Going Keto…Again

I feel a lot better than I did my previous post. I’m almost embarrassed that I puked my heart and soul into that post and almost deleted it, but as they say: better out than in!

Anyway. I’ve focused a lot of my energy since then into things that I do have control over now, at the moment: the kids, of course, and Jorge take priority, but I’ve also started really watching what I’m eating and SOMEWHAT started exercising again. I even used some of the birthday/Mother’s Day money mom gave me to buy some cute work-out tees! (In typical Mom fashion, the rest was put towards bills πŸ™„ !)

Cute, right??

These were on clearance at Walmart, for $3.00 and $3.15! Too bad I couldn’t get any good deals on work out pants! THAT’S what I really need! πŸ˜• I have lots of size 0-2, but it’s been a while since those fit comfortably! πŸ˜†

So I started on the Keto diet again on April 30, 2017. The last time I did this “diet” was in 2013 and I lost about 12-13 lbs. and looked much better than I had in a while at the time. It was before I had my breast reduction, of course, but being on Keto was the only time I EVER in my life went down a bra size. Even when I was religiously doing P90X daily and Taekwondo 3x a week in 2010, I didn’t loose boobage. In 2013, on Keto, I went from DD to D. I was shocked! πŸ˜†

The girls started selling Girl Scout cookies early 2014…and I DID NOT ease back into eating carbs–I literally shoveled a box of cookies a day 😳 . So naturally, I gained weight AND when I went for my routine check-up on February 7, 2014, I stupidly got my labs done at 3pm…right after consuming 4 Thin Mints. Of course my cholesterol came back off the charts (394, something like that??) and I was put on a Statin STAT because of my family’s medical history. They sat me down and I got a stern talking-to about what to eat and what not to eat. I was pretty bummed.

So I’m going into this venture once again, but wary and aware of the risks. I’m still trying to figure out how much a lipid panel (to check my cholesterol levels) would be, since I already got my routine check-up done and my levels were slightly elevated then. I don’t want to end up having a stroke or heart attack for the sake of vanity!

Speaking of, other reasons I’m getting back on the Keto train–besides obviously losing weight–is 1) Jorge got back on it a few weeks ago and it’s much easier for me to come up with dinners when I’m cooking for both of us (because, let’s face it: sometimes I have to make an extra meal for my picky girls πŸ™„ ). A third meal would be ridiculous!

2) Since getting off birth control in February-ish of this year (had gotten on it again around August 2016 to help regulate my monthly visitor), my acne has been out of control, mainly on the chin area, which reflects hormones out of whack and/or stress (and I have a bad habit of touching my face, so I’m sure that doesn’t help!). So I’m hoping steering clear of sugar and carbs will help. I’ve been reading articles on Dietdoctor.com, and a piece on acne states:

…modern studies show a probable connection between high-glycemic (high-carb) diets and acne.This may be caused by the effect on growth hormones like insulin and IGF.

To improve acne, your best bet is a fairly strict low-carb diet – ideally one that is also low in dairy products.

I’m willing to try anything to clear this embarrassing problem. The only thing that makes me nervous about Keto is the amount of cheese you could possibly eat–and I’m lactose intolerant (and also, the cholesterol!)! I think being lactose intolerant is another sign my body’s giving me to lay off the sugar and give my face a break, so I’m going to try to use as little as possible, as much as I love it πŸ™ .

I’m actually much more excited about cooking than I had been in a long time. Here are a few meals I’ve made:

Bunless burger with the works!
JalapeΓ±o Chicken Casserole
Keto Krepes With Low Sugar Homemade Strawberry Syrup, Peppered Bacon, Sugar Free Hazelnut Coffee

You can find the recipe for those awesome Keto Krepes here.

We’ve cut our eating out a LOT, but when we have it’s been easy to make substitutions:

Grilled Chicken, Veggies and Avocado Salsa at Palenque Chicken
Bunless Salmon Burger with Aoli and Broccolini at House.Wine & Bistro

I’ve also lost 3 lbs.! Just weighed in this morning and it’s the little boost of motivation I needed to keep going. Now, if I could just find the time to do P90X again! Or at least the 40 minutes I need to get to the park to run! Emily has her GT Project due and we need to finish it TODAY.
[edited to add:] Emily finished her project at school and all I had to help her with was flash cards for questions and finding her prizes to give her classmates as she quizzes them, so we got to go walking/running![/edit]

Changing gears: my poor Gramma hasn’t been doing too well πŸ™ . She was in the hospital on Sunday due to possible signs of suffering a mini-stroke. Ugh. Long story. Let’s just say I had to BITCH and threaten a lawsuit in order to get those idiots at the nursing home to move their asses and get her to the hospital! She may have Bells Palsy, which they will correct with medication but only to a certain extent πŸ™ . Mom and I waited in the lobby while Aunt Nora stayed with Gramma and we got hungry, so we went to the gift shop. There was a beautiful, almost heavenly glow coming from the snack area. There were muffins, and cookies, and chips, oh my!! It took all my willpower to only purchase these:

I shared the almonds and pickle with Mom and I was proud of myself for sticking with it. Mom, on the other hand, got Fritos -_-.

Gramma is doing as well as possible. I feel so bad that she’s in any discomfort.

I’ve been posting less on my regular social media and focusing a lot of attention on my food and health Instagram account. If you’d like to see meal ideas or just what I’m up to, the link is: @yaya_goes_keto (formerly, @yayastartsover). I’ve documented most of my ups/downs/tries/fails . When I started up again in June 2016 after all the complications I had with the breast reduction from February 2016-June 2016, I was tracking on MyFitnessPal and working out (P90X). I went from 123 lbs. to 119 lbs., but that was quickly short-lived thanks to the last complication I had, and then I’m pretty sure I had some weird trauma/mental block that was keeping me from working out since it seemed like every time I got into a routine, I ended up at the doctor’s office again. But I hope I’m successful this time and can keep up with my “diet” (or Way of Eating) and workouts, even though I know I won’t be able to workout every day. I have to admit, eating this way has been pretty easy so far!

That One Time I Had Breast Reduction Surgery – Recovery Week 5

Wednesday, March 9 – Day 29 Post-Op

Not really sure when I’ll stop with the weekly updates. Maybe once the remains of that awful allergic reaction completely disappear. I still have a few non-severe patches of blisters, but they itch like hell. I used the last of my Benadryl 2 nights ago and hope that’s the last of it. Still applying Hydrocortisone only at night, but only on the spots that really kill me. There’s some drying skin on each boob. The vertical scars seem to be okay, don’t want to jinx myself. The small “T” intersection openings are still there, but seem to be scabbing over. My nips are doing well for the most part. And regarding pain: I only really get a few little pulses on the end of my right breast incision near my underarm. I get itchy there, too, but the rash seems to be gone. Must be the skin healing?

Getting into bed. Earliest all week. Had a hell of a day today–super long day. Started with a seminar and ended with a meeting. I had a migraine by the end of the day. It didn’t end after work since Emily has a birthday timeline project Mama decided to slack on. I never do this!

Anyway, going to meditate and soak up good vibes for tomorrow.

Sunday, March 13 – Day 33 Post-Op
I haven’t updated daily at all due to showering and going to bed during the work week after midnight. Thursday night was Eenan’s Open House at school and since it stormed that evening it took us forever to get home! Thankfully Jorge had ordered pizza and we had them eat and sent them to bed.

Friday was another late evening; getting out of work at 6pm, picking the kids up after 1 whole hour in traffic, then grocery shopping and making dinner afterwards. I was beat. But the best part was, there wasn’t anything alarming going on. I was mostly healing, didn’t even have any major itching or scabbing going on.

Then, yesterday morning, Emily had an epic fit outside (she wanted to run in the yard when the painters were painting the soffit/trim) and a simple “no” from me sent her into a downward spiral of rage. I don’t know what the heck happened. I tried taking her inside after she made faces at me and rolled her eyes and she bumped her head back and hit my boob πŸ™ . Once on each side. I was in shock and literally had no idea what to do! She throws tantrums, but never like that. Jaylen and Eenan both moved me out of the way and Eenan brought her in, kicking, screaming, scratching. He put her in her room and I said, “Sorry you had to put up with that, beauts”. He said, “I’m used to it at Dad’s.” I cried, because I just didn’t know what the hell happened, or who my kid was at that moment and that my sons had to get in there and do my job for me. I felt defeated and like I somehow let down my 7-yr-old. She’s always so good, even with her diva tendencies. We talked about it later, and she apologized, but I just pray this isn’t going to be something that happens ever again.

I don’t know if it was that Emily hit me, or that I wore a new bra, but a patch of the rash that’s healing started oozing overnight. It’s really weird. I’m just relieved it’s that and not oozing from an incision.

Ok. Time to start the day.

Monday, March 14 – Day 34 Post-Op

So, I spoke too soon. The oozy rash remnants seem to have gotten worse throughout the day. They look angrier and oozier and seem to have spread to the vertical incisions that were healing so well 😳 . It’s depressing! I wore my cotton sports bra all day since last night after I showered, maybe that did it?? Or my boobs don’t like the gauze anymore? I only put it under the breast on top of each incision since the bra band rubs. I don’t know. I just want this all to stop. It worries me since I’m not on antibiotics anymore. I think I see my doc this week. It can’t come soon enough!

The new, oozy rash parts continued to itch all day. I had a busy day at work for the most part so it was mostly distracting. Michelle and I had a long afternoon of shopping for Latina Hope supplies (Michael’s–OMG, the sales! Walmart, Eva’s Silver Place downtown and Dollar Tree) and it was hot, so hopefully that didn’t make it worse. Jorge said the rash looked better when we got in the shower, but all I see is angry redness. Had to start with hydrocortisone again because the itch was intense. My doctor’s appointment is on Wednesday. I hope he can help. Took tomorrow off work to at least do something with the kids while they’re on Spring Break. Maybe Ben and Jerry’s or a movie.

Tuesday, March 15 – Day 35 Post-Op
Woke up feeling alright–a bit itchy, of course but ok otherwise. I keep trying to turn on my side during the night but I feel a tight pulling that snaps me onto my back immediately.

I lazied around after Jorge left to work and half of the kids woke up and we had cereal together. We watched HGTV (I JUST realized I didn’t have coffee this morning! *gasp*), then Linda arrived and the painter, too. Our house trim is now white and makes the brick look newer!

The kids that didn’t shower last night, showered and the rest got ready. Around 11am we left to Peter Piper Pizza. It was fun and my chesticles behaved themselves pretty well.


Then we stopped at HEB to get candies, because yes, I’m that mom. I refuse to pay $4 per box of candy that I can get for $0.97 😑 .

We went to the movies next and watched “Alvin and the Chipmunks: the Road Chip”. Thankfully, even the big kids liked it πŸ™‚ .

We stopped at DQ on the way home because it was Free Cone Day. So we got those and drinks and chili cheese fries.


We got home and the girls, Justin, Jules and i went outside.


And then we went in to play Jenga.


And then I remembered Jaylen needed a haircut so we went. He got the MVP at Sports Clips since he usually doesn’t go to that location.

Got home, made dinner (fancy grilled cheese and fideo). And then we put the little ones to bed and got in the shower. My boobs still have the same rash; it even looks red and still itches. Let’s see what my doc says tomorrow.