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Jorge and I drove together to work since we wanted to get Starbucks, heh, so I'm waiting for him to get out of work. I would have gone straight home 1st, but since Dipshit (M. ario) picked up Emily early, I just waited over here. It's so annoying that he "gets out early" on Wednesdays, the one day he picks her up. So he goes for her and I don't get to see her :(. I'd been making him wait there for me til I get home, ever since the day [] he went to see the kids after his stupid workout with Isa. ac--and since it was raining mom said, "Come in, " and those idiots took it literally and they sashayed into the house. M. ario sat in the living room and Is. aac had the audacity to go into the boys' room, where they all were playing, and commenced to play xbox with them for 15 minutes!! had it been me just walking into the house like that cops would have been called, tro's would have been filed. . . it would have been a drama show. So when Jorge and I get home from work and Mom tells us, I text him, he blocks my texts (again) and I email him to continue giving him a piece of my mind. He of course blames the kids, saying they invited him in. I ask them, they say no, they walked into their room. They thought it was Jorge when they heard voices. I wasn't at all rude in my emails, just truthful. He runs and tells that psycho Ma. ggie God knows what (about the furniture , the kids's rooms, I have no idea) but she sends Jorge a text the next day that she's going to file abandonment charges because we left the kids with "a senile woman", according to Mario. When I confront him, of course he denies it ans says he's not a part of it. I tell him she named him in the text, so he was very much involved. I find out that the reason she's flipping out is because she FINALLY received the letter from the PD sending her to court for the charges I filed when she attacked me in the parking lot of HEB. She told Jorge I was "ruining her life" and her application for housing. Which, is BS, because I saw her FB where she was gloating that she was looking for an apartment in a gated community with a pool--NOT public housing as she stated. ANYWAY, I couldn't understand how she was complaining when, HELLO?? Is she not the one who attacked me? I don't even remember half the crap she told him, thank God, but she seriously was turning things around making it seem like it was ME who went out of my way to bother her that June 25th. Serious mental issues. I think she keeps repeating these things to convince herself and actually begins to believe it. The court date is tomorrow at 2pm. I went after work to get copies of pictures I took of myself with my tank top stretched out and the scratches/bruises on my right arm. I even got copies of the shit talkin' she and M. ario were doing on his FB. And the copy of the picture I took of Jorge's phone where he's asking her WTF her problem was doing her whole show in front of Justin and she replied, "Yes, in front of him and all of HEB! And I'll do it again!!" So, yeah. She can try denying that one. I have that court date and I'm still waiting for the social worker to submit his report to the court, and then mediation and then the final hearing for the divorce and the custody case. I just want my kids. I want this whole thing to be over and I want my babies and I want for them to leave us alone!! [Edited Oct. 13th] Total waste of time at court today. I took two hours off and prepared (took pics of the evidence and got them developed) so that the dumb bitch could settle, pay a fine, and as long as she doesn't get into trouble for the next 60 days she walks. I was so pissed off, but I went back to work and luckily we had an event, Prime Time, so I got to eat and have a few much-needed Margaritas. Grrr.

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