I hadn’t done a day-by-day update as of my most recent doctor’s appointment last week since there wasn’t much of a change. I guess I can update when there’s a more significant change from now on.

I finally finished my 3rd round of antibiotics last night (Bactrim). I’ve still been wearing a lycra/spandexy sports bra only when I absolutely need to (like to work, or grocery shopping). I have left the house without a bra (to the bank drive-thru, to the corner store with Jorge–but I didn’t get down, heh). NEVER in my LIFE have I ever had the nerve or confidence to leave the house without a bra on, not even to check the mail 😆 !
The rough, dark scab I had on my left “T” intersection fell off today! The triangular area is slightly red, but not scary red, and very soft to the touch. The scab on the right had already fallen off (I hadn’t even noticed because it wasn’t as severe as the one on the left). So now both “T” intersections match! Now I’m just waiting for the vertical scars to look slightly less pink. And around my right nip, too 😕 ? I just noticed that about 2 nights ago.

I’ve noticed that my boobies have begun to “drop” a little more, which means they aren’t as swollen and are settling into place. The weird points (dog ears?) that I was really upset about at the end of each incision near my underarms seem to have smoothed out a bit more, perhaps due to the “dropping”?

I still have redness/sometimes almost purplish in color spots on the “bottom” of each breast where the last bout of irritation happened, but I read that it’s due to circulation (or lack thereof) 😕 ? I’ve got a lot of scarring left from the skin irritation/rash due to the steri-strip tape, so I have to wait to get over that, too.

I won’t post a full-on boob pic, but I just wanted to show why you need to be absolutely sure you aren’t allergic to any type of adhesives/meds. I wish I had 😕 . This is what I’ve had to deal with in terms of recovering from the surgery AND the allergic reaction 🙁 .

Steri-Strip Allergic Reaction - Recovery Over 6 Weeks
Steri-Strip Allergic Reaction – Recovery Over 6 Weeks

All in all, after all these weeks, I feel pretty good, thank God. I can drive over any size dip/pothole and not feel immense pain. That darn seat belt STILL irritates, me though, so I still use my trusty pillow.

I can’t wait to be able to sleep on my stomach! I’ve found myself turning on my side in the middle of the night and I catch myself. I still have the “pillow wall” up between Jorge and I that he hates, but he flails his arms in the middle of the night and I’m terrified he’ll accidentally press down on my chest 🙁 . He already did it once, the one time I removed the wall!

Keeping my fingers crossed that this little “T” area heals well.