Work, Election Day & Dreams

Sun., Nov. 2nd – We chilled out at home most of the day and went to Jorge and Maggie’s for a bit in the afternoon (Mario, Aly and I—the boys stayed with Mom). Jorge was installing their new huge TV and Mario helped with lifting and so on. We went to Walmart to pick up the stuff Mario needed to do the oil changes on our trucks and stopped at the Murphy’s to put gas. My truck still had a little gas, like half of a quart, and the rest filled up with $24!

We went back to Jorge’s for a little while and came home to get everything ready for work the next day. I got everything ready early and was so relieved to be in bed by 9:45. I crashed instantly. But the night didn’t go as I thought it would. Alaethia must have been teething because she got a low-grade fever and woke up ever hour.

Mon., Nov. 3rd – I was, of course, dragging in the morning from lack of sleep. I almost considered calling in, but I thought I just have to make it through today since we had Tuesday off. I told Mom where the thermometer was and gave her directions on how much Tylenol to give Alaethia (and prayed that she followed them) and left to work.

Mrs. V. wasn’t there but she left a to-do list. Most of it had to do with our upcoming field trip to Fantasyland. I had to make copies of permission slips when I actually got a chance to escape to the copy room. I wrote the kids’ names, team #, teacher name on the forms and separated them by teacher. After I did everything else I usually do (checking-in, shelving) I went to lunch and saw Mrs. Ruiz at the front office. She said she’d go over when I got back. When I had clocked back in Mrs. Ruiz went with me to the library and stayed there looking for images for t-shirts. I rushed around delivering the permission slips and was surprised to find out there were lots of teachers absent. I got everything done by 2:15, so that was good. I basically had the last 45 minutes of my work day to chill out.

I was so exhausted that I just wanted to get home but the kids all had their 6-month dentist appointments. I’d tried calling Mom since 2:45 and she never answered. I get here, and sure enough, just as I thought, she’d been outside the whole time. It wasn’t boiling outside but poor Alaethia’s cheeks were red and I was afraid she’d feel worse if she still had a slight fever. I rushed getting her ready and took all the kiddos to their appointment. They all did amazingly well. Alaethia did better during her very first appointment, but other than yelling while the dentist cleaned her teeth, she did really well.

Jaylen did great, too. He was still for his new sealants this time. Eenan got sealants done, too, and got that bottom tooth removed; the one that never fell out. I was afraid he’d scream his head off and even asked the nurse to please call me in if he asked for me but he didn’t!

I chilled out the rest of the day with the kiddos and tried taking a nap but that didn’t work out. I ended up finding energy from somewhere and stayed up till 11pm updating and publishing my pending entries.

Tues., Nov. 4th – We had the day off that day. It was Election Day and I still had no idea whom I was voting for. I did my last-minute research and just felt in my heart that I didn’t want to vote for either Obama or McCain. I was seriously at a loss and felt like I’d be doing myself an injustice if I voted for one of them, so when we went to the voting site I tried writing in my vote for either Ralph Nader or Hilary Clinton…but lo and behold, it wouldn’t let me. So after my 3rd try I just voted for the Liberal. And I didn’t feel like I cheated myself when I left.

Mario wanted me to meet him for lunch but of course the boys didn’t want to go anywhere unless they could drag all their game consoles with them (and although they could, I wasn’t about to set up all their equipment), so they stayed with Mom with Alaethia and I met Mario at work. He was busy, so we chilled out with Maggie at her desk at the front office. When Mario was ready we met Adan and Aide outside and all went to Burger King.

Aly and I came back home and I started cleaning. So really, it didn’t feel much like a restful day off—just like an extra day to do weekend stuff I didn’t get around to doing.

After the kids were bathed, fed and in bed that night Mario and I stayed up watching the elections. We were certain Obama would win. After watching his acceptance speech I’d have to say he is quite convincing. He’s certainly very eloquent. We’ll see how this all goes. Let’s hope it’s for the best.

Wed., Nov. 5th – Although I welcomed the extra day Wednesday felt like Monday all over again. This is around the time the internet started becoming slow not only during advisory, but the whole day. Very, very annoying.

Thurs., Nov. 6th – The day started out pretty low-key…until around 9:30am. The boss had a purchase order for books that needed to be submitted and guess who’s in charge of doing those? That could quite possibly be the thing I like least about my job. Anyway, I started entering everything after we had a few questions to call the purchasing department about, so I really started around 10am. It took me that whole time until 12:12 to enter all the info. The boss went to lunch at that time and to my horror I realize she got one of the books wrong in the Twilight series I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to delete the wrong book and add the new one. I had to stay within a $1,000 budget and thankfully that book was within it—if I deleted the other one. When I’m ready to submit it I notice she has the wrong account number jotted down and it won’t let me submit it. I look at the clock. She should be coming back pretty soon, so I leave the program open. I was worried it would time out. Mrs. Ruiz gets there and we check in books and chat while I wait. At 1:12 I’m wondering if I should go get her; we only get half an hour for lunch. Not only was I worried about the P.O., but I was starving since I didn’t have my snack at 9:30 like I usually do so I won’t pass out.

