Jorge and I were just discussing over dinner last night that one of these days–of course when it’s one of Mario’s weekends–I’m going to just NOT do anything: no housework, no work, no bill-paying, no errands, no driving Mom around. Nothing. I’ll just sit in my sweats, drink some coffee or tea and read and be lazy.

His reply? “You can’t. You just won’t.”

I must admit, he’s probably right. Already I’m thinking of what needs to be done when I get home.

I woke up today and first thing I did was make a call to the bank. I’m still trying to close an account and can’t seem to ever reach a manager!! Got up when I heard the girls’ TV turn on. I went into their bedroom and both were sleepy-eyed but smiling. I smooched and cuddled them. Alaethia snuggled under the blankets and said she wanted to watch the beginning of “Up”, since she missed it yesterday. Emily pattered down the hallway behind me and we had Lucky Charms together :).

Breakfast with my Emmos :). Aly is still being lazy :)

Alaethia joined us and I tidied up the kitchen and living room. We sat down together and I read them 3 of their library books. John came over and handed me his final car payment and some of my mail that for some reason still goes to his mailbox, grrrr. I got 2 calls from work and walked Michelle through some paperwork. I dressed myself and the girls, did their hair (with, thankfully, little whining over hair-knot-yanking) and then made some quesadillas for lunch. I heated up leftover potato soup, chopped up fresh chives, made some peach tea. The girls ate and they loved the quesadillas. My love got here and I served his food. As I’m serving tea in the kitchen he yells, from the dining room, “Oh my God! This is so good! Why haven’t you made these before!!” I don’t know why I haven’t, heh; probably because we don’t buy flour tortillas often. These were only in the fridge because one of the guys brought them during the barbque on Monday night.

We chatted about his work, the girls, the kids’ Christmas presents. I’m still debating what to get the girls, plus we need to take our budget into account =\. And whether risking my life during Black Friday shopping is worth it. There are a few good deals so we’ll see.

We got ready to go since Mario’s mom was picking the girls up since she got out of work early. Mario supposedly couldn’t come after work because his truck was full of stuff and he didn’t have booster seats or something like that but he’s probably going to the gym after work or having company. Same ol’, but whatever. I only didn’t protest because I knew I’d be stuck waiting for Mother this entire time. And I am. 2 hours later. Although now I think of it, I shoulda said no and taken the girls for froyo :*(. Dammit!!!

This is before they left; this was as still as they’d get after 10 takes, heh:

My babies :*)

*sigh* I already went to the bank to make John’s payment and I even took a stroll through the home depot garden center. I want to plant new greenery again…but I’m still skeptical. Like Jorge said, every time I plant something, something else destroys it.

Case in point: the petunias, impatiens & purple bougainvillea? Slaughtered by the hailstorm.

The 2nd round of petunias, celosias and the rebirth of the bougainvillea? All crushed by the roofers repairing the damage caused by the hailstorm.

So yeah. Makes me not want to try anything anymore :(.

Sweet Jesus, I’m becoming antsy! I’ve typed this whole thing on my Galaxy. I wanted to update about our eventful day yesterday, but I’ll save that for my laptop. I guess this will be the time I don’t do anything at all but read, sans sweats, coffee or tea or comfy couch =\.


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