That One Time I Had Breast Reduction Surgery – Recovery Week 4

Wednesday, March 2 – Day 21 Post-Op

Sitting at my PS’s office for my appointment. There are 7 people in front of me, FML. I have to cover the front desk at work in 1 hour. I hope they hurry.

So, last night after my shower, I noticed the small opening at the “T” intersection on the left boob looked yellowish. I’m already on antibiotics but I hope it’s not the start of an infection. I made the mistake of seeing tons of photos online of breast reductions gone wrong and most of them happened because they let infections at that intersection get really bad. It’s my worst fear.

The clear suture poking out at the bottom of the right nipple is still there and I believe causing the area around it not to heal properly. The dark scabs(?) I had around each nipple are slowly falling off in the shower. Still have some of the bumpy rash but I’ve been able to go without Ibuprofen, Benadryl or hydrocortisone all day so far. The ends of the incisions under each underarm get a bit sore every now and then, but it’s just a quick pulse.

I did a lot of walking today at work for Alaethia’s picnic (Mario made it to Emily’s since I had Latina Hope). And I was surprised that I could walk so fast in my wedges without feeling pain! Usually I have to pace my walk and hold my boobs cause I get pains from the bouncing 😳 .

All of us in this waiting room are staring at each other wonder which procedure they got, or are preparing for. I already caught 3 ladies staring at my boobs.

Ugh. I hope they hurry!

I had a long wait at the doc but befriended 2 ladies; 1 who was getting a lift, another that was getting a breast reduction/lift.

My doc saw me briefly, but said I was getting better. He said the rash/allergic reaction was healing well and that I most likely had a small seroma that was exiting through my left nip. It looks dry and crusty now, but I guess that’s part of the healing process.

I forgot to ask about the suture in the right, and the openings at the “T” intersection, but he did check me and wasn’t alarmed by anything. I told him I had an appointment next week and he said, “You’re looking too good for next week! See you in 2 weeks, unless you need to see me sooner, of course.” I’m so paranoid he will most definitely see me if something comes up! 😆

I felt pretty great all day…until I came home. I got crazy itchy and was feeling pulses of pain on the outer sides of each boob. Jorge said I had a long day, and did a lot at work, so my body was cooling down and feeling it. Still, made spaghetti squash with Italian turkey sausage, spinach, mushrooms and garlic. It was Alaethia approved! Emily, not so much!

After sending the girls off to bed, I passed out on the sofa. Jorge woke me and I showered, took Ibuprofen and Benadryl and gave myself a coating of hydrocortisone. I’m only applying it at night.

Thursday, March 3 – Day 22 Post-Op
I was finally in bed tonight before midnight but I can’t sleep with work things circling in my brain. Plus the tingling in my nips doesn’t help 😳 .

I walked over 6,000 steps today, which is a lot more than I had in a while! Spent the first 2 hours taking the first front-desk duty shift and watched desperately as my co-workers all wandered across the street to the Food Park to get coffee at our newest truck, Moonbeans!

I finally got to saunter over there with Gerry around 9am.


I had the French Vanilla latte…mmm. So. Good! And to top it off, it was on the house for employees!

Will definitely head over tomorrow to purchase one!

Once I headed upstairs to my desk my nips were feeling tingly. I felt a bit of itching still, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Then my nips started…standing on end, which I thought was weird since I thought it was too soon for them to be “working”! So I had to keep covered with my cardigan!

I was able to carefully walk up and down stairs again!

Took care of several Latina Hope things and Food Park things. Then I headed straight to the girls’ school for Open House. Mario was ahead of me so he picked them up and met me.

Both teachers were raving about the girls, except for one of Aly’s teachers. I was sort of…annoyed at how she said she didn’t think Alaethia was motivated and didn’t try hard enough. She excells at all her other classes. Even her math teacher commended us on working with her and how much she’s improved after our last mini-conference. But several kids are scared of this one teacher, and maybe she’s the reason my kid isn’t motivated.

