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Meet the Teacher Night was Thursday night, and it went really well. Eenan has a male teacher this year and he seems nice. He's an older man and he's big on reading like his teacher last year. Eenan's taking the TAKS test this year so they're going to be practicing for that all year. Jaylen's teacher is one John observed when he was taking the Substitute Teacher training a few years ago. He said she was mean to the kids LOL. I'm hoping she's not; she seemed pretty nice when I met her. When she saw Jaylen and Eenan playing with the blocks and stuff she asked me, "He's quiet, isn't he?" I tell her, "At school, yes, very. At home, no so much. " She laughs and says, "Yes, I can tell right away which ones I won't have trouble with. " Aww :). I had to peel myself away from the bed yesterday; it felt so nice and fresh in the bedroom and I was so cozy cuddled up next to Mario. I got up, set the coffee pot, got washed up and dressed, ate my cereal and looked at the time: 8:30am. I picked up the phone and called the HR office, again, to set up an appointment to get my paperwork finally done. I finally speak to the lady who "takes care of" paperwork and guess what? She sets an appointment for Monday at 10am. Grr. I tell her my boss would have liked for me to go in that day, Friday, and that she definitely wanted me in by Monday. So simple things are for that woman; she tells me, "Oh, yes. You can come in, get everything done at 10, and go into work right after that if you'd like. " Um. Duh. Yes, I would like that. I called my boss and gave her the news. She was cheerful, thank God, and bid me a good weekend. I was fuming and boiling with rage for a few minutes, just thinking of how long everything's been taking, but then I realized that I'd be able to drop the boys off on the first day of school! Mario and I will both be accompanying them that morning and I feel so much better about being there. I need to know about their bus schedule and all that and I need to turn in their enrollment papers. My babies will be going on the bus after school now! I'm so nervous! The last thing I want is to feel that helplessness in the pit of my stomach when I call home and Mom tells me they haven't -- or worse, ONE of them hasn't -- arrived yet *gulp*. But. . . they'll be alright I hope. All the neighborhood children come in the bus and they've all been fine. So after a bit of debate, John and I went to Target to pick up some photos I'd left for developing. Only because I had two $1 off coupons, if not, FORGET IT. Target is my world, but I don't much care for their photo department's ridiculous processing prices! I found two blouses, one of which is a little thin, so it needed a tank or something under. We scanned the whole store and couldn't find the perfect raspberry-colored tank anywhere. I look down at the blouse I'm wearing and pull from under it the raspberry tank I was wearing. Duh. John was really mad I'd taken so long for nothing LOL. We got some diapers for Aly and some scrapbooking stickers I wanted, stopped at H-E-B for milk (it's too expensive at Dollar General! We ran into Chris and Nancy and they invited us over for dinner) and came home. Alaethia turned 7 months old yesterday ^_^! Time's just flashing by too quickly :(. Even John said, "I've been working too much. She's already 7 months and I hardly ever see her. " It's going to feel even faster once I'm working, but at least I get [] the afternoons with her. She's already talking and babbling and crawling and trying to hold herself up. . . it's crazy! She started saying "Deh-deh" the night Mario was setting up the mini fridge and held herself up in her crib for a good while. She's so confident she tried walking off and immediately fell on her bootie LOL. She hasn't started pulling herself up yet, but I'm sure she'll do it any minute. She's been goofy, sticking her tongue out at anyone who does it to her and has completely gotten the hang of holding her bottle and sippy cups on her own. She's such a big girl :*). I played with Alaethia awhile and Mario slept for about 2 hours before we left to Chris and Nancy's. Their house is looking so cute with all the repairs Chris has done and the decorating Nancy's done. They make me want to go out and buy a new living room set (which we're going to have to do in the next year or so anyway). Gloria and Jorge were there and it was nice catching up with her. We gossiped about husbands, family, decorating and played with Alaethia. She was such a good girl. The boys were alright for a while, got bored and Mario dropped them off at home since they wanted to sleep over at Mary's. We stayed till 11pm, Mario and I searched for people on Myspace , then went to bed. I didn't want to get up again this morning, but at least I had an extra hour of sleep. It's going to be so hard getting used to waking up at 5-5:30am! Ugh. That's probably the only thing I won't like about working LOL. mom and i (and aly) borrowed john's car and went to the thrift shop (shh! he doesn't know, buahaha!) but found nothing. I mainly go for scrapbooking stuff and they didn't have zip, except for some chipboard letters I found. We went to see Gramma after that and dropped some stuff off to her she needed, chatted a bit about my new job and everything else, and came home. She looked so tired today :(. She has a cough, again, and it just drains her of her energy. I asked her what her current favorite color is and she sort of just shrugged, like it wasn't a big deal, when usually she'd think about it and happily tell me. I hope she feels better soon :(. And now I'm here. I'm waiting for 5 o'clock to roll around so I could go to a party with Mary. I was supposed to go to another party with Chris and Nancy, but I'd forgotten about this other one so I'll have to call and let them know. I'm going to try and scrapbook a bit and then get the boys' school papers done. Or maybe I should do it the other way around LOL?

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