At 1:17 I finally decide to get up and look for her. I was a little…upset to see her standing in the hallway talking to two teachers. Grr. She notices me and walks back with me. I ask her about the book and the account number and then we get into this whole thing because the number’s not the right one and so on, so needless to say I didn’t go to lunch till 1:30. I was fuming the whole time I ate. I decided I was going to change my lunch hour to 11:30, because keeping it at 12:30 means I wouldn’t be eating till 1:15-1:30 every day.

Fri., Nov. 7th – I got everything done as it came so that I could go to lunch and then the pep rally without the guilt. We agreed that I’d be going to lunch from now on at 11:15-11:30. Mrs. Ruiz and I left to lunch while Mrs. V. was helping decorate the gym. Mrs. Ruiz and I ate and then went straight to the pep rally afterwards since Mrs. V. was already over there. I saw her disappear for a while so I assumed she went to lunch but I found out later that she didn’t. There were performances by the dance team, cheerleaders and again one of the boys who beat-boxed the week before performed, but on the drums this time. This kid has an amazing talent. I don’t even think he’s in band or guitar at school—it’s just natural talent. He took us all by surprise.

They had the homecoming nominees show up and then they were called out during the dance. Mrs. Ruiz and I stayed to chaperone the dance. Once the kids started to go out there I took a seat in the bleachers next to Baudi, a science teacher and friend that Mario grew up with. We were just sitting there when another teacher smiles at us and gestures a pregnant belly with both hands and points to both of us. I put two and two together and squealed. That’s so awesome! I know her hubby told us last year he was ready for kids but they were still waiting, so this is great news.

Mario and I went to Jorge and Maggie’s that night with Adan. They had this deal going on where Mario and Adan would buy beer and Jorge and Robert would get dinner. I hadn’t eaten since lunch time so I was hoping Robert would get there soon. Well, he never did, and I was starving so we ended up getting a pizza. And then we left early so all the beer stayed behind so basically we got jipped. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

Sat., Nov. 8th – We dropped Mom off with Gramma so they could spend some time together and Mario, the kids and I went to have ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s. It was nice taking them there; they had a blast picking their ice cream. The first time we’d visited it was only Mario and I and although it was nice I kept thinking about how nice it would be to take the kids.

We picked our ice creams (mine was caramel ice cream on a brownie, yum) and walked over to the fountain to eat and let the kids run off some of their energy. Alaethia had a blast just walking hand in hand with the boys around the fountain about 5 times. Once they finished their ice creams we went over to Game Stop to browse around. Of course, we can never just browse around without one of the boys throwing a fit about forgetting their money at home, or wanting us to fork over some. This time it was Eenan throwing the fit. He whined one the way to pick Mom up. I got down to get her and visited with Gramma for a while and then we went to Walmart. We came home, chilled out with kiddo and then Mario went to Adan’s. He called a while later to ask if I wanted to watch a movie but there were no good movies to rent, so he borrowed The Fall from Adan. I watched most of the beginning, but I was so tired I kept passing out and waking up. I don’t know what happened—the movie wasn’t remotely scary; I mean, it did have some weird characters, but I had such ugly, weird, vivid dreams that night. The most vivid and horrible of them all was one where I was lying in bed with my hand on my belly feeling the baby kick in the same spot like she usually does. Suddenly I get this horrible pain and she kicks so hard she rips through my stomach and I grab her so she won’t fall. I’m shaking as I examine her; the umbilical cord is still attached and she’s tiny, maybe 2 or 3 pounds. I give a blood-curdling scream as I notice she’s got her little intestines on the outside. And like in the movies I wake up, sit straight up in bed and try to catch my breath and slow my heart rate. I couldn’t sleep after that and prayed to God to help me sleep so I could make it to work the next day.

I fell asleep and promptly started dreaming about witches and these faceless monsters chasing Mario and I. They pulled Uzi’s out of nowhere and Mario turned the car so fast around the corner of an alley that I flew out and ended up at some kind of brothel asking for help—No, seriously. When no one would help me and hookers started pulling guns out at me a gun materialized in my hands out of nowhere and I started threatening people, then Mario showed up and we both started shooting and everyone.

I’ve heard of vivid dreams during pregnancy, but this is ridiculous. I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night so I was basically up from 3:00am that morning.

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