The Evening Before – Tuesday, February 9th

I’ve thought long and hard about whether or not to post this, but many of my milestones/life stories are documented here, I figured why not?? After all, how many times have I complained about my huge boobs on this little website of mine?

I’ll come back to this post and update periodically.

6 minutes till I can’t have food or water. It’s been a long time coming, but finally, in 6 hours I will be at the hospital (with the hubs) prepping for breast reduction surgery. I know!!

Usually I’m asleep by now but I’ve got butterflies in my belly! Missing my kiddos, who are with their dad for a few days while I recover. Reality really set in as I hugged and kissed all the kiddos tonight after Emily’s performance, before Mario took them home. I had to finish some stuff at work and drove with a lump in my throat all the way over.

So grateful for family and friends who’ve offered help, kind words and advice!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 – Surgery Day/Post-Op Day 1

Jorge and I woke up and got ready. We arrived at the hospital right on time. I had pre-registered but there was still a discrepancy with my birthdate. But my very nice nurse prepped me in my outpatient room anyway.

She had me change into a glamorous purple number.

Don't mind my sleepy, lipstickless face

As she was looking for a good vein to start the IV on, she asked about these little red freckles I have. It was a coincidence that the girls had just asked me about them the day before, and of course I thought they were weird freckles. My nurse told me they were Petechiae. At least now I know.

Then it was time for the worst thing ever, in my opinion:

The worst!

She said I had tough skin to top it off, but at least she didn’t make my vein pop!

Jorge and I chit-chatted and then my doc came in to mark me all up. It was cold and awkward, heh.

Then the anesthesiologist came by to introduce himself and let me know he’d be intubating me during surgery so I may have a sore throat afterwards.

The nurses began to prep me and removed my glasses. They sent my love to a waiting area, but not before they showed up with a syringe. Everything looked like a blur but I zeroed in on that mofo! The nurses assured me it went in my IV and it would relax me. I remember them asking me questions, Jorge left and that’s all I can remember. Next thing I knew, my nurse was asking how I was doing still in my outpatient room and I answered “Okay” in a croaky voice, due to the tube.

Jorge said my doc had gone in to check on me and said I wouldn’t need drains or anything, that it was a clean operation and I could go home that day. I was still numb, and felt slightly nauseous, so I took it easy with the water, apple juice and jello they gave me. It was my first bite of “food” since midnight, but I felt alright. I did, however, feel stings of pain after a few minutes so they gave me Tylenol 3.

When it was time to go Jorge helped me get dressed, from head to toe. Even my pad and undies 😳 (what a time for it to be That Time of the month!). When I said, “Oh, how embarrassing…” he said, “For better or for worse, Princess.” Love this man!

We were home by 2:30p.m. and those road bumps and dips were murder on my chest, even though Jorge drove very cautiously.

I got to see my baby girls momentarily while Mario brought them over to pick up their Valentine’s stuff after school, and I spoke to Jaylen briefly but I could hardly speak.

In between consciousness, I replied to texts and messages as much as I could. Dina sent some beautiful flowers and Sally stopped by to see me and brought me some beautiful orchids and chocolate 🙂 .



John came in too, and I showed him my bandages through my shirt and he said, “Who are you??!”

All wrapped up

Jorge helped me get to a sitting position and walked me to the bathroom most of the day/evening. Sitting on that toilet and wiping is so hard to do! Getting into/out of bed is tough, also. You absolutely have to use your core if you want to move at all! Do NOT even try to put any weight on your arms or pull yourself back into bed or into a chair. You WILL hurt yourself!

Jorge brought me some chicken noodle soup but I only took a few bites before becoming nauseous 🙁 .

And then I spent MUCH of the night getting up to pee; probably my body getting rid of all that extra saline. I had to practice going on my own since he’d be going back to work.

I did have to wake Jorge up at 3:30a.m. for my dosage of meds. I couldn’t get my medicine or water bottles open! You don’t realize just how many times you use your chest muscles during the day!

