So my little brother graduated from UTRGV yesterday with his Bachelor’s in Health Science. To say I’m proud is an understatement. I wish I could have made a bigger deal about it, but he didn’t even want Jorge and I to take him to dinner, much less have a small party or BBQ. Plus, it freakin’ rained, so that put a damper on the whole deal (pun intended).

Mom and I went to visit Gramma as John got ready. She sent him a congratulatory video with me :’).

But yes, he was nervous–you could tell. But he got up there and received his diploma and even though he made a crazy face at the camera as he passed, you could see the relief in his face. The 7 years it took him to work and put himself through college. Moving out if his beloved apartment–the apartment he took me into when I had nowhere else to go after my divorce in 2010–and moving in with Jorge and me in 2013 to finish his last 2 years of school. His stress, his emotions–it’s alm over and it was worth it for him. I was glad to see the day come!!


Didn’t like either photo we took together–my face looks weird–but I had to post one!


I won’t mention the sh*tstorm it was trying to find him afterwards, the annoying rain, or the rude campus cop that ruined the end of the event for mom and I (okay, so I did mention it–whatever 😡 ), but it was great.

We got home, dried off, Jorge ordered us pizza and then I made this “Dump-Cake” for John.


It was the best, but I’m pretty sure we’ve developed diabetes and high cholesterol 😳 !