I shouldn’t have drank that whole glass of chocolate milk. I drank it about 2 hours ago and I still feel uncomfortably full *burp*.

Right. So my interview was Friday. I hadn’t even mentioned what I’m being interviewed for. A librarian’s assistant. At a middle school.

I got ready with plenty of time, grabbed my resume, kissed all the kiddos for good luck and was out the door. I didn’t feel nervous till I put the key in the ignition and started backing out of the driveway. Then I felt as if my heart was in my throat.

I left the house about 15 minutes early, since the school I was being interviewed at isn’t far from home at all. I sat in the car for 3 minutes, composing myself, fixing my hair, then decided to get down since I didn’t know exactly what office I was meeting the woman at. I see two different entrances and try both. There’s old, yellowed newspapers at the foot of each door, and both doors are locked. Panic sets in. I curse myself for sitting those extra three minutes in the car, since now I had only 7 minutes to find the correct door. Luckily a lady sees me walking away and asks me what I needed. I told her I had an interview and she points me in the right direction: the “main” door was at the side of the school.

I walk to the front office, am asked to sign in by a cheerful secretary and sit down next to a clammy, nervous-looking young man. And do I mean nervous. He kept sighing, shaking his leg, cracking his knuckles, coughing — he started to make me feel even more nervous than I already was. My heart suddenly started pounding in my chest and then my throat. I was sure everyone in the very quiet lobby could hear me. I caught myself cracking my knuckles and thought ‘What if this guy’s here to get interviewed for the Librarian’s Assistant position, too? I can’t show him I’m nervous!’ So I tried being as calm as possible (boy was that tough) and almost screamed when a woman with black hair called my name.

She’s cheerful, introduces herself and I introduce myself. She gets to talking immediately about the job’s responsibilities and asks if I can handle the workload. I tell her yes, definitely. She tells me about how far the new location will be and asks if I’m still interested. I gulp, because it’s about 7 1/2 miles away from my house, and say yes, I still am. She tells me my hours would be from 6:30 a.m. to about 3:15 p.m. She tells me about the pay and I nonchalantly nod (but in my head I’m screaming ‘YES, PLZ!’). She has me review the questions she was going to ask me while she reviewed (and made tons of notes on) my resume.

She was impressed with my resume, overall. The whole interview lasted 1 hour. Half was discussing the job, my strengths and being questioned about my ability to do the job and the other half was talking about reading, books, our kids and schools. It was pretty interesting and honestly, I felt relaxed and comfortable after 5 minutes of speaking with Mrs. V. I could totally work for that lady.

At the end of the interview she asked if I had any questions and we started talking about how far the school was from my house. She said, if I wanted, that I could take a drive and time myself to see how far it would be, but to keep in mind a few extra minutes for morning traffic. I completely forgot to ask the important question that should always be asked at the end of the interview: ‘When can I contact you about your decision?’

We walked out talking about the school I graduated from and shake hands. I’m feeling pretty chipper and as I’m getting into the Equinox my heart sinks when I realize what I’d done. Or not done. I wasn’t at peace all day until I called to ask her, politely, when I could call back to check on the status of the position. She said there were 9 applicants. She’d submit The Name on Monday, the board would review on Wednesday and I could call by Thursday to find out. Holy shizz, I’m dying to know.

There were 8 other people. I’m competing with 8 others for this job. She told me I could “time myself” to see how “far it was” for me. Did she tell that to everyone? She wouldn’t tell me to go and waste gas and drive all the way over there if she didn’t pick me, would she? Why would someone do something so mean?

If she picks me, I’m not sure how I feel about waking up at 5:30 to get to work on time since Alaethia still isn’t falling asleep before 11, but at least it’s progress. At least it’s not 1am anymore. We’ve (Mario and I) already discussed the drop-off, pick-up situation for the boys and it would work perfectly, although I’m nervous about them riding the bus. Mom would be taking care of Aly and would probably take over making sure the boys are ready on time in the morning once I leave so Mario can drop them off, but I’m nervous as hell about what to do when she has one of her many doctor’s appointments. It’s gonna be a bitch driving down that long road in the dark, on my own, but I would totally do all this, no matter how taxing it’s all going to be. This is a good job, with good pay, benefits and days off when the kids have them off (well, most of them since they’re still in elementary). I get to see them after school for some good hours and still do everything I need to do, like help with their homework, get their showers ready and have dinner on the table by the time Mario gets home. And hey, if I do get this, after a few years I can maybe transfer closer to home? Okay, okay…I’m getting ahead of myself.

We’ll just see what Thursday brings. Right now, I’m sleepy and my lap is sweaty since Alaethia’s on it. Will update with the rest of Friday-Today tomorrow.

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  1. Oh wow! First of all, good luck and it truly sounds as though you gave an amazing interview! I agree, nobody would be that mean and suggest that you drive between your house and school if she didn’t pick you. I am sending you my very, very best! (Man, working in a LIBRARY?! That’s so freaking the best job ever.)

    Take care, sweetie! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thank you so much, hun :). I would LOVE to work there. The more I think about it, the more I want it. Heck, waking up at 5am would so be worth it. I’m just getting worried because according to the Librarian, she was supposed to have the “name” on Thursday and then Friday passed and nobody called me! I’m trying to remain positive. There’s still a week before school starts…

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