Was tingling AND itching by the time I got home. Jorge washed some things for me and then we showered. Coated my bewbs in hydrocortisone, took my Benadryl and antibiotic and took my nightly photos. I still have that small triangular opening at the “T” intersection but Jorge looked at it and said it’s healing. And my nips are peeling! Especially the left one, which could explain why they itch.

Anyway. Time to sleep!

Friday, March 4 – Day 23 Post-Op
Standing in the bathroom in front of the mirror dabbing an alcohol-drenched cotton ball on a giant zit I just destroyed. I shouldn’t have, I know, but it was this huge, angry-red orb that literally grew larger every hour. I got sick of it and steamed it all evening, showered tonight, and zapped it.

Why do I mention my zits? Because I was actually happy with my complexion the past 6 months or so; whether it was my diet, or water intake, or vitamins/probiotics, my diet (less dairy), acne antibiotic or maybe everything combined! But I felt GOOD about my skin.

To be honest, I haven’t been decreasing my sugar intake, so that could be a culprit. And since I’m taking Bactrim to prevent an infection at my BR incision sites I haven’t taken my Minocycline, which is the antibiotic I’ve taken for my cystic acne that saved my skin since 2011. Now that I think of it, since I’ve been taking different medications I haven’t taken Minocycline since my surgery 😳 . I thought I’d get lucky and finally overcome the cystic acne–and I did do well for a couple of weeks–but it started out with 2 small pimples on my forehead last week, then one on my chin and then this huge one this week. Ugh. I can’t escape it 😕 .

Just when I was getting ready to write a post all about getting rid of your acne and what I did–trial and error–to get there. It’ll have to wait till I can repair my skin again!

But, regarding my boobs: did pretty well today. Lots of walking, even up and down stairs. They’re itchy in some parts due to the rash but a lot of the tiny blisters have dried up. The open areas are still draining and get crusty (sorry), but I guess they’re healing well otherwise. The nips are still doing tingly pulses and they even feel sensitive to the touch so that’s good news! The over-sensitivity has diminished a great deal. The ends of the incisions near the underarm still itch and get minimal pulses of pain. I can mostly drive without feeling pain but the seat belt still bothers me so I use my small pillow. I have to hold them sometimes, randomly, because they’ll feel really heavy all of a sudden! Other than that, I’m enjoying my smaller boobies 🙂 .

Husband took me to Tower Burger in Alamo today 🙂 .

Tower Burger and Loaded Fries
Samburger (Salmon) and Loaded Fries

I skipped out on the Food Park and Music After Hours since I had to run errands and head home by 6pm. Then I was too lazy to go back. But Jorge and Michelle said it was a good turnout, thank goodness!

Ok. I’m hoping my Benadryl kicks in soon. Had so much trouble sleeping last night and after my shower right now I was wide awake 😕 . I hope I can sleep! All I wanted to do last night was turn on my side, but I can’t! The little shock of pain was a nice reminder to stay put on my back!

Saturday, March 5 – Day 24 Post-Op
It’s actually 2:01am Sunday already, but since I haven’t updated for Saturday…
I had a normal Saturday; paid bills online. Was taking my sweet time because I didn’t want to leave the house. Went to visit Gramma for a while. Went grocery shopping at HEB with mom. Cleaned a bit. Made dinner:

Lazy Shrimp Ramen

Jorge got home, then was called back into work so I waited to eat, but by the time he got home the soup dried up a bit. It was still delicious!

Jorge streamed the fight, and i was kinda bored so i passed out. This is a horrible habit of mine. I do it every night and then, once I shower, I can’t sleep. Like right now 😡 .

I woke up on time to see the 2 main fights–it was crazy! Both the Champs got beat!

Then it was time to shower. I took my nightly photos of my incisions and rash. Yep, I still have some of it. I still itch. And when I finally get desperate and scratch I think I pop the blisters and they spread. (Gross, I know.) That’s the only logical explaination as to why I have brand-new ones. It’s slightly depressing.