Thursday, February 11, 2016 – Day 2, Post-Op
It’s Day 2 and I’m already bored out of my mind. Jorge had to go back to work 🙁 . My pain meds are wearing off (counting the seconds till 8:30a.m.), so I’m feeling some discomfort on the sides of my boobs near my armpit, and little stings of pain in my nips 🙁 . My neck and back hurt from sleeping propped up on my back. When I get up from a laying position I feel like my boobies are just going to rip off 😯 !

Managed to sleep a little bit. Ate a sandwich for lunch. I’m feeling a lot of pain at the moment. Have a pounding headache and my butt hurts from laying here 🙁 .

Friday, February 12, 2016 – Day 3, Post-Op
So my headache yesterday may have been due to not eating enough, lack of caffeine or from the Tylenol 3. Jorge got home around 4pm with the boys and groceries and these beautiful flowers!


He gave me strawberries and I felt so much better around 30 minutes later.

I had a coughing fit around 8pm; I once again had phlem in my throat and I couldn’t expell (not sure if I mentioned it, but the phlem is due to the endotracheal tube). The cough was so unexpected and hard that I felt like my stitches were going to rip apart 🙁 . Jorge gave me water and I quickly laid down to keep the pressure off.

I slept much better through the night, only waking up to my alarm, which I’m setting ’round the clock to take my Tylenol3. It takes an hour to kick in so I set the clock for every 5 hours instead of 6.

I woke up this morning and was able to sit up and not feel that ripping pain in the center of my chest. Then I tried pushing myself back onto bed with my left arm and I instantly got a pain near my armpit. Have to keep remembering to not use my arms to get into bed!!

John came and hung out with me a while this morning, after giving myself a sad sponge bath lol. He forgot to mention he has a cold >:( so hopefully I won’t pick up what he has, especially since he brought me my coffee. Mom brought me my Honey Bunches of Oats with soy milk. Then John made me laugh for a bit. I have to do this controlled laugh, the laugh that I imagine a queen would make, so I don’t rattle my chest, buahaha 😆 .

Linda and Jessica came by to see me and we hung out and laughed for a bit with Mom. They said I did a great job hiding my boobs cause they never would have thought I was a 32DD. I told them my entire wardrobe was focused on hiding my boobs lol. When they left, John made me “exercise ” so I walked to the kitchen, where he heated up my leftover soup from last night and I had a pear for dessert. He left to the gym and mom helped me into my clean blouse, since it had hurt too much to get out of it before today. Now I shall continue my Scandal marathon.

Had a coughing fit around 4pm, again. This time I felt like my incisions on my left breast ripped open. Called the doc; they recommended Robitussin and getting the phlem to come up. She assured me that my incisions wouldn’t rip open, but I’m so paranoid! My chest feels hot inside and in pain now, but it’s almost time for my next dose of meds and I was more active today.

My little ray of sunshine was this beautiful bouquet they delivered from my work:

And this pillow and blanket set from my love:

He knows I have an obsession with soft, cuddly blankets 😀 ! And the balloon sings, “You’re the One That I Want” from Grease!

Saturday, February 13 – Day 4, Post-Op

Having a hard time sleeping because I’m afraid my love will swing his arms in his sleep and whack my chest. My subconscious is completely awake and I shoot my eyes open each time he moves (which is a lot 🙁 ). The left side was sore earlier and now it’s my right.

Later on…
Didn’t sleep very much throughout the day. Dina, Briana and the kids were visiting. We were going to have somewhat of a very badly coordinated party on Jorge and my part for Emily, Alaethia and Julien.

Between a sleepless night and a sleepless day, I felt groggy. My pills would kick in and make me feel sleepy, but I could hear every little noise the kids made and later on, the neighbors and their dogs 😡 . The kiddos didn’t try very hard not to make noise, either.

John brought his girlfriend, Johanna, over to meet me. Couldn’t bring he over when I had my eyebrows filled in, or with normal boobs and washed hair, oh no. He had to bring her when I looked like crappola! But she’s cute and sweet and compliments him 🙂 .

I spent a lot of the day walking around and sitting up in a chair watching Scandal on my iPad. I was only getting small shocks of pain in my nips and my left boob was still sore, but I could walk around without them feeling like they’d rip off. Also, still hadn’t had a BM, even though I was walking more, drinking water non-stop and eating my 3 regular meals. Could have been due to the Tylenol 3 or not walking enough?

We had the BBQ in the evening and I had another sponge bath and put on makeup and actual clothes for the 1st time in 4 days. I felt alright for a couple hours outside, but I got tired fast. I couldn’t properly enjoy the shenanigans brought on by our crazy fam 🙂 . Then, since our porch is right next to our bedroom, it was impossible to sleep when my meds kicked in once I came inside. So, naturally I watched Scandal till 3a.m.!

Sunday, February 14 – Day 5 Post-Op
Woke up with lots of back pain. Holding off on taking my last 3 Tylenol 3 pills 🙁 . Sitting in a dining room chair with a pillow wedged between my back and the seat and I’m about to go find my rice sock. Even though it was 2 days later than the recommended time frame, I finally had a BM 😐 .

Was up most of the day and had cake for the kiddos’ birthday.

I started feeling dizzy and really exhausted so i went to my room to relax. Jorge picked up a botana Mom ordered from Espi’s and I ate in my room and quickly passed out for a couple of hours. I got up to sit in the dining room and started getting small shocks of pain and my back is still killing me 🙁 . Jorge brought me a pain pill and Jaylen brought me my warm rice sock for my back.

Monday, February 15 – 6 Days Post-Op
I slept entirely through the night 😀 ! (From 10:30a-7:00a). Had a bit of pain on my left side, which is usually where I’m feeling it lately. Haven’t taken a pain pill since yesterday. Made myself an egg on English muffin smeared with cream cheese and sliced tomatoes. It was nice not eating cereal for once, heh. You know how your first drink of coffee is felt slowly making it’s way through your body? I felt it in my boobs buahaha! Back still hurts, but not as badly as yesterday.

Finally got my scale out–against Jorge’s advice because he said I’ve been confined to bed and retaining water–but, fully clothed and not being able to walk much I went from 123.8 on surgery day to 121.0 today! Byebye, 2.8 lbs. of boob!

Did a lot of walking around today and made my bed so I wouldn’t get back into it. The kiddos were home from school and were awesome, helping with whatever I needed. Jorge brought us Church’s for lunch. I didn’t take a pain pill all day.

My kiddos left with their dad after he got out of work. He’s been a huge help, honesty. We hadn’t thought of how Jorge would manage to drop off all 7 kids, so him volunteering to take them was great. Plus they were picking up their new puppy from Marie 🙂 .

Michelle and Rosie came by after work to see me and visit for a while 🙂 . They brought me these beautiful flowers:


It was great hanging out with them 🙂 . Then my love got home from grocery shopping and made us dinner.

I could get used to this 😆 !

It was a long day, so I’m now feeling some hotness in my boobs and small amounts of pain. And they feel itchy from the tape!! I just wanna scratch the betweens 🙁 . And my bum hurts from sitting so much 😕 .

Took a Tylenol 3 to ward off the bits of pain. I only have one left! I think the antibiotic (Cephalexin) that I was taking is giving me an infection. Great.

Tuesday, February 16 – 7 Days, Post-Op
Woke up around 7:30a to pee and couldn’t go back to sleep. When I finally did pass out Mom scared me from my sleep by knocking loudly around 8:00a, so I nestled back in bed and slept pretty late 😳 .

Weighed myself again, fully clothed (bad habit, I know, I need to put that scale away!!) Weighed 119.6. My usual ravenous appetite still hasn’t fully come back, so that’s probably why I’m dropping weight still.

Linda was here with mom and we hung out while she drank her smoothie and I ate my cereal. I’m feeling alright except for my left side boob, which keeps getting small pains suddenly. The tape is it itching me A LOT in the middle and under my boobs and I just want to scratch but I know I can’t 🙁 . There is a certain tightness though that’s making me anxious, but I’m trying not to think about it 😕 .

Sally came over with lunch and gossip, hehe. Love her! We had a great time, I miss her! I know how busy she is so I appreciate her taking time to visit with me 😀 .

They moved my appointment tomorrow to 3:30p. I hope they give me the ok to shower 🙁 ! I’m tired of wipee/sponge baths 😆 !

I’ve felt a lot more pain today, in the center, under near the incisions, they feel swollen on top and hot where I imagine my nips are. Getting ready to use up my last pain pill 🙁 .