This is my life lately. Be sad. Be angry. Eat. And so on. I keep telling myself I’m going to write more to express myself and whatever, but I never get the chance. Or I just want to bitch about stuff 😆 . Hopefully I’ll write about happier things soon. Like Alaethia’s team that made district champs! Or Valentine’s Day!

We’ll see.

What a Year…

I’m not going to sugarcoat it: this year has fucking blown.

Aside from getting “custody” of my stepsons (their choice) in January and all my kids being healthy and doing well in school–everything else has just SUCKED.

In February I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression (which I passed on to my poor Eenan) and that was the start of the snowball effect of losing interest in running (aside from injuring my knee a year ago in December 2018), gaining weight due to lack of exercise and becoming bored of Keto, not accomplishing my goals (i.e. going to school), amongst tons of other things. Don’t even get me started on the money situation–SWEET JESUS.

It seems like this year, every time we got some kind of break, or some kind of silver lining began to shine through it would all come crashing down. Murphy’s Law of Life was a quick fucker this year.

I know people could have it worse. I know there’s a roof over our heads and the kids are healthy. But everything else–it just overall sucks.

This is probably the worst Christmas in YEARS.

Ok. Moving on. I’m done whining.