Since my sports bra crawls up during the day I have to pull it down and that’s when I feel a tug or a rip. That’s usually because I’ve torn away some scab. Which makes me itchier.

I noticed during my photo sesh that the opening on the left side at the “T” intersection looks slightly bigger, which scares me. It looked more white than yellow this time, so I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. Still, it makes me extremely nervous and uneasy. I have several openings that are still draining and turn crusty. Counting the days till it hopefully stops for good 🙁 .

Sunday, March 6 – Day 25 Post-Op
Rested a lot today. Maybe that’s why I could zone in on how itchy I felt =/. Mom and I only left the house to do some Easter basket shopping for the kids. Not sure if it just happened on it’s own or it happened when I would press down on the itchy parts to keep from scratching but I noticed A LOT of new blisters today! 🙁 I just want them to go away already.

Other than that, I was getting weird little pains on the end of my incision on the right side. No change on the openings. Back to work in the morning. Not ready for this month at all.

Monday, March 7 – Day 26 Post-Op
The new blisters were so itchy today, but I was so busy at work that I’d forget about it. I showed Michelle the blisters and she brought up a good point: what if it’s my cotton bras causing them to spread somehow. Those were the bras I wore all weekend, so she may have a point. Going to wear the…nylon (?) bras I have to test this theory. I Googled “how to get rid of steri-strip rash” and it’s incredible, and mind-boggling, that so many people are allergic to it and they still use it!

I noticed during my shower that the clear suture poking out of my right nip broke; it’s no longer a loop, it’s just sticking out. Hope it comes out peacefully with no problems!

Driving is better now; I can almost fully turn the wheel. It still feels slightly painful to drive without a pillow between my chest and seat belt.

Hoping I can get over this bout of acne I’m having. It’s depressing. I was doing so well! After doing some reading, though, I do believe I may be having a reaction to soy milk! I had soy milk in my latte this morning. I only started drinking it in February and my skin started acting up at the end of February. I guess I can’t have any kind of milk 🙁 .

Jorge and I had Green smoothies for dinner and OMG, it’s killing my stomach. Why nowwww?? Wait, nevermind. Better now than at work!

Tuesday, March 8, Day 28 Post-Op
Getting in bed at midnight again, meh. It was a long day today. Dropped off Alaethia, took Emmos to doctor (where she scored a huge pack of Justin Beiber stickers), dropped her off at school (she was fine!), went to work, had a heck of a day and still didn’t complete everything on my to-do list. This event is practically new and it worries the crap out of me.

Rushed to pick up the girls for their Dance Kids class and…the power was out. So we came back home; me to change into jeans and sandals and them for their iPads. Headed straight to Jaylen’s school where we met him and his dad and attended his Open House. Very disappointed with whomever chose students for the Academies. Jaylen’s 2nd in his class and he didn’t make it in!

Argh, anyway, his teachers all had great things to say 🙂 ! Half of them said, “I wish all my students were like Jaylen!” The best thing to hear, ever!

Finished there, went to Mario’s to see Eenan and pick up Emily’s cough medicine. There’s supposed to be a storm coming in and Eenan was half-joking about being terrified 😆 .

Got home, rushed dinner, put the girls to bed after they brushed their teeth and then watched Scandal with Jorge and John.

Considering how busy my day was, I had minimal itching. By the time I’m getting in the shower, though, I feel terribly itchy 😕 . I wish it would just stop!!

The redness on the new blisters/rash is pretty depressing; just when I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel…

I’m trying not to put gauze near the rashy parts to see if that’s what’s making them spread. I still need it for the “T” intersections that are still open and draining.

My nips have some redness on the outer parts of the areola. Hope it’s just from dry skin falling off.

The ends of each incision near my underarm are really protruding, and somewhat puckered looking 😕 . Like there’s scar tissue. I read that it could be from “overdoing it”. (The internet does not help my hypochondriac tendencies whatsoever.)

Ok, time for bed